Bridgestone WeatherPeak Tire Review & Rating

The Bridgestone WeatherPeak touring tire is a genuine four-season tire designed for year-round use on sedans, SUVs, and crossovers. It sports the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) symbol that denotes impressive performance in wet or snowy conditions. 

The WeatherPeak touring tire promises a 5% improvement in acceleration versus leading tires in the segment and a 30-foot shorter stopping distance than the Michelin Primacy Tour A/S tire on snow. This all-weather prowess comes thanks to full-depth 3D sipes that maintain their biting grip even after miles of wear. Raised ridges in the tire grooves help evacuate water at a high rate and promote snow compacting to help the tires bond with snow and ice-covered roads. 

The Bridgestone WeatherPeak line is designed for impressive performance in inclement weather. Photo credit: Bridgestone Tires.

Bridgestone promotes this tire for high-end vehicles like the Audi Q5, and BMW 3 Series, as well as popular consumer models like the Honda Accord or Toyota Rav4. It has been designed for easy comfort and solid levels of performance that match aspirational touring models. The wide range of uses makes this tire suitable for 85% of the passenger cars on the market. 

This is the company’s first touring tire to boast genuine all-weather performance. 


  • Strong performance in bad weather
  • Suitable for most passenger vehicles


  • Price
  • Might be noisier than

Overall Thoughts

This is a very new tire with limited feedback coming in from real-world users at this point. On the plus side, Bridgestone is a top-tier tire brand with a strong reputation for performance. 

The fact that these all-weathers sport the 3PMSF symbol combined with Bridgestone’s competitive test claims makes this a compelling option for drivers who don’t mind putting their money behind the rubber on the road. 

It is worth noting that all-season tires sporting the severe snow rating symbol and this style of tread design are often noisier than their three-season counterparts and offer slightly less dry weather performance, particularly in cornering and braking stability. However, the trade-off is that you don’t have to swap tires in the winter and can rely on one set year-round. 

That makes the WeatherPeak a great option for drivers with less severe winters but who need a tire that can handle the occasional snow dump or sleeting rain weather. 

Check Price

Tire Sizes

15-inch Rims

  • 175/65 R15 84H XL
  • 185/55 R15 82V XL
  • 185/60 R15 84H XL
  • 185/65 R15 88H XL
  • 195/65 R15 91H XL

16-inch Rims

  • 185/55 R16 83H XL
  • 195/50 R16 84V XL
  • 195/55 R16 87V XL
  • 205/55 R16 91V XL
  • 205/60 R16 92V XL
  • 205/65 R16 95H XL
  • 215/55 R16 93H XL
  • 215/60 R16 95V XL
  • 215/65 R16 98H XL
  • 215/70 R16 100H XL
  • 225/60 R16 98V XL
  • 225/65 R16 100H XL
  • 235/65 R16 103T XL
  • 235/70 R16 106H XL

17-inch Rims

  • 205/50 R17 93V XL
  • 215/45 R17 91V XL
  • 215/50 R17 95V XL
  • 215/55 R17 94V XL
  • 215/60 R17 96H XL
  • 215/65 R17 99H XL
  • 225/45 R17 91V XL
  • 225/50 R17 94V XL
  • 225/55 R17 97V XL
  • 225/60 R17 99H XL
  • 225/65 R17 102H XL
  • 235/50 R17 96V XL
  • 235/55 R17 99V XL
  • 235/60 R17 102H XL
  • 235/65 R17 104H XL
  • 245/65 R17 107H XL

18-inch Rims

  • 215/55 R18 95H XL
  • 225/40 R18 88V XL
  • 225/45 R18 95V XL
  • 225/50 R18 95H XL
  • 225/55 R18 98V XL
  • 225/60 R18 100H XL
  • 235/45 R18 94V XL
  • 235/50 R18 97V XL
  • 235/55 R18 100V XL
  • 235/60 R18 103H XL
  • 235/65 R18 106H XL
  • 245/40 R18 93V XL
  • 245/45 R18 96V XL
  • 245/60 R18 105H XL
  • 255/65 R18 111H XL

19-inch Rims

  • 225/55 R19 99V XL
  • 235/40 R19 96V XL
  • 235/55 R19 101H XL
  • 255/60 R19 109H XL

20-inch Rims

  • 235/55 R20 102H XL
  • 245/50 R20 102V XL

Competitors & Alternatives

Michelin is your main competitor to the Bridgestone WeatherPeak. The Primacy Tour and CrossClimate from the French manufacturer are both good performing contenders that also boast a severe snow rating. You can also opt for a touring tire that doesn’t have the 3PMSF symbol if you want more dry weather performance, including the Michelin Premier A/S tire or the Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring.

Price Range

At around $220 for the popular 18-inch sizes, Bridgestone WeatherPeak tires are in the upper end of this category’s price range. You can find options from General Tire like the Altimax for slightly less, while Michelin’s CrossClimate is another $20 more expensive on average. Nokian’s Encompass tire is significantly less expensive at around $180 for 18-inch sizes. You may also find occasional rebates, discounts, coupons, and special offers on this tire.


Bridgestone Tires are covered by a six-year, 70,000-mile warranty against problems with materials or workmanship. The company will replace tires completely free of charge for up to three years of that period – one of the most generous new-for-old replacement warranties on the market. There is no tread life warranty on the WeatherPeak tire. 

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