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Omni United operates Radar Tires as its flagship tire brand, and further controls several others such as Patriot, Roadlux, and American Tourer. The Radar brand was launched in 2006, and provides tire options for sedans, SUV’s, trailers, and commercial vehicles.

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The brand manufactures an extensive catalog of inexpensive, high-quality tires that are designed in its facilities in Singapore. The engineers utilize state-of-the-art equipment, making use of advanced materials and manufacturing techniques to produce exquisite designs. The brand is a certified tire exporter for the European market, and as such has the requisite certifications needed to signify its adherence to exemplary quality control practices.

Read our Radar Tires review of the Radar Pro Tour, All-Season Touring which we rated as a great affordable tire that offers excellent traction and handling.

Why Buy Radar Tires?

  • Multiple Options

The brand creates a wide-range of tires designed for drivers of several vehicle types, as well as for those requiring tires geared for specific terrain types. The tire options provided by the brand include:

  1. Ultra-high performance, summer and touring tires
  2. All-season tires, for both passenger cars and light trucks
  3. All-weather tires, which provide consistent traction the year round
  4. Winter tires, for greatly enhanced traction on snow
  5. Classic car tires, designed specifically for vintage automobiles

No matter the surface you’re looking to drive over, there is a Radar tire that will fulfill your driving needs.

Price to Performance Ratio

A tire model that offers performance far superior to other similarly priced tires will always be the better purchase. Radar seeks to offer exactly that; great performance at affordable prices.

It manufactures and sells affordable tires for each vehicle type. Durability, handling, acceleration, and braking are enhanced considerably to provide drivers gains that are on par with more expensive tire models from leading manufacturers.

Design Features

  • Handling

Radar Tires increases the traction and road handling of its tires by incorporating several design features. These include symmetric tread patterns bolstered with the use of all-season tread compounds, which increase traction on both dry and wet roads.

Furthermore, the brand manufactures its tires with wide and solid center ribs that contribute by improving the steering response afforded to the driver.

  • Safety

Radar Tires accounts for driver safety by incorporating a host of elements in its tread design. Wide circumferential grooves reduce the threat posed by hydroplaning as they improve the tires ability to maintain traction.

Additionally, by using tough compound materials along with the sturdy sidewalls, the manufacturer ensures tires are durable, and will not suffer a blowout threatening the safety of the driver.

Touring All-Season

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Truck / SUV / Crossover

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