Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus Tire Review & Rating

The Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus is the replacement to the original Serenity that has been popular for several years now. This newest touring all-season tire is designed to provide excellent year round performance, a more comfortable ride and a longer lasting treadlife. Built for drivers of all types of coupes, sedans, minivans and crossovers, the Serenity Plus also sports a lower rolling resistance for added fuel efficiency.

A silica enhanced NanoPro-Tech rubber tread compound increases traction, especially on wet and snow covered road surfaces, by controlling the interaction between the silica, carbon black and other polymers which reduce friction and energy loss. It’s a high-tech process, but it does its job very well, which has been mentioned in many driver reviews.

Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus Tire Review

Bridgestone’s exclusive Resonance Noise Attenuated silencer grooves around the tread dramatically reduce road noise, which is another area where drivers agree that it is one of the most quiet tires in this class. The tire’s continuous center rib further eliminates noise, while also providing increased steering response and stability, as well as enhanced braking and acceleration performance.

Three circumferential grooves combine with lateral grooves to give the tire exceptional wet surface traction and hydroplane resistance. An added 3-D Sub-Surface Platform increases snow traction due to the biting edges that grip snow, hard-packed snow and ice.

Inside the tire you will find two steel belts that are nylon reinforced for added strength and durability throughout the speed range. A polyester cord body provides improved ride comfort and increases stability. Bridgestone provides up to an 80,000 mile tread guarantee on this model, and offers 15-19 inch sizes in H, V or W-speed ratings.


  • Dry and wet traction are outstanding   
  • Excellent cornering performance and steering response   
  • Exceptional ride comfort   
  • Treadlife is very good   


  • Deep snow and ice traction   

Overall Thoughts

The Serenity Plus was released in mid-2012, and has quickly positioned itself as an exceptional touring all-season tire. Dry and wet surface traction and cornering grip are excellent. The steering feel and overall stability this tire provides is among the best in this class.

Ride comfort is another area in which this tire excels and is on line with the better tires in this class. We’ve heard this from many drivers as well. The ride is smooth and very quiet, which is precisely what you want for those longer drives on the highway.

The only issue you may find with this model is its performance in deeper amounts of snow or on thick ice. This is an issue which gets more problematic as the tire begins wearing. As is the case with most all-season tires, it isn’t built to perform as a winter tire. Treadlife has already shown to be long lasting, which is backed up with an 80,000 mile tread guarantee.

Overall, this Bridgestone tire is an above average model. The price is budget-friendly, and the performance you can expect is exceptional.

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What Vehicles Will The Bridgestone Serenity Plus Fit?

(This is not a complete list of ALL vehicles this tire will fit)

  • Acura TL, CL   
  • BMW 135i, 330i, 530i   
  • Chevrolet Cobalt, Malibu, Cruze, Impala, Sonic LTZ   
  • Dodge Neon, Grand Caravan, Nitro   
  • Ford Focus, Mustang GT, Taurus, Fusion   
  • Honda Civic, CR-V, Insight, Accord   
  • Hyundai Genesis, Sonata   
  • Infiniti G35x   
  • Kia Optima, Rondo   
  • Lincoln MKZ   
  • Mazda6, 929, Mazda3   
  • Mercedes-Benz E320   
  • Nissan Altima, Maxima, Versa, Leaf, Cube   
  • Pontiac Vibe, Grand Am, Grand Prix, G5   
  • Subaru Legacy, Impreza Outback   
  • Toyota Camry, Prius, RAV4, Avalon, Solara, Sienna   
  • Volkswagen Jetta, Passat, Touareg   

Tire Sizes


195/60R15 88H BL
195/65R15 91H BL
205/65R15 94H BL


205/55R16 91H BL
205/60R16 92V BL
215/55R16 93H BL
215/60R16 95V BL
225/55R16 95V BL
225/60R16 98H BL


205/50R17 93V XL BL
215/50R17 95V XL BL
215/55R17 94V BL
225/45R17 91W BL
225/50R17 94W BL
225/55R17 97V BL
235/45R17 94W BL
235/50R17 96V BL
235/55R17 99V BL
245/50R17 99V BL


235/40R18 95W XL BL
235/50R18 97W BL
235/55R18 100V BL
245/40R18 93W BL
245/45R18 96W BL
245/50R18 100V BL
255/45R18 103W XL BL


245/40R19 94W BL
245/45R19 98W BL
255/40R19 100W XL BL
275/40R19 105W XL BL

Price Range

Prices on the Serenity Plus range from approximately $90 and up. You may also find occasional rebates, discounts, coupons and special offers on this tire.

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Bridgestone provides a 5-year or 80,000 mile tread warranty on H-speed rated models. The mileage warranty is 75,000 for V-rated tires, and 50,000 miles on W-rated tires. There is a first 1/32 inch of wear guarantee on tire uniformity.

Materials and workmanship are warranted for 5-years and include free replacement during the first 3 years. A prorated amount is given for the remaining time period or down to the final 2/32 inch of wear.

You will also receive a 30-day buy and try guarantee that allows you to refund or exchange the tires if you are not completely satisfied.

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19 thoughts on “Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus Tire Review & Rating

  1. my mazda top of the line cx9 brand new and tyres are very noisy 20 inch rims low profile what can i do change wheels/tyres or both help needed thank you Brian Leslie

  2. I have a 2019 Toyota Avalon Limited with Turanza Quiet Track Tire with 6000 miles on them. They are so noisy that it
    is terrible. The Dealer won’t do anything and neither will Bridgestone. I am embarrassed to have anyone ride with m
    in a $45000 Car that sounds like that.

  3. I have a 2013 Chrysler Town & Country. Need 225/65R17 tires. Buying from Costco. What tire do you recommend: Bridgestone Ecopia; Bridgestone Turanaza QT; Michelin X Tour; Michelin Permier; I live in Washington in the summer and Arizona in the winter. I would like a tire with good mileage and pretty quiet since I drive long distances allot.

  4. I am about to give up my usual bridgestone Turanza ER33 which i was happy with so far on my Toyota Sportivo 2012. and I was convinced by the one of the outlets that the Turanza Serenity Plus is as good. Is it?.please comment.

    1. The Turanza Serenity Plus are same great tires. As you can see in the article above, except for their weak
      snow handling they offer a pretty smooth drive.

  5. I have a 2009 Lexus Es 350 v6 .I was thinking purchasing the bridgestone turanza w/serenity plus bl 215/55R17 94v would I have any problems with this.

  6. Bought the Serenity Plus tires because of being listed as one of the quietest out there. I was not disappointed, they were indeed quiet (at least compared to the others I have had on my 2009 Mercury Milan.) The tires are not good in deeper snow (but they don’t claim to be.)
    The real disappointment came with the 80k mile guarantee. At 58k the “wear-bars” were showing. Now at 62k I need to replace them ASAP as they are looking unsafe. I had another brand prior to the Bridgestone that had a claim of VERY high milage, but that too fell WAY short of its claim. Take these claims of high milage with a grain of salt…reduce it by 20% and you will be in the ballpark when it comes to life of tire.
    Would I purchase them again? The answer is Yes. I want a very quiet tire that performs well in a majority of situations and on a majority of surfaces. This tire does that with the exception of heavy snow & claims of high milage.

    1. Hey Bob, the Turanza Serenity tires are built for sedans and minivans. Let me research some more and get back to you.

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