Falken Ziex ZE001 A/S Tires: Review & Rating

The Ziex ZE001 A/S (all-season) by Falken Tire strikes a remarkable balance between sophisticated riding comfort, quiet running, and unchanging steering stability. The tires offer splendid handling and durability in all types of wet, dry, and even snowy conditions. All of the above is complemented by superior braking performance and fuel efficiency to fulfill the demanding performance requirements of ultra-modern high-performance SUVs.

The Ziex ZE001 A/S is specifically engineered to augment the Nissan Rogue driving experience by offering a low-noise, comfortable ride on all types of roads and conditions. Subura Corp. is also using these tires as original equipment (OE) fitment on its remodeled 2019 Forester SUV, 2019 Ascent SUV, and 2018 Crosstrek. Furthermore, due to its asymmetrical tread pattern, these A/S tires come with an optimal rigidity distribution across the tread, thereby enabling them to render high all-road performance as well as riding comfort and steering stability.

This Falken Tire product offers the following features:

• Enhanced hydroplane resistance for better-wet surface performance
• Optimizes all-season traction and water dispersion
• Improved highway stability and lateral handling
• 2-into-3 block pattern guarantees low noise

Falken Tire is a Sumitomo Rubber subsidiary based in Fontana, California. The brand was launched in 1983, in Japan, and was introduced to the U.S. market in 1985. In the early days, Falkenstarted as the flagship HP (high performance) radial series under Ohtsu Tire & Rubber. Today, the company is a renowned, stand-alone brand focusing on UHP (Ultra High Performance) manufacturing while harnessing professional motorsports to further develop its international distribution.

Falkenprides itself on its in-house creative capabilities and branding. This segment of the company ensures that you stay updated on programs such as Formula Drift and American Le Mans programs. In fact, the former captured consecutive championships in 2010 – 2011, while the ALMS team fought gamely in the highly competitive American Le Mans (GT class) Series.

The company has made express strides in the off-road segment by showcasing the functionality of its WildPeak All-Terrain tire at several events across the US. Also, the company is the Official Truck Tire of the AMA Supercrossseries and enjoys strong ties to Defending Champion Ryan Villopoto.

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• Original Equipment (OE) Replacement for Nissan Rogue
• 4 circumferential grooves efficiently evacuate water and substantially improve hydroplane resistance and constancy in wet, snowy conditions
• The chamfered tread-block corners augment wear performance
• The tire supports tread-block bars which help to minimize tread squirm
• The product comes with a solid center rib for outstanding handling response

• The tires are not as good for performance cars as they are for SUVs.

Cold Weather & Winter Performance
According to seasoned professionals, the FalkenZiex ZE001 A/S tires offer 80% wet grip and as much confidence during the winters.

Available Tire Sizes

18” 225/55R18

19” P225/45R19

20” 245/50R20

The warranty is applicable on FalkenZiex ZE001 A/S bearing the complete serial number and description as specified by the DOT. However, the claim only stands valid when made within five years of its production date.

What is Covered
Every Falkenradial tire is guaranteed against defects in workmanship and material for the functional life of the original-tread at 2/32” depth. Therefore, if your tire becomes inoperative courtesy of such defects within the first 2/32 inch of wear, the company shall replace it without any charge with a comparable tire.Moreover, after the 1st 2/32 inch wear, you will be given a prorated adjustment credit based on the percentile of remaining functioning tread depth.

What is Not Covered
• Inoperativeness due to road damages such as punctures, cuts, snags, bruises, and impact breaks is not covered.
• improper repair materials or technique, overload, irregular wear, improper inflation, wheel imbalance, or defective automobile mechanical components (suspension, brakes, and wheels).
• improper suspension alignment, chemical damage, accident, fire, damage from chain use, improper installation, racing, off-road use, vandalism, or abuse.

Customer Reviews

Users who have switched to Ziex ZE001 A/S from the Dunlop SP 5000 have praised its comparatively improved performance alongside low noise. The tires are exceptionally resilient on ice and snow, and also offer good dry traction, while having a decent cornering grip. However, veteran buyers insist that this is an SUV tire and not a performance tire.

Moreover, a lot of motorists have acknowledged the OE quality of these tires. According to them, these tires held their own even during heavy rain. Nonetheless, a few users aren’t satisfied with the lowness of the noise, which they believe is still a little too much.

The Ziex ZE001 A/S by Falken Tire features 4 circumferential-grooves to effectively evacuate water, and improve hydroplane resistance and durability in wet, slippery conditions. Moreover, the chamfered tread-block corners support even wear, and a strong center rib increases the handling response. Seasoned professionals have rated the tire as following:

  • Wet Grip 80%
  • Comfort 80%
  • Dry Grip 70%
  • Handling 70%
  • Wear 30%
  • Buy again 60%
  • Road Feedback 80%

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