Yokohama Avid S34PV Tire Review & Rating

The Yokohama Avid S34PV all-season tire has been used as original equipment on vehicles like the Dodge Dart among others, while also being available as a replacement model for 225/45R17 fitments.

Yokohama uses a uniquely different all-season tread compound that is engineered for increased fuel efficiency and lower rolling resistance. The S34PV features a solid tread block design that resists distortion, which results in better overall mileage.

Yokohama Avid S34PV Tire Review

Staggered tread blocks, four wide circumferential grooves and wider lateral grooves all combine to enhance dry and wet traction. This is a major strength for this tire and one that is commonly mentioned as a plus in other driver reviews.

A multi-pitch tread sequence aids in reducing road noise and delivering a ride that is quiet and comfortable. Expect to find a smoother ride on this tire than you might think. The Yokohama S34PV sports a 320 UTQG rating and comes with a limited tread warranty.


  • Good dry and wet traction
  • Smooth comfortable ride
  • Good value for the cost


  • Softer tread may not be the best for more spirited drivers

Overall Thoughts

When you think about O.E. tires you don’t often think of them providing the kind of performance as their replacement counterparts, but the S34PV is different for the most part. It delivers very good dry and wet traction, and traction on light to moderate snow is impressive for an all-season tire.

The one area that we would like to see a boost in would be stronger cornering grip and stability. The tires’ softer tread is a big factor for more spirited drivers. For others, it’s not a factor.

Overall, Yokohama has a pretty solid performing tire in the S34PV, especially for an original equipment model. While not up to the level of performance of tires like the Continental TrueContact, General Altimax RT43 or Michelin Defender among others, this Yokohama tire is not a bad choice by any means.

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Tire Sizes


225/45R17 91H BSW

Price Range

Yokohama Avid S34PV prices range from approximately $88 and up. You may also find occasional rebates, discount prices, coupons and special offers on this tire.

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Yokohama provides a limited tread warranty on the Avid S34PV.

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