Best Backup Cameras

Here are the best backup cameras for your car, truck, or SUV.

A backup camera is a mandatory feature in all new cars sold in the U.S., but this is a recent regulation. Prior to 2018, vehicles were only fitted with these valuable safety tools as a factory accessory option, and not all cars had available reversing cameras. This guide to the best backup cameras will help you add these devices to your car, truck, or SUV.  

Why You Need a Backup Camera  

Of all the modern driving aids, backup cameras are among the most useful. They not only make it easier to spot small animals, objects, or most importantly, children as you reverse, but they make it a lot easier to safely reverse into parking spaces, driveways, or tight garages. We also advocate reversing into a parking space or driveway because doing so gives you a better field of vision and an easier exit.

You’ll also need a backup camera if you want to maximize the resale value of your used vehicle. Many sold within the past 5 years or so have one, so you’ll be in competition with those cars when it’s time to upgrade your own ride.

Here are some of our favorites.

1. Editor’s Pick: Auto-Vox V5PRO Rearview Mirror Camera

auto-vox v5pro rearview mirror camera

The V5Pro from Auto-Vox is among the most elegant and full-featured rearview units you can buy.

Auto-Vox’s V5Pro is a clean and simple OEM mirror replacement that gives you a seamless integration into your interior. The monitor replaces your existing rearview mirror and wires into your system using a fuse-tap adaptor, so there is no soldering or joining required. With four different adaptors for the mounting stalk, this unit will fit the majority of vehicles on the road, making it easy to use.

There are two options for viewing the feed from the camera, either swipe the screen to bring it up or use the optional reverse wire to trigger the screen on automatically when you select reverse. The screen also works as a regular mirror when not in use, although you can only use it as a camera when reversing. This is an issue if you prefer to supplement your rearview mirror instead of replacing it when backing up.

We also like this unit for its ability to sense and record vision after a collision, making it a great option as a dashcam and a parking monitor. There is even a GPS antenna to sync up your video for reporting if you need it. High-end 1080p cameras equipped with Sony sensors and night vision enhancement offer excellent vision in all conditions and there are guidelines for easier reversing. You won’t find a neater or better-featured camera than the V5Pro.


  • Elegant and easy installation
  • High-quality image
  • Dashcam and prking monitor


  • Cost
  • Replaces mirror when reversing

Key Specs:

Monitor: .35” full laminated ultrathin touch screen
Output: Proprietary
Video cable length: 19.7 ft
Power cable length: 8.7 ft
Monitor size: 10.4-inch x 3 inch
Resolution: 1080P (480 x 272 pxl monitor)
Lighting: Super Night Vision with Sony Sensor
Viewing angle: 150 degrees
Features: GPS tracking, dashcam, touchscreen distance scale and guidelines

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2. Best for Towing: Yakry Backup Camera and Monitor Kit

yakry backup camera for trucks

The Yakry 7” monitor and backup camera kit are ideal for big rigs and towing.

With a 43 ft and 23 ft AV cable, the Yakry backup camera kit offers you up to 66 ft of total cable length for a single camera feed, or dual feeds for most trailers and vehicle sizes. That makes this an excellent set for truckers or regular towers who need a camera for reversing and for monitoring behind them out on the highway.

We also like the huge 7” monitor with its multifunction display, including a flippable screen feed from mirror to regular, guidelines, and dual-feeds. There’s also an automatic reverse wire tap in. That monitor is mounted in a metal frame that is utilitarian in appearance and obtrusive when installed, but gives a range of viewing angles and placement options. This is very much a heavy-duty unit designed for workers and truckers.

The kit includes a cigarette lighter adaptor for easy power to the monitor, or you can hardwire it for permanent power. There are two cameras, one for the trailer or RV and one number-plate frame style unit for the back of your truck. The cables are screw-lock cables for extra durability.

If you tow often or drive a larger truck, this is one of the best options on the market and comes in at an affordable price point. Yakry offers a two-year warranty.


  • Long reach
  • Large monitor
  • Dual-feed video


  • Bulky design
  • Cable clutter in your cabin

Key Specs:

Monitor: Adjustable bracket-mount
Output: VCA
Video cable length: Up to 66 ft
Power cable length: 3 ft
Monitor size: 7”
Resolution: 1080P
Lighting: Super Night Vision with Sony Sensor
Viewing angle: 150 degrees
Features: Switchable view, monitor and automatic reverse cam, distance scale and guidelines

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3. Best Wireless Backup Camera: Boscam Wireless Backup Camera Kit

boscam wireless backup camera kit

Boscam’s wireless backup camera kit makes life easy for any vehicle owner.

Wireless backup camera kits offer a simple and elegant solution to reversing safely for a wide variety of vehicles. This kit from Boscam features a 5.0” monitor, a small wireless camera with up to 33 ft of transmission range, 6.67 ft power cable for the camera, a 12 ft car charger for the monitor and all the required wire taps and zip ties for cable management. The monitor is held in place by a ball-mount on a suction cup that sticks to your dashboard or windscreen.

There’s no getting around the power cabling in any system, but a wireless option means you don’t need to feed cabling throughout the length of your vehicle, which can make it much easier to install. The power feed for the camera is connected to your reverse lights, which turns it on automatically anytime you put the vehicle in reverse, but you can also connect it to constant power for a permanent view of what’s going on behind you. Unfortunately, this unit doesn’t allow you to choose between modes.

Boscam offers a one-year warranty for this product.


  • Wireless image transmission
  • Large monitor


  • Not a monitor
  • Power cable is obtrusive  

Key Specs:

Monitor: Suction-mount
Output: Wireless
Video cable length: N/A (33 ft range)
Power cable length: 6.67 ft to cam, 12 ft to monitor
Monitor size: 5”
Resolution: 720P
Lighting: K7 lowlight
Viewing angle: 150 degrees
Features: Flippable mirror/regular view, automatic reverse cam, distance scale and guidelines

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4. Best for Camera-Ready Head Units: Pyle PLCM18BC

pyle license plate rearview camera

The Pyle PLCM18BC is ideal for use with camera-ready head units and monitors.

If you have an aftermarket head unit stereo or infotainment system with a camera-ready feed, the Pyle PLCM18BC camera is a great option for reversing.

This license-plate bracket style camera comes standalone and can be used as a supplementary camera for systems with two-feed capability, as a replacement backup camera for your vehicle’s damaged unit, or as your regular camera used with an aftermarket unit.

I personally use this camera in my truck with an aftermarket Android head unit and love it for the crystal-clear imaging in a range of light conditions, accurate viewing angle projections, and the long 17 ft cable. The power cable could be longer, so you may need to add wire or rethink your mounting if you have high mount reversing lights or lights that are hard to reach. You also need to tap into the wire with your own tap as none are supplied.

If you don’t mind a little bit of DIY and want a reliable, high-quality image for your truck of SUV, this is a great option.  


  • Clear and accurate image
  • Clean mount


  • No monitor included
  • Hard to wire power feed

Key Specs:

Monitor: N/A
Output: RCA
RCA cable length: 17 ft
Power cable length: 3 ft
Unit size: 10-inch x 1.3 inch
Resolution: 420 TVL (actual pixels: 656 x 492)
Lighting: single LED with low-light optimization
Viewing angle: 170 degrees
Features: Waterproof, distance scale lines, auto white balance

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5. Best Navigation Upgrade: Garmin BC 30 Wireless Backup Camera

garmin bc 30 wireless backup camera

Garmin’s BC30 wireless backup camera connects directly to Garmin and Nuvi GPS units.

The Garmin BC 30 uses a wireless transmitter to send a camera feed into your existing Garmin or Nuvi GPS unit. This gives an easy and elegant upgrade to your existing GPS system that makes it easier and safer to park. The transmitter takes a separate feed from your 12v DC outlet, and the camera itself can be wired to the reverse lights for instant-on capability when backing up.

You can also hook it to constant power and then toggle it on or off while you’re on the road, making it double as a rearview monitor as well as reverse cam. The downside of this setup is you need to toggle it on manually when you want to reverse park.

With 45 ft range from the wireless system, the unit is a good option for towing, as you can use this system to keep an eye behind you even when vision is obscured. You can also increase the range to as much as 95 ft using an available 50 ft extension lead available from the company.


  • Integrates into existing GPS
  • Up to 95 ft of range


  • Expensive for what it is
  • Requires Garmin or Navi GPS unit

Key Specs:

Monitor: Garmin or Nuvi GPS
Output: Wireless
Video cable length: 45 ft wireless range
Power cable length: 3 ft
Unit size: N/A
Resolution: 640 x 480
Lighting: single None
Viewing angle: 170 degrees
Features: Waterproof, distance scale lines, wireless transmission

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6. Best Value Mirror-Mounted: DoHonest Night Vision w/LCD Monitor

dohonest backup camera

The value proposition offered by DoHonest’s compact camera and monitor is too good to be ignored.

DoHonest offers a remarkably affordable rearview camera and monitor setup with a good list of features and long enough cables to suit a variety of vehicles. The 4.3” monitor is small, and must be mounted somewhere on your console, dashboard, or windscreen with included adhesive strips. This makes it more intrusive than other options that integrate with your dashboard or rearview mirror.

Where this unit excels though is the surprisingly clear vision offered by the IP69 waterproof camera and its features. You can flip the image from mirror to regular depending on your preference, and also toggle distance measuring and guidelines. You can also toggle the camera on, making it a rear monitor when driving on the highway. The only feature some users miss is the ability to record. This is not a dashcam or parking monitor.

We love this unit for its cost-to-quality ratio and its ultra long cables that make it great for larger vehicles.


  • Excellent value
  • Good vision
  • Monitor and backup camera


  • Intrusive finish
  • Not a dashcam

Key Specs:

Monitor: 4.3-inch touchscreen
Output: Mini-USB
Video cable length: 18 ft
Power cable length: 18 ft
Monitor size: 4.3”
Resolution: 1080P (480 pxl monitor)
Lighting: 7 x LED
Viewing angle: 150 degrees
Features: Flippable view, dashcam, touchscreen, distance scale and guidelines

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Backup Camera Versus Backup Monitors

The difference between a backup camera versus rearview monitor comes down to the way the visual feed is displayed. Some cameras are always powered on, and can be toggled off/on, while others are wired to the reverse lights and come on automatically when the car is in reverse. The best backup camera options give you both features – auto-on and toggle display to double as a rearview monitor and backup camera.

Mounting Options

Rearview cameras are also offered with a range of monitor options. Some include a dash-mount or windscreen-mounted monitor, while others replace your rearview mirror. Some snap over your existing mirror and either replace the glass entirely or take up a section of it. There are also some infotainment systems and stereo head units which accept a wired feed from the camera.

Many monitor options allow wireless connections, though the most common and robust options require you to run wiring throughout the vehicle. You can use cameras on the back or front of your ride as long as the monitor has the option to display mirrored or regular views. Mirrored views work best for the back, regular for the front.  

How to Install a Backup Camera

You can always take your car to an automotive electrician to get your system installed, but most backyard mechanics and DIY enthusiasts can easily do the job themselves.

There are two separate systems to consider: The monitor, which needs a video feed and power feed, and the camera, which needs an output feed and a power feed.

To supply power, the best option is usually to tap into the reverse light wire, though as we mentioned, some offer both a reverse wire tap and an always-on power feed. You will also need to run the video feed cable through your interior. You can usually run this cable along your existing wiring harness and feed it through the same rubber grommets that your car wiring travels through. It takes patience and a careful hand, but the task itself is relatively straight forward.

The reward for your efforts is a safer, easier reversing experience.

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