Milestar Weatherguard All-Weather Tire Review & Rating

Set for a 2017 rollout, the Milestar Weatherguard All-Weather touring tire is built specifically for today’s crossover vehicles.

A newly developed silica tread compound and high dense 3-D sipes on the inside portion of the tread are created to provide exceptional wet and winter traction compared to other all-season tires.

On the outside portion of the tread are lower density sipes that aid with dry traction and handling, as well as grip on wet road surfaces. Milestar will initially release 44 sizes for the Weatherguard All-Weather that range from 15-20 inches. A 50K mile tread warranty will also be included on every size.

We will have a complete review on this new model as soon as it becomes available. You can read all of our reviews on Milestar tires by going to our Milestar Tire Reviews section.

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