Goodyear Ultra Grip 7

Optimized for maximum traction for winter driving, the Goodyear Ultra Grip 7 takes to snowy and icy roads effortlessly.

Furthermore, it routinely ranks among the most sought-after winter tires as it is compatible with minivans, coupes, sedans, and crossovers. These tires have got you covered for all kinds of terrains.

Additionally, the Ultra Grip 7 has received positive reviews from a wide range of motorists that drive in colder weather conditions – making it ideal for winter season usage.

Read on as we elaborate on some of its more impressive specs:


When driving through slippery surfaces, it is important to trust your vehicle, and the Ultra Grip delivers the maximum traction and handling on every drive.

Braking can be a real cause of concern during winters, and slippery roads can cause much pain to drivers.

But this tire takes away any such concerns, thanks to its Goodyear 3D BIS Technology. With this technology, the interlocking braking system reduces braking distances on snow by one meter – delivering 3% shorter braking distances than the leading competitors of this range.

Driving on snow can often wear out tires and shorten their lifespan. The winter tread compound in the Ultra Grip maintains a high grip at low temperatures while retaining the rubber’s flexibility and the tires’ longevity.

Expect excellent maneuvering and cornering ability even at temperatures close to freezing.

This tire also reduces the risk of aquaplaning on wet roads. It is equipped with a double V-groove, which removes water from one groove and grips snow from the other.

This feature makes these tires particularly attractive to long-distance drivers. The Ultra Grip tires offer 16% better resistance to aquaplaning than other winter tires of the same size. Additionally, the new polymer technology enhances better adhesion and grip at lower temperatures.

This tire offers drivers maximum control over the vehicle in wet or slushy road conditions after rain or melting snow. Also, the waffle blades and 3D block interlocking system allows for better handling.

Furthermore, the Ultra Grip 7’s are designed with the option of adding #12 metal studs if you plan on driving in extreme conditions, such as very deep ice.

The sturdy construction, deep treads, and shoulder blocks ensure a long tread life.

What makes it stand out among competitors is that it provides excellent grip and handling on dry roads.

Overall Thoughts

The Ultra Grip 7 adds safety and comfort to your winter drives, no matter the condition. Gone are the days where you’d have to wait for the snow to subside before getting in the car.

The directional tread pattern and biting edges give this tire excellent traction through icy, snowy, and wet road conditions. Additionally, its wide double tread grooves avoid slippage during continuous bouts of snow or rain.

It works by evacuating water from the wheels and enhancing your grip on the road.

Drivers particularly appreciate that this tire can cover long distances even in hard-packed snow and icy pavements. This trait makes it excellent for people who frequently face long-drives for work or leisure.

While some may find it lacking compared to heavy-duty studded tires, it surely does a good job for regular drivers looking for a hassle-free winter tire.

If you’ve used the Ultra Grip 6, this Ultra Grip model adopts all its predecessor positives. Many drivers who use this tire swear by it and choose to buy them repeatedly as a replacement.

Moreover, this is a tire suited for small family cars, rough-terrain vehicles, and cars used for transporting goods.

However, if you’re looking for tires for sportier rides, we recommend the Goodyear Ultra Grip Performance range.

Some users found the noise levels of the Ultra Grip 7 a little higher than their expectations. While driving on dry pavement, you might notice some noise, but it is nothing to write home about. In normal driving conditions, the noise levels are negligible and undetectable.

These tires span a range of sizes, from 14 to 19 inches, for different vehicles, and all sizes feature a T-speed rating.

All in all, we found the Goodyear Ultra Grip 7 to be a reliable choice for winter conditions and offers a comfortable driving experience. Also, because of its long tread life, it’s suitable for icy and snowy roads.

Customers will get good value for money with these winter tires. They found them reliable and chose to make multiple repeat purchases, for other vehicles, or as a replacement.

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  • High tread life
  • Effective handling on icy surfaces
  • Low to negligible noise levels
  • Comfortable drive
  • Responsive steering
  • Good handling on wet roads


  • Slightly expensive compared to other tires in this range

What Vehicles Will The Goodyear Ultra Grip Winter Fit?

  • Acura RL
  • Audi A6
  • Audi A8
  • BMW 3 Series
  • BMW 5 Series
  • BMW 4 Series
  • Chevy Aveo
  • Chevy Malibu
  • Chevy Impala
  • Chrysler Sebring, 200, 300M
  • Ford Focus
  • Honda Civic
  • Honda Accord
  • Honda Inspire
  • Honda Odyssey
  • Hyundai Sonata
  • Kia Optima
  • Mazda 626
  • Mazda RX-8
  • Nissan Sentra
  • Nissan Maxima
  • Subaru Impreza
  • Subaru Legacy
  • Toyota Avalon
  • Toyota Camry
  • Toyota Corolla
  • Toyota Sienna
  • Volkswagen Jetta
  • Volvo V70
  • Volvo S60
  • Volvo XC70

Tire Sizes


  • 175/65R14 82T BLK
  • 175/70R14 84T BLK
  • 185/60R14 82T BLK
  • 185/65R14 86T BLK
  • 185/70R14 88T BLK
  • 195/70R14 91T BLK


  • 185/60R15 84T BLK
  • 185/65R15 88T BLK
  • 195/55R15 85T BLK
  • 195/60R15 88T BLK
  • 195/65R15 91T BLK
  • 205/60R15 91T BLK
  • 205/65R15 94T BLK
  • 205/70R15 96T BLK
  • 215/60R15 94T BLK
  • 215/70R15 98T BLK
  • 235/75R15 105T BLK


  • 205/55R16 91T BLK
  • 205/60R16 92T BLK
  • 205/65R16 95T BLK
  • 215/60R16 95T BLK
  • 215/65R16 98T BLK
  • 225/60R16 98T BLK
  • 225/65R16 100T BLK
  • 235/60R16 100T BLK
  • 235/65R16 103T BLK


  • 215/55R17 94T BLK
  • 215/65R17 99T BLK
  • 225/50R17 94T BLK
  • 225/55R17 97T BLK
  • 225/60R17 99T BLK
  • 225/65R17 102T BLK
  • 235/55R17 99T BLK
  • 235/65R17 104T BLK


  • 235/55R18 100T BLK
  • 235/60R18 107T XL BLK


  • 245/55R19 103T BLK

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Price Range

If you’re looking to buy the Goodyear Ultra Grip 7, expect to shell out $80 or higher. Price may vary due to size and specifications. Keep an eye out for discounts and promotional offers on these tires on different occasions.


This tire, along with all other Ultra Grip Winter tires, comes with a limited tread warranty.

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