Toyo Nanoenergy A29 Tire Review & Rating

The Toyo Tire Nanoenergy A29 all-season passenger car tire is original fitment on the Toyota Prius from 2016-2020. Nanoenergy is the brand’s low-rolling resistance tire designed with fuel efficiency and environmental impact in mind.

It features a silica polymer dispersed throughout the compound, which is supported by steel belts in the tire carcass. That provides good wet-weather grip while also decreasing rolling resistance. The tread pattern includes three wide grooves for water dispersion, fitted with Toyo’s “silent wall” design that helps reduce road noise. The blocks are cut in a staggered asymmetrical pattern, which effectively mirrors the pattern from right to left.

This tire is only offered in one size, and was replaced by the third generation of Nanoenergy tires in 2020. Toyo recommends you replace this tire with its Extensa all-season tire, a value-oriented all-season tire for use in small and medium passenger vehicles.

The downside of a low rolling resistance, long tread-life tire is poor winter performance. While we always advocate using a true winter tire for snow, ice, and temperatures below 45-degrees Fahrenheit anyway, it’s important to know that the Nanonenergy A29 offers limited traction in those conditions.

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  • Direct OE swap  
  • Decent value    
  • Quiet road manners  


  • Limited size
  • Poor winter performance

Overall Thoughts

Toyo Nanoenergy A29s offer great fuel economy and long tread life at an affordable price. These are an OE-spec tire for a very narrow purpose and are better traded for one of the newer variants from this lineup.

Drivers appreciate the quiet road manners and fuel economy benefits of this easy-rolling tire, but bemoan its winter performance and vague road feel. The limited availability and advent of replacement versions from Toyo itself mean this is a tire most drivers replace with something else at the end of the factory fit lifespan.

Tire Sizes

15” Rim


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Competitors & Alternatives

If you want the ultimate in ultra-low rolling resistance you’d be better off with a set of Bridgestone Ecopia EP20s for your Prius. The Michelin Energy Saver is another option but its 175/65R15 size option is not a direct fit for this unit. Of course, nobody said you had to run a low rolling resistance tire on your Prius, and you might enjoy the increased dry performance of a Bridgestone Potenza RE92A. Those looking for winter confidence can look to the Michelin X-Ice range in this size.

Price Range

Listed at just over $105 in most places, the Nanoenergy A29 is very slightly more expensive than comparative hybrid car tires. You may also find occasional rebates, discounts, coupons, and special offers on this tire.


There is no tread-life warranty on the Toyo Nanoenergy A29 tire. Materials and workmanship are warrantied for five years, as is uniformity. Toyo Tires has a generous free replacement period of up to 25 percent of wear, which is more generous than most who offer that up to 10 percent.  A prorated amount is given for the remaining period down to the final 2/32 inches of wear.

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