General Exclaim UHP Tire Review & Rating

As General Tire’s ultra-high performance summer driving tire, the Exclaim UHP offers budget minded drivers of sport coupes and sedans an affordable option in new tires.

The first thing you’ll notice is the aggressive directional tread design it sports. A new generation silica tread compound and wider shoulder blocks enhance handling and cornering on both dry and wet surfaces.

General Exclaim UHP Tire Review

Wet road handling is improved due to the Double-V tread pattern that expels more water away from the tire. It reduces the risk of hydroplaning and keeps you safer on the road.

Inside the tread there are two steel belts that are spirally wrapped with a jointless nylon on polyester plies to provide added strength and stability when driving at higher speeds. They also help give the tire more even wear and a better overall ride quality.

The General Exclaim is stamped with the M+S branding, meaning the tire is designed to meet or exceed minimum mud and snow standards. That said, we do not recommend driving on this tire in snow or icy conditions.


  • Longer tread life than most in this class 
  • Dry and wet surface traction is excellent 
  • Very good riding comfort and low road noise 
  • High performance tire that is budget friendly


  • Would like to see a bit stiffer sidewall for more spirited high speed cornering

Overall Thoughts

The Exclaim UHP certainly fills a need in high performance summer tires with its lower price point than many other comparable tires in this class. It’s nice to see that the lower price does not come at the expense of providing excellent traction and handling. It performs well, although we would like to see more stiffness in the sidewall.

You can expect a smooth ride without all the road noise. Treadlife is good, and most drivers are getting around 30,000 miles from this tire. All in all this tire is a nice option for most drivers.

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What Vehicles Will The Exclaim UHP Fit?

(This is not a complete list of ALL vehicles this tire will fit)

  • BMW M3 
  • Chevy Corvette, Camaro, Malibu 
  • Ford Mustang, Focus 
  • Honda Fit Sport, Civic 
  • Infiniti Q45, G35 
  • Mazda Miata, MAZDA6 
  • Mercedes-Benz E500 
  • Nissan Altima 
  • Porsche Boxter 
  • Scion xA 
  • Volkswagen GTI

Tire Sizes


205/55R-16 91V BSW


215/55R-17 94V BSW
245/45ZR-17 95W BSW


235/40ZR-18 91W BSW
235/45R-18 94Z BSW
255/45R-18 99Z BSW
285/30R-18 97Z XL B


225/30R20 XL 85W BSW
295/25R-20 95W XL B

Price Range

General Exclaim UHP prices range from approximately $109 and up. You may also find occasional rebates, discounts, coupons and special offers on this tire.

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General Tire does not have a mileage tread life warranty on the Exclaim UHP. There is a one-year or first 2/32 inch of wear guarantee on tire uniformity.

Materials and workmanship are backed for 6-years and include free replacement during the first year or first 2/32 inch of tread wear. General prorates out the amount for the remaining time period or until there is 2/32 inch of tread depth left on the tire.

You will also get a 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee with this model. If you are unhappy with them you exchange them with another General model.

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