Nankang N889 Mudstar M/T Tire Review & Rating

Designed to be used in extreme conditions and particularly in serious off-road excursions, Nankang N889 Mudstar M/T tires have large aggressive tread blocks which significantly increase traction on poor surfaces. Created specifically for off-road pickups, 4×4’s and SUV’s, the N889 is designed to provide high performance traction at a budget-friendly cost.

Large, open tread voids provide enhanced traction by clearing mud from the tire and offer solid performance in a wide range of dry/wet road and off-road conditions.

Nankang N889 Mudstar M/T Tire Review

With superior steering and comfort, the N889 Mudstar MT also comes with a variable pitch tread block which helps to reduce noise and provide an all-round better quality ride.

The tires can be found in a variety of different sizes ranging from 15-17 inches and the company has stated that they will be releasing many additional sizes in 2016.


  • Great traction on all road surfaces
  • High quality off-road performance
  • Comfortable with balanced steering
  • Excellent treadlife and durability


  • Can be noisy on the highway

Overall Thoughts

As a budget priced off-road tire, the N889 Mudstar M/T performs well, in fact it performs incredibly well, which took us a bit by surprise. We say this without any reservation. Seriously, it would be very easy to quickly dismiss this Nankang MT tire as just another cheap tire. But that would be a huge mistake in this instance because this model performs right up there alongside the better tires in its class. Countless online reviews from other drivers and magazines point this out as well.

The Mudstar MT tackles all types of off-road terrain and gets you through any of it. From deep mud, thick sand and rugged rocky surfaces, this tire handles them all. While some mud tires can’t handle particularly slippery surfaces, the N889’s have great traction and grip and also provide good wet and dry road surface performance. Even in winter conditions the open tread voids help to get rid of snow and maximize traction. This model is also pinned for studs if you ever decide you need the added winter traction.

The only area that could be a negative for some would be a little extra road noise on the highway. Despite the fact these tires have a variable pitch tread block you can still expect to hear some noise, especially at higher speeds. Not enough to discredit the tire but sufficient so that it can be noticeable at times. Of course, you likely already know to expect that with an M/T tire, so it’s not a big issue in the least.

Tread life is good in all conditions and they should last the better part of 50k miles, which is fantastic for their price.

Overall, while we can’t tell you that this tire is the best in class among all makes and models of MT tires, we do feel that it is the best among all low-budget offerings available today. If price is a major concern with purchasing new M/T tires for your rig, this Nankang Mudstar is an excellent choice. It simply does not disappoint.

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What Vehicles Will The Nankang N889 Mudstar M/T Fit?

(This is not a complete list of ALL vehicles this tire will fit)

  • Chevrolet Silverado, Tahoe, K1500, Avalanche, Suburban
  • Dodge Ram, Dakota
  • Ford F-150, Ranger, Expedition, F-250, Explorer
  • GMC Sierra
  • Isuzu Trooper
  • Jeep Wrangler, Cherokee Sport, CJ5
  • Nissan Xterra, Pathfinder, Frontier, Titan
  • Toyota RAV4, Tacoma, FJ Cruiser, 4Runner, Tundra

Tire Sizes


30X9.50R15LT 104Q ROWL
31X10.50R15LT 109Q ROWL
32X11.50R15LT 113Q ROWL
33X12.50R15LT 108Q ROWL
LT235/75R15 104/101Q ROWL


LT235/85R16 120/116N ROWL
LT245/75R16 120/116N ROWL
LT265/75R16 123/120N ROWL
LT285/75R16 122/119M ROWL
LT315/75R16 121Q ROWL
LT305/70R16 118/115Q ROWL


LT255/75R17 111/108Q ROWL
LT265/70R17 121/118N ROWL
LT285/70R17 121Q ROWL

Price Range

Nankang N889 Mudstar M/T prices range from approximately $103 and up. You may also find occasional rebates, discount prices, coupons and special offers on this tire.

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Nankang provides a limited tread warranty on the N889 M/T. Tire uniformity is guaranteed for the first 10% of treadwear. Materials and workmanship are warranted for a prorated amount down to the final 2/32 inch of tread depth.

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2 thoughts on “Nankang N889 Mudstar M/T Tire Review & Rating

  1. These tires look like the old buckshot tires. They were great. Last forever with no problems. These are not the same. These tires suck ! Yesterday I was forced to buy 2 more. One came apart at 60 mph with only 4500 miles on it. Put the spare on and found it was coming apart also. Out of 8 tires, I don’t think I have wore any of them out. They all come apart before the tread is 50 % gone. Indoor kept 1996 f250

    1. Hi Scott
      This is indeed very troubling information, what you’re describing is similar to the general experience users of cheap Chinese tires have. Nankang is a reputable brand and their tires having compromised durability is a serious concern. We’ll look to see if issue is being faced by the majority of users and if that is the case, we will update this review to reflect that information.

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