Michelin Xtra Load Protect: Review & Rating

As one of the leading tire brands in the world, Michelin is dedicated towards introducing sustainable and affordable mobility solutions for the world. Based in France, Michelin is the second biggest tire manufacturer in the world, after Bridgestone.

Michelin is involved in the complete upstream process of manufacturing a tire; starting from designing and going down to its manufacturing. They also undertake their own downstream activities such as the selling and distribution of their diverse tire variety aimed at different vehicles and customers. From bicycles, motorcycles, earth movers, automobiles and even farm equipment, to heavy-duty trucks and airplanes – Michelin produces tires for commercial and business usage.

The company has a long-standing tradition of consistent innovation – dating back to the world’s first radial tire – and the new Xtra Load Protect is an extension of the company’s dedication to providing customers with next-generation tires.

Features and Characteristics

Michelin Xtra Load Protect is the newest addition to the Earthmover section which specializes in producing tires for rigid dump trucks (RDT). Specifically designed for hard, sharp and abrasive soil conditions that are found on flat and dry surfaces, such as quarries and construction sites.

The aim of the Michelin Xtra Load Protect is to provide a tire that can resist against damaging surfaces while remaining durable and effective. Michelin has invested heavily in research and development to find newer and better ways of manufacturing tires that can outdo previous Michelin models as well as rival products. With the Xtra Load Protect, Michelin has fulfilled their objective.

As the name implies, the Xtra Load Protect has been designed to carry heavier loads without comprising on the lifespan or performance of the tire. The Tire and Rim Association has awarded the Xtra Load Protect with an immense 3-star load capacity which translates to a higher capacity of tons carried per mile, which decreases the time taken to transport the load.

The 3-star rating is rare, and it is a testament to the highly optimized tire design that significantly increases the stress distribution throughout the tire, enabling it to carry more weight than previously possible.The advantages of the Michelin Xtra Load Protect are multi-pronged.

The company claims that the Xtra Load Protect can carry up to 11 percent more weight when compared to rival products.Even if the load is not increased, with Michelin Xtra Load Protect, rigid dump truck drivers will be able to drive long distances at a higher speed due to a cooler running tire – 21 miles per hour faster, to be exact.

Additionally, the Xtra Load Protect is the first ever 24.00R35 tire to be offered on the market that features a 3-star rating from the Tire and Rim Association, further proving Michelin’s dedication to perfection when it comes to the experience they provide to their customers.

The core reason why the Xtra Load Protect is able to deliver such impeccable performance statistics, lies in the manufacturing process of the tire. Michelin has made use of latest breakthroughs in the tire technology market to make this tire top of the line.

One of the breakthroughs includes the revolutionary tread pattern adopted and implemented by the tire-giant when making the Xtra Load series of tires. The tread now contains a greater volume of tire rubber – approximately nine percent more – with a more balanced load distribution across the contact patch of the tire with the surface.

Compared to some of the leading competitor tires catering to the same rigid dump truck market, Michelin’s Xtra Load Protect offers a huge upgrade (approximately thirty percent more) in the rubber volume used in making the tire, making it denser.

The greater volume of rubber used also increases the surface coming into contact with the ground to give more control as well as provide increased balance, while reducing wear and tear and an increasing the lifespan of the tire, overall.

To further bolster the tire’s strength, the design consists of interlocking blocks and corrosion proof cables. These cables increase the tire’s resistance to surface aggression and inertia faced, whereas interlocking blocks make sure that the tire’s structure remains shapely and impenetrable.

To add to the manufacturing brilliance, Michelin’s Xtra Load Protect also features a vastly improved heat dissipation. The heat dissipation reduces tread heat temperature up to 17 degrees Fahrenheit, which helps in keeping the tire functional and in shape for longer durations.

Michelin’s Xtra Load Protect is designed to replace the X-Quarry SS (A4 Compound) and X-Haul (B Compound) tires. Compared to the X-Quarry Models, the Xtra Load tire offers eight-percent more wear resistance.

Like the X-Quarry SS model, Xtra Load Protect is also made up of Michelin’s A4 compound which offers a high level of resistance towards cuts and abrasions, that are a common feature when working in harsh and high-pressure ground conditions.

According to Michelin Earth mover, Michelin Xtra Load Protect was tested against the Bridgestone VRLS and Titan DT-H4 2 to measure the level of protection offered by these similar protocol tires, which are of the same configuration.

In the test, Titan and Bridgestone were calculated to be 127 mm and 144mm, respectively. The clear winner, Michelin Xtra Load Protect, was measured at 147mm; further proving the enhanced protection offered by their creative design.


Michelin maintains its tradition and position as the producer of top of the line tire products for their customers. The Xtra Load Protect is no different, providing rigid dump truck drivers with an excellent tire option.

Michelin Xtra Load Protect consists of several major upgrades over Michelin’s previous products and rival products that establish its dominance in the RDT market. The increased volume of rubber used in the tire not only reduces the wear and tear but more importantly, increases the contact patch with the surface.

Further strengthened with corrosion proof cables and interlocking blocks, Michelin Xtra Load Protect offers a reliable tire solution in the harsh and abrasive surface conditions RDT drivers face.

However, the most significant upgrade in the Michelin Xtra Load Protect is the increased payload ability of the tire without sacrificing the performance and speed limit of the tire. With an 11 percent increased load capacity, Michelin Xtra Load Protect provides RDTs with an excellent option that is both – reliable and durable.

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