10 Best Minivan Tires

As one of the more popular vehicles on the road today, minivans have been helping families get around in comfort and convenience for many years now. So it only stands to reason that having a good quality set of tires is important in keeping you safe on the road. But the question becomes, what are the best tires for my minivan? We’ve listed out our choice of the top 10 tires in order to help provide some answers and give you the info you need to make your best decision.Please note that our list is not in any particular order. All ten tires make excellent choices.

1 – Continental TrueContact

For all-around performance in all-season conditions, the TrueContact from Continental is one of the better tires available today. Dry/wet traction, handling and cornering stability are all among the best in class. The ride is smooth and comfortable like you would expect, and treadlife has proven to be very good as well. It comes backed with a 90k mile warranty.


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*Pricing Reflects – Continental TrueContact 225/65R17 102T BSW Touring tire

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2 – Michelin Defender T + H

Michelin hit a homerun with the newly updated Defender T+H. This model is exactly what you would expect from Michelin in terms of comfort, control and tread life. Grip on dry, wet and snow covered road surfaces is outstanding. Steering is responsive and confident, making this a very good choice in minivan tires. Treadlife has also been given a boost, and Michelin includes an 80,000 mile tread warranty.


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*Pricing Reflects – Michelin Defender 225/65R17 102H BSW Touring tire

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3 – Cooper CS5 Grand Touring

When it comes to wanting a tire that delivers a quiet and comfortable ride, the Cooper CS5 Grand Touring is an excellent choice. In addition, with four times the silica content in the tread compound, this model provides exceptional traction and braking on wet pavement.


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*Pricing Reflects – Cooper CS5 Grand Touring All Season Tire – 225/65R17 102T

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4 – Goodyear Assurance ComforTred Touring

The Goodyear ComforTred Touring has been a bestseller for a few years now, and for good reason, it’s an excellent tire. Expect to find very good traction on dry and wet pavement, as well as on snow and ice covered roadways. Ride comfort is enhanced through Goodyear’s Comfort Layer of shock absorbing material that cushions the ride. An 80k mile tread guarantee is also provided.


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*Pricing Reflects – Goodyear Assurance ComforTred Touring 245/45R18 96V VSB Grand Touring tire

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5 – Michelin Premier A/S

The Premier A/S from Michelin offers what we consider to be the best wet traction you’ll find in this class. Michelin’s EverGrip technology expands the rain grooves as the tire wears in order to continue providing added traction and safety on rain soaked road surfaces. In addition, the ride is smooth and quiet, making this a solid choice in new minivan tires.


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*Pricing Reflects – Michelin Premier A/S 215/55R17 94H BSW Grand Touring tire

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6 – Goodyear Assurance TripleTred All Season

Hankook Optimo H727
For several years running, the Goodyear TripleTred All Season has been one of the better all-season tires sold. Its dependable traction and handling on dry, wet or snow covered road surfaces make it a good choice for minivan owners looking for a safe, comfortable and solid performing all-season tire.


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*Pricing Reflects – Goodyear Assurance TripleTred All-Season Tire 205/50R17/XL 93V

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7 – General Altimax RT43

General Altimax RT43
Delivering confident traction in year-round conditions, the Altimax RT43 has proven itself to be one of the better all-season tires sold today. Beyond that, General has added a twin-cushion tread compound that absorbs bumps and adds to ride comfort, while unique sound wave technology lowers road noise for increased comfort. It all results in a solid performing tire that is ideal for minivan drivers.


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*Pricing Reflects – General Tire ALTIMAX RT43 205/55R16

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8 – Continental PureContact with EcoPlus Technology

Designed with a silica-enhanced all season compound and unique Continental polymers and silane additives, the Pure Contact delivers increased traction, better overall fuel efficiency and a longer tread life. It’s a model that is ideal for minivan owners looking for confident year-round performance driving comfort.


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*Pricing Reflects – Continental PureContact 225/45R18 91V BSW Performance Tire

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9 – Falken Sincera SN250 A/S

Arizonian Silver Edition III Tire Review
The newer Falken SN250 A/S is an excellent choice for any make/model of minivan due in part to its solid ovrall performance and comfortable ride quality. Dynamic Range technology provides added traction and handling, while 3D Canyon sipes increase grip on wet and snow road surfaces. Its lower price and longer tread warranty make it a good value in new tires.


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*Pricing Reflects – Falken Sincera SN250 Tire A/S 225/60R17 99T

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10 – Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus

Billed as the quietest tire in the Bridgestone lineup, the Serenity Plus is well-known as one of the better tires for any type of minivan. Designed with unique RENOA grooves that are created to lower acoustic noises on various pavement surfaces, this tire is not only quiet, but very comfortable as well.


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*Pricing Reflects – Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus Tire 215/55R17

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17 thoughts on “10 Best Minivan Tires

  1. I have had Toyota sienna‘s for a long time are usually get the Michelin defender. And I will always get 90 to 95,000 miles on them. Listen up folks—-I don’t make sharp turns I make very slow turns no jack rabbit starts or heartbreaking rotate my tires every 5000 miles if you do those things I guarantee you get 80 to 90,000 miles on your tires

  2. I have been using the Michelin Defender tires on my Caravan and have consistently got 125k miles on an advertised 80k mile tire.
    I have had 3 sets of them after Michelin stopped offering their 90k tire.

    1. That’s crazy mileage on a set of tires.
      I have gotten less than 40,000 miles now on two sets of Michelin Premiers and I will never buy those again.

  3. Put the General Altimax RT43’s on my van after 17 months and 30k miles they need to be replaced. I do not drive fast or haul anything, so the 75k mileage the company touts is BS !!! I rotate my tires every 3500 miles faithfully too ..

    1. I will attest to the fact these General’s don’t have the grip on wet pavement as others. I have <20K miles and the tread is holding up ok but the wet weather grip isn't there anymore.

    1. I have Toyos on my mini van. The tires were on the via when I bought it. I have put close to 200,000 miles on my van which now has 370,000 + miles.. Tread is still decent but three of the tires have leaks due to nails I am trying to decide if I should plug the tires or buy new ones. I have not seen Tokyo tires on any if the sites I have been on do they still make Tokyo tires?

  4. My husband passed and he felt with this, everything I looked up came down to Michelin Defender first choice or an unknown Hankook, this is a little cheeper in price reviews also just slightly less than Michelin. But I don’t known them. All my choices are on here but that one, any reason I should choose them over Michelin or Goodyear?


    1. Hi John
      Based on what you’ve said the tire tread has degraded to such a degree that you’re suffering from both an uncomfortable and noisy driving experience. We would recommend that in the future if you experience similar issues with another set of tires you immediately take your vehicle to the mechanic and have them inspected.

  5. Bought Goodyear Assurance Comfortred Touring in Jan. 2015. Today 8.16.18 took the minivan in due to a slow tire leak. They found a different tire had a broken belt. The leaky tire they couldn’t find the leak so replace the valve stem. We can buy 2 brand new tires for $162. The mini-van has 28,985 miles on it. I think we bought these when there were about 5000 miles on it. So these tires lasted less than 24,000 miles. Sure the tires are comfortable at first but having them break down in just over 3.5 years is unacceptable.

    We would like to switch to a different brand but a whole new set is around $700 so we just wait for the shoe to drop on the two that haven’t gone bad yet. AVOID GOODYEAR ASSURANCE COMFORTRED TOURING

    1. Hey, this is really bad! I am sorry for your trouble. I understand that the tread life is surprisingly shortened, but
      did you face any other issue during the drive?

    2. Agreed. These tires were amazing for the first 15k miles. They have 24k now. Nearly bald. Goodyear will not back the 75k warranty because I rotate my own. Equal tread wear measured by the dealer I bought them from. As usual, Goodyear equal junk.

  6. Purchased a set of the GY Comfortreds 3 months ago for our Dodge Grand Caravan. These Goodyears handle awesome! The minivan now drives pretty much like a sports sedan now. The ride is so much more quiet than the Generals these tires replaced. And very surprised by the grip on wet highways. I agree with this pick and quite happy with my decision.

    1. How do you feel now about the Goodyear comfortreds you bought back in 2016? Would you buy them again or have you,

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