Goodyear Endurance LHS


Goodyear is one of the most well-known tire brand in the world; not only do they have over 64,000 employees, but their production units are located in 21 different countries across the world. Their wide portfolio includes tires for all types of vehicles, from trucks to SUVs, sports cars, passenger cars, etc. 

One of the latest editions to its considerable portfolio is the Goodyear Endurance LHS tire; these tires are known for providing your car with better fuel efficiency and longer mileage. 

Launched in early 2018, this model was made keeping in mind the complaints of truck drivers regarding premature wear of previous models. As such, Endurance LHS promises 25% less wear compared to other models of similar type. 

Especially incorporated in the new design features is not just the ability for a longer life, but also better fuel mileage. The newly built cap base and tread duo allows for a better mileage, and helps reduce rolling resistance with the help of a newly built sidewall compound. 

Additionally, the casing strength is vastly improved with the help of the new steep-belt package and provides a consistent footprint while the development of the shoulder wedge lends added durability.

Amongst the various new features added to this tire is the dual-layer tread that provides uniform stiffness for slow and even wear. With a zig zag treadlock pattern in the blocks that run parallel and vertical to the surface, these tires also provide a better ride and less vibration.

All these features are part of the new Smartway-verified process that Goodyear has taken on for better quality.  

The manufacturer offers limited warranty on the Goodyear Endurance LHS and the tires come with load ranges of H and G.

The Pros

  • Consistent footprint 
  • Reduced rolling resistance 
  • Precise steering and stability 

The Cons

  • Relatively more expensive than the previous range 

Overall Thoughts

Goodyear’s new Endurance tires seem to be an innovative and a more secure investment. The new tires offer a more consistent footprint and equal wear and tear with reduced rolling resistance, and better fuel mileage. Apart from this, the model provides good steering and stability. 

With a closed shoulder design for optimal surface contact and special grooves to channel the water away from the contact patch, these are also a great option for driving in wet conditions. As an added bonus, the tread compound is water resistant while the microgrooves promote regular wear for longevity. 

So, especially for people aiming to invest for the long term, this seems to be the perfect fit. With its durability, fuel economy and added control, the tires provide you a maximum return on investment and reduced cost per kilometer. In fact, the manufacturer claims that these tires provide extraordinary mileage of up to 210,000 miles in fleet tests.

What Vehicles Would Goodyear Endurance LHS Tires Fit?

These tires are used mainly in trucks; they were especially designed for the long haul fleet which is one of North America’s largest segments for the trucking market. 

Tire Sizes Available

The Goodyear Endurance LHS comes in a variety of wheel sizes that range from 15” to 20” – the list below shows the available sizes.

  • 11/R22.5
  • 11/R24.5
  • 295/75R22.5
  • 285/75R24.5
  • 285/75R22.5

Price Range

This range of winter tires starts at $715 and can go up to $915; since they are mostly used in long haul fleets, these tires are expensive.

If you’re interested in the Goodyear Endurance LHS tires for your fleet, you can look for the closest dealer in the manufacturer’s official Commercial Tire & Service Network. They have over 2,300 service centers along with other authorized tire dealerships throughout the US and Canada.

Warranty Offered

Goodyear tires are offered in limited warranty, providing security to the customer in terms of faults and defects in their products – this variant comes with following warranty conditions;

  • Uniformity warranty of 1 year or 1.6mm (2/32”) wear
  • Workmanship and materials warranty for 6 years with free replacement for the first or 1.6mm (2/32”) wear and then prorated until 1.6mm (2/32”) of remaining depth

Also, the manufacturer promises 100% satisfaction – as part of this, they offer a 30 day trial where you can try out certain tires or replace them with other models if not satisfied.

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