Westlake SW608

If you plan to drive in severely cold weather, you need winter tires.  

They are ideal for snow and wet conditions because they provide better traction and enhanced road grip. But, many people avoid buying them, as they retail at relatively higher rates. 

Winter tires should not cost you an arm and a leg; instead, they should provide affordability and surefootedness — and this is what you get with the Westlake SW608 quality winter tire!

Known as the Westlake Tires to the American and Canadian markets, the tire is manufactured in China by Zhongce Rubber Company.

Zhongce has been producing some of the best new and replaceable tires for global markets since 1958. They have become the go-to tire brand for many users due to their affordability.

Moreover, their latest winter model, Westlake SW608, provides enhanced winter traction and optimized performance. It also has superior short braking distances in snow and ice.

Additionally, the aggressive V-shaped tread design and its deep grooves ensure water and snow dispersion. Simultaneously, its directional sipes focus the tire’s contact with the surface for increased traction and control.

Among the so many high-priced winter tires around, the Westlake SW608 is a blessing in disguise as it provides value at a low-cost.

Let’s elaborate on some of its game-changing specifications.

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For over 60 years, Westlake tires have been some of the best performing winter tires for severe winter conditions. The new Westlake SW608 strives to ensure that.

Designed with increased attention to detail, the SW608 features the latest in tire technology to enhance performance. Additionally, the tire is made to cater to various types of sedans, coupes, and minivans.

The real performance of Westlake SW608 lies in how it provides its stable gripping power. Its directional V-shaped tread patterns work together with deep grooves to quickly evade the oncoming slush, water, or snow.

Moreover, the tread sipes maximize the contact patch and deliver exceptional control and traction in the harshest of driving conditions.

These features come together to provide unrivaled winter traction.

Furthermore, it offers a commendable level of comfort. Not only do you get a smoother ride than most other leading tires on the market, but it also boasts reduced road-noise.

Lastly, it has a long-lasting treadlife that will elongate the life of the tire. Therefore, investing in these tires will give you peace of mind when driving through dangerous conditions.


  • Better snow and ice grip
  • Improved slush and wet traction
  • Increased ride comfort  
  • Reduced tire noise
  • Value for money
  • High traction tire
  • Reliable braking and handling on ice and snow


  • Soft sidewalls on dry surfaces

Overall Thoughts

If you are a fan of any of the previous Westlake models, chances are you will not be disappointed with their latest offering — Westlake SW608. The tire guarantees unmatched snow traction, handling, short braking distances, controllability, and comfort.

To put it simply, the Westlake SW608 is one of the best studless tires currently available.

Its grip on wet, icy, and snowy surfaces is excellent. With four of these on your ride, you will experience exceptional grip, security, and control.

Furthermore, the SW608 winter tire has a unique V-shaped tread design that can resist hydroplaning on wet, snowy, and slushy pavements.

We also tested and agreed that the Westlake SW608 handles slush like any other premium winter tire on the market.

Moreover, due to its directional sipes and special tread compound, the tire firmly sticks to ice and snow. Therefore, now you can drive as you want when making a turn without fears of skidding.

Perhaps what truly makes this winter tire stand out is its performance on dry surfaces. After excelling on tough terrains, this tire can still provide great service on dry roads.

Many drivers who have put these tires to the test are full of praise for their comfortable performance. On top of that, you will experience minimal road-noise, increased treadlife, enhanced winter traction, accurate steering responsiveness, unmatched control, excellent maneuvering, and reliable short-distance braking!

All in all, if you choose Westlake SW608 as your tires this winter season and the next, we can ensure ultimate satisfaction.

Vehicles Compatible With Westlake SW608 Tire

Here is a list of some cars that are compatible with Westlake SW608 tire (this is not a complete list):

  • Audi – 100, 80, A3, A4, 90, A6, Cabriolet, S2, TT, Coupe 
  • BMW – 1 Series, 2 Series, 3 Series, 6 Series, M1, Z4
  • Chevrolet – Astra, Aveo, Beretta, Cavalier, Cobalt, Cruze, Monza, Onix, Onix Activ, Optra, Sonic, Vectra, Zafira
  • Chrysler – Cirrus, LeBaron, PT Cruiser, Saratoga, Sebring
  • Dodge – Avenger, Challenger, Dart, Monaco, Neon, Stratus
  • FAW – Besturn B30, Besturn B50, Besturn B70, Junpai A50, Junpai A70, Junpai A70E
  • Ford – C-MAX, Contour, Escort, Focus, Focus C-MAX, Galaxy, Grand C-MAX, Mondeo, Tourneo Connect
  • Honda – Accord, Accord Aerodeck, Accord Euro, Avancier, Civic, Civic 5d, Crider, E, Edix, FR-V, S2000, Shuttle, Stepwgn, Stepwgn Spada

Tire Sizes Available


  • 155/80R13(79T)
  • 165/70R13(79T)
  • 175/70R13(82T)


  • 165/70R14(81T)
  • 175/65R14(82H)
  • 175/70R14(84T)
  • 185/60R14(82H)
  • 185/65R14(86H)
  • 185/70R14(88T)
  • 195/60R14(86H)
  • 195/70R14(91T)


  • 175/65R15(84T)
  • 185/55R15(86V)
  • 185/60R15(88H)
  • 185/65R15(88H)
  • 195/55R15(89H)
  • 195/60R15(88H)
  • 195/65R15(91H)
  • 205/65R15(94H)
  • 215/70R15(98H)


  • 195/50R16(88H)
  • 195/55R16(87H)
  • 205/55R16(91H)
  • 205/60R16(92H)
  • 215/55R16(97H)
  • 215/60R16(99H)
  • 215/65R16(98H)
  • 225/50R16(96V)
  • 225/55R16(99H)
  • 225/60R16(98H)


  • 205/40R17(84V)
  • 205/45R17(88H)
  • 205/50R17(93H)
  • 215/40R17(87V)
  • 215/45R17(91V)
  • 215/50R17(95V)
  • 215/55R17(98V)
  • 225/45R17(94V)
  • 225/50R17(98H)
  • 225/55R17(101V)
  • 225/60R17(99H)
  • 235/45R17(97H)
  • 235/55R17(103V)
  • 235/65R17(103V)
  • 255/55R17(101V)
  • 245/40R17(95V)
  • 245/45R17(99V)


  • 225/40R18(92V)
  • 225/45R18(95V)
  • 225/60R18(104V)
  • 235/40R18(95V)
  • 235/45R18(98V)
  • 235/50R18(101V)
  • 245/40R18(97V)
  • 245/45R18(100V)
  • 245/50R18(104V)


  • 225/35R19(88V)
  • 235/45R19(99V)
  • 245/45R19(102V)


  • 245/30R20(90V)

Price Range

If you plan to purchase Westlake SW608 tires, consider shopping online or at the aftermarket. You can find a good SW608 for between $50 to $200.

However, this tire has better treadwear and can last longer, thereby softening the blow of the initial payment. Additionally,  you can also find used variants if you are short on budget.


You will be happy to know this Westlake model – like previous models – is backed with an impressive coverage plan.

It has a standard and treadwear warranty of five-years from the date of purchase.

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