Wild Country Tire XTX Sport Vs. Cooper A/T3

Whether you own a small passenger car or an SUV or pickup truck — you need to get the best tires for safety and uncompromised performance. That’s also the secret to a stable ride, precession control, on-point braking, and adequate traction. 

All-terrain tires seem to be the best bet for bigger cars — whether you drive on the road or off-road, these will serve you well. Plus, you can use these to drive on dry, wet, and snowy surfaces, so a full package.

To help you choose a tire like none other – we pinned two of the best tires against each other – the Wild Country XTX Sport vs. Cooper Discoverer A/T3.

Read on to know more.

Wild Country XTX Sport

The TBC Wholesale Group introduced Multi-Mile Wild Country XTX Sport to their terrain tires category to provide a tire that performs well in all tests, be it on paved surfaces or while off-roading. 

This tire is meant to fit an SUV or a pickup truck. When compared to other options on the market, you too will see why this is a much better alternative for your regular tires. 

Product Information

If you are prone to switching between paved roads and sandy or snowy roads, you should get your hands on the fantastic Wild Country XTX Sport tires.

We say this because this tire has a very detailed tread pattern molded from a special compound that ensures uncompromised performance and reduced tire wear while off-roading.  

The tread pattern is asymmetric in design, and among other things, it has deep sipes that provide excellent braking and traction on slippery surfaces, ensuring a safe and controlled ride.

Additionally, the Wild Country XTX Sport has large open shoulder blocks that help the car drive through standing waters and add to its hydroplaning capabilities, so water and mud accumulation in the contact patch won’t be a problem.

Weight-wise, this tire is definitely towards a lot heavier than its counterparts, but it makes sense since it does an excellent job of providing all the extra power you need to push the car through wet, muddy, or snow-ridden roads. 

It also produces slightly more sound than other tires in the same category; however, there is little to no vibration, which makes up for the added noise. 

Above all, you do not need to keep backup tires for different seasons, as evident by now, these are all-season so you can count on them to work across the year, come rain or sunshine. They are stamped with the 3PMSF symbol, which authenticates that the Wild Country XTX Sport can perform in severe weather conditions.


  • Exceptional performance on and off-road
  • Excellent handling on different surfaces and in different weathers
  • Slow tread wear


  • Some users complained that the tire leads to a noisy ride, especially during off reading 

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Cooper Discoverer A/T3

The other tire we have reviewed is the Cooper Discoverer A/T3, and it is loved by drivers for its uncompromised performance on and off-road. 

Let’s delve in and learn more about this tire that’s meant to be mounted on SUVs and pickup trucks.

Product Information

Whether you hit the occasional dunes, or commonly drive on paved surfaces like inner-city or highways, you won’t be disappointed by the dry and wet traction and gripping capabilities of these tires. 

Apart from an aesthetically appealing tread pattern, the tire features a five ribbed design for stability and better steering control. The intermediate rib performs two functions — suitable traction and performance while off-roading, and exceptional performance on paved roads. 

Thanks to the aggressive shoulder blocks, it offers excellent traction on soft surfaces — so if you’re out driving on mud, the beach, or if you are dune bashing, these tires won’t disappoint you. 

The circumferential grooves lead to enhanced performance and deliver you all the power you need to ensure a smooth drive no matter what the circumstances. 

For better tread life and noise-free performance, the Cooper Discoverer A/T3 features Zigzag Sipes that make the tread blocks more stable by removing all stones and pebbles. 

Furthermore, it won’t even retain many stones and pebbles thanks to the featured lateral grooves — this design helps the tire clean itself as you drive. 

The tread compound has a sufficient amount of Silica, which allows for impeccable wet performance, and chances of the car slipping are little to none. As a matter of fact, turning on wet roads and cornering are some of the many strong suits of these tires.


  • Firm grip on dry, wet, and sow-ridden surfaces
  • Adequate traction on terrains
  • Quite ride on the highway
  • Self-cleanup of channels leads to removal of gravel


  • Many users complained that the tire is a bit pricy 

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Difference Between The Two Tires

For starters, both tires are all-season, all-terrain tires, and no matter what you choose, you will end up with a good set of tires. 

The Multi-Mile Wild Country XTX Sport comes in multiple ranges ranging from 15-inches to 20-inches, and the Cooper Discoverer A/T3 also comes in similar sizes. However, the Cooper Discoverer has more variants within each size so that it can fit many cars easily.

Multi-Mile Wild Country XTX Sport is available on the market for $115 to $368. In contrast, the Discoverer can cost you a minimum of $166, and a maximum of $388.

The performance of both was pretty good in all scenarios. However, the Cooper tire leads to a better, noise-free commute experience, whereas the XTX is known to produce some noise, which can get annoying after a while.

The tread life also seems to be better on the Cooper Discoverer A/T3, thanks to the self-cleaning technology owing to its lateral grooves. 

Though both tires have different tread compound but they provide the same overall function—uncompromised performance in dry, wet, snow, and terrain. 

However, we feel that dry and wet performance is better seen from Copper but light ice performance was excellent on the Multi-Mile Wild Country XTX Sport.

AspectMulti-Mile Wild Country XTX SportCooper Discoverer A/T3
Rim Size16″16″
Weight28 Lbs30 Lbs
Revolutions Per Mile746749
Maximum Load1764 Lbs1764 Lbs
Air Pressure44 PSI44 PSI
Tread Depth13/32″13.5/32″
Rim Width6.5″5.5-7″

What We Liked/What We Didn’t

  • Both tires have highly responsive steering control
  • Braking distance was short in both options
  • Beyond impressive traction seen from both in all conditions
  • Both tires are stamped with the 3PMSF symbol, which ensures that they can power through in severe snow. 
  • We didn’t like the sound produced on the Multi-Mile Wild Country XTX Sport
  • The Cooper tire seems to be expensive


The bottom line is that for a safe, pleasant, problem-free experience on your high powered-SUV or pickup truck, you need to get good Terrain tires.

If you ask us, the Cooper Discoverer A/T3 has all the much-needed features and many extra bells and whistles, so that’s our top pick. 

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