Michelin CerexBIB 2: Review & Rating

Michelin designs, manufactures,and sells tires for all types of vehicles. The extensive list includes airplanes, automobiles, bicycles, earth movers, heavy-duty trucks, farm equipment, and even motorcycles.

As the second biggest tire manufacturer in the world, Michelin has earned a long-standing reputation for building high-quality, innovative tires.

Michelin CerexBIB 2 is the latest product in the series of agricultural-vehicle based tires that have been produced by the French tire mogul.

Dedicated to the improvement of sustainable transportation, Michelin is known for its rich tradition of producing premium tires that integrate technological innovations, making the tires more durable and reliable while ensuring a smoother driving experience.

The Michelin CerexBIB 2 is part of the company’s CerexBIB line that caters specifically to tractors and other heavy-duty vehicles used in agricultural practices, such as the combine harvester.

Features and Construction

The Michelin CerexBIB 2 is designed, keeping in mind the modern technological advancements that have changed the aesthetics for heavy machinery employed at farms; harvesting equipment including combine harvesters.

Michelin’s CerexBIB 2 has been manufactured using IF and VF CFO+ for farmers that complements the ever-evolving heavy-duty machinery in their farms. The newest designs make it possible for the farmers to keep up with growing crop yields without worrying about wear and tear, or replacements.

Combine harvesters and other big equipment is used to harvest acres of land; which generally results in an overexertion on the tires. Such a load can affect the internal structure of the tire, causing it to wear down quicker, or worse, change shape.

Michelin provides a tire that easily caters to the high loads that combine harvesters are accustomed to processing. With the CerexBIB 2, farmers can expect to receive a high quality of performance even at a high-load capacity.

Load capacity matters because when harvesting, the load capacity of a tire determines how long a machine can run continuously without having to empty the harvested crop collected, before starting again.

However, modern farmers are faced with a dilemma when choosing tires for their machinery.
Some tires provide them with a high-load capacity endurance, which means the machine will have the capacity to carry an increased amount of harvest at a time, such tires have a negative impact on the soil due to immense pressure they exert on the soil.

Michelin was well aware of the issue and has addressed that with the release of Michelin CerexBIB 2. The CerexBIB 2 is designed to operate at high-load capacities while maintaining low pressure on the soil in the field.

The CFO+ technology introduced with Michelin CerexBIB 2 offers a second and lower cycling loading table at 6 mph, as compared to the standard CFO powered cyclic loading tables of 10 mph.

According to research conducted by Michelin, farmers can benefit by gaining up to 10% bonus in load-carrying capacity if they use Michelin CerexBIB 2 for their combine harvesters, at the same pressure.
For farmers not so keen about increasing the load on their heavy machinery or their land, Michelin’s new tire allows machines to exert lesser pressure on the soil.

The benefits of the technologically advanced Michelin CerexBIB 2 are multi-pronged; it will maximize flotation, increase traction, and minimize soil compaction. These advantages have been weighed against leading competitors, and the CFO+ technology has delivered as was expected.

Michelin CerexBIB 2 was tested to run optimally on as low as 17 psi while managing to carry a load of 21,740 pounds simultaneously.

Michelin adds more to reduce the soil compaction by increasing the CerexBIB 2’s footprint. An increase in the tire’s footprint expands the contact patch of the tire, as a result distributing pressure across a wider surface. The more the surface volume the lesser the pressure exerted of each inch of the wheel.
The Michelin CerexBIB 2 oversees an increase in the footprint of about 35%; a significant increase that protects the soil from being over compacted and oversaturated for future harvests.

Further innovations in Michelin’s flagship agricultural tire rangeare seen in the tread pattern design. Incorporating the Michelin Ultraflex IF and VF technology, the CerexBIB 2 offers good load capacity, low ground pressure as well as high traction levels in the field.

The tire’s improved tread design also offers higher durability rates– saving up to 10% in fuel costs – as well as a higher endurance level in the field and farm soil.

Sizes Available

The Michelin CerexBIB 2 will be offered in the following front wheel sizes:
• VF520/85R42
• VF580/85R42
• VF710/70R42
• IF800/65R32
• IF800/70R32
• IF800/70R38
• IFVF900/60R32
• VF900/60R38, and
• VF900/60R42

The rear sizes available for the Michelin CerexBIB 2 are:
• VF500/85R34
• VF520/80R26
• VF520/85R30
• VF620/70R26
• VF620/70R30
• VF710/65R30
• VF750/65R26


The rapid technological advancements in the agricultural landscape have led to a drastic increase in the size and effectiveness of the heavy machinery employed on the farm.

The advanced heavy machinery requires a tire that can cope with the extra capacity, provide durability and does not affect the soil adversely – Michelin CerexBIB 2 ticks all the boxes.

Keeping up with the tradition to innovate and excel, Michelin has produced an optimum tire fit for agricultural needs of the combine harvesters, tractors,and other heavy machinery.

With an ergonomically designed tread, an increased footprint and CFO+ technology that increases traction and high load capacity, the Michelin CerexBIB 2 surely stands out as a quality product.

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