Discount Tire Announces 2017 Memorial Day Sale

Discount Tire has just announced details on its 2017 Memorial Day sales event in which customers can receive up to $320 in a Visa Prepaid Card by purchasing a set of wheels and tires.


Beginning Monday, May 22nd and running through Tuesday, May 30th, you can order your tires through Discount Tire Direct and have them shipped to your home or tire shop.

All Discount Tire stores sale information to be announced.

Customers can get up to a $100 Visa card on a set of 4 tires, and up to $100 on a set of 4 wheels. In addition, if you use the Discount Tire Credit Card you can receive up to an additional $120 as well.

Discount Tire generally runs only 3-4 sales events every year, so this is a great time to buy a new set of tires and take advantage of saving a substantial amount of money.

You can find more details on this sale by going to:

Discount Tire Stores

Discount Tire Direct

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