Kelly Edge HP Tire Review & Rating

New in 2016, the Kelly Edge HP all-season tire is built for drivers of higher performance coupes, sedans and crossovers. Kelly has designed the budget-friendly Edge HP with a host of features that are geared towards increasing year-round traction and handling, as well as providing a comfortable ride quality.

Kelly Edge HP Tire ReviewKelly’s all-season tread compound is matched up with an asymmetric tread pattern to help this model deliver reliable traction and handling on dry or wet pavement. A wide continuous center rib adds stability and quickens steering response throughout the speed zone. The tire’s solid tread blocks on the shoulders increase cornering grip and help make the tire more stable.

Three circumferential grooves and unique blade grooves around the tread surface enhance wet traction and reduce the risk of hydroplaning. Another benefit to these biting edges on the blades is that they aid in handling performance and cornering grip.

Ride comfort is increased through Kelly’s unique tread block sequence that effectively lowers outside road noise. It does its job for the most part as road noise is not really an issue for this tire.

Kelly is initially releasing 20 sizes in the Edge HP that range from 15-18 inches. A 45K mile tread warranty is included on this tire as well.

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