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One of the more expensive purchases you’ll make for your car, truck, crossover or minivan is a new set of tires. Not only that, but for most people it can become very confusing as to what type of tire they should replace their old set with. You have to consider issues such as your driving habits, location and climate, type of vehicle you have, and some other important factors as well. So it’s easy for the best of us to get a bit confused.

Tire Reviews

Here at Tire Reviews And More we eliminate the confusion and guess work when it comes time to buying new tires. Our tire reviews are packed with useful and easy-to-understand information that can be hard to find online or offline. You’ll know whether or not any particular tire is right for your vehicle and needs.

Because our site is independent of any tire maker you won’t find biased reviews and information. We eliminate the fluff and hype and give you the pros and cons of each tire and facts about them that you won’t find on other websites or from tire company sites.

We provide you with details on how well the tire performs, what features and benefits it offers you, tire sizes, where to find it for the lowest price, warranty information, as well as how it rates among other tires in its class.

We save you time by eliminating the need in searching the web for every different brand and model of tire you might be looking for. You’ll find only the best tire reviews on all the major brand names, as well as those by lesser known tire manufacturers that will often save you a substantial amount of money without sacraficing performance in many cases.

Tire Discounts And Rebates

We also help save you money by listing current rebates and discounts that are being offered, as well as where to shop for the cheapest prices online and offline. Some of these discounts can put up to $100 or more back in your pocket.

Wheels And More

There are more than just tires and tire reviews on our site. As our site continues to grow, you will find information and reviews on custom wheels, wheel and tire cleaning products, accessories and soon to come reviews on tires for ATV’s, motorcycles and more.

Have questions or need advice on areas such as brakes, alignment, balancing or your suspension? Our FAQ library contains a number of helpful articles, tips and information covering a wide range of topics.

You will also find the questions as to where to buy tires online, when to get new tires, what are the best cheap tires to buy and how to buy tires. If you have a question on a specific tire or tire review that you can’t find the answer to, feel free to contact us. We will do our best to get back to you right away and we welcome your comments as well.

What Others Are Saying

Here are just a few of the many emails and comments we receive every week here at Tire Reviews And More:

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David D.

“Thanks Terry for your time and effort to help a total stranger. As a widow, your help meant a lot while I am sorting through the maze of confusing, technical terms of choosing a right tire.”
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“Thank you for your prompt response. I appreciate all of the effort which you put into your e-mail. You explained everything very thoroughly. I was able to order four tires through my local Discount Tire store and they were even able to price match a super deal I found on-line at … ($251.96, plus tax, for 4 tires and free shipping)!
Again I really appreciate your help and I truly appreciate your website. I will recommend it to anyone who is searching for tires.”
Beth N.

We thank you for visiting our site and hope that it helps give you the information and knowledge to choose the best tires for your vehicle.