Veento G-3 Tire Review & Rating

Designed specifically for Discount Tire, the Veento G-3 high-performance all-season tire is built to provide dependable performance at an affordable cost. The G3 is made to fit all types of sport coupes, sedans, minivans and sporty pickups.

Veento uses an all-season tread compound with a unique ground breaking Dual-Nature asymmetric tread pattern for the G-3. This new tread pattern allows you to mount the tire with either side outwards. One side outwards will enhance dry performance, while the opposite side mounted outwards will increase the wet/snow performance. Depending on climate where you live, you can customize the optimal performance of the tire.

Veento G-3 Tire Review

The tire’s solid center rib and optimized contact patch are built to increase steering response and cornering grip, while improving braking/acceleration. This is a plus for this model an something that has been in other driver reviews as well.

Three wide circumferential grooves help in evacuating water away from the tire and reducing the risk of hydroplaning. Full-depth sipes around the tread work to increase traction on wet or snow covered road surfaces.

Veento utilizes a variable pitch tread sequence to aid in lowering outside road noise to give the tire a more comfortable ride quality. It does the job on all but worst types of uneven pavement for the most part.

You’ll find the G-3 available in a range of 13-17 inch sizes, and in speed ratings of T, H and V. The tire sports a 500 UTQG rating, and a 40K mile tread warranty is also included.


  • Unique mounting design
  • Dry/wet traction
  • Cornering/steering response
  • Value priced


  • Road noise may be an issue for some
  • Winter traction

Overall Thoughts

This new G-3 from Veento is not your ordinary run-of-the-mill cheap tire. The company has attempted to utilize some new technology as well as provide a couple of unique mounting choices that may or may not see a number of other tire makers following in their footsteps. Only time will tell, but give credit for the company for at least stepping out of the box with this design. 

Grip on dry or wet pavement is very good for a low cost tire. While it arguably doesn’t match the performance levels of a Pirelli or Michelin tire, among other top tires in this class, it does an adequate job for the everyday driver in most cases.

Naturally, as with most any all-season tire, traction on snow and ice is predictably poor. Anything over a light amount of the white stuff can be problematic, especially when braking or accelerating. The road noise on this model is not overly loud, but expect to find a little more road noise on the highway than many other higher quality models.

Overall, the G-3 is marketed towards the budget buyer who simply needs a set of tires to get around to work or around town. We rank it in the lower half of its class. In our opinion, if you can stretch your budget, there are many bigger name brand UHP tires that provide higher levels of performance and value.

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Tire Sizes


165/70 R13 82T BW
175/70 R13 82T BW


175/65 R14 82T BW
185/65 R14 86H BW
185/70 R14 88T BW


185/65 R15 88H BW
195/60 R15 88H BW
195/50 R15 82H BW
195/55 R15 85H BW
195/65 R15 91H BW
205/60 R15 88H BW
205/65 R15 94H BW


205/55 R16 91V BW
205/60 R16 92H BW
215/60 R16 98H BW
215/65 R16 94H BW
225/60 R16 98H BW


205/40 R17 84V BW
215/55 R17 94V BW

Price Range

Veento G-3 prices range from approximately $57 and up. You may also find occasional rebates, discount prices, coupons and special offers on this tire.

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Veento provides a 40,000 mile treadlife warranty on the G3. Tire uniformity is guaranteed for the first 2/32 inch of treadwear.

24 thoughts on “Veento G-3 Tire Review & Rating

  1. I had the same problem with steering wheel and car pulling to either the left or right. Checked my alignment and it was spot on. Won’t buy these tires again.

    1. Hi Norskie, we’re sorry that you’ve had difficulties with this particular tire. We’ll carry out some research and attempt to validate if a majority of customers are facing similar issues after which we’ll update this review to reflect any changes that need to be made.

    1. Hey Nicholas
      We value the feedback of our clients as it informs us of real-world results that cannot be replicated in review testing. For that reason we ask you provide us a bit more information about your experience with the tire such as miles driven and road surface that you mostly drive on.

  2. Just had four (4) of these installed and after a week they are working great. I showed the install technician the proper way to mount them (dry side out for my climate vs. wet side out) as these tires have different tread patterns on either side. Given the negative comments below it seems people have problems either when installing only two tires or there could be an issue regardless of two or four if the install tech puts one side on wet side tread out and the other on dry side tread out. Doing any of these things would defiantly cause issues as described. For the money these seem to be a good investment and I’m glad I found them on-line.

    1. Hi Jon, thank you for sharing your experience.

      I totally agree with you,installation is just as important as the tire quality, when it comes to performance. Good luck with your set!

  3. Had a steering wheel shake problem start when I had 2 Veento tires mounted on front. Replaced brake rotors to try to troubleshoot the problem; no improvement. Rotated the new tires to the rear and the problem was minimized. Got 2 additional Veento tires 1 year later, mounted them in front and had the same shaking problem. Re-balanced twice with no improvement. Discount tire decided to refund the cost towards a set of quality tires. Do not get tempted by the cheap price of these tires. They are junk.

  4. These tires really suck. Out of round, wont balance and need to swap the front 2 at every rotate and balance to try to correct the radial pull. Steering wheel shake got worse after front 2 were replaced for free. Steer clear from buying these tires or you’ll steer more to correct the inconsistent fabrication of these tires.

    I did my due diligence by replacing axle shafts and getting a 4-wheel alignment. It all pointed to the cheap tires.

    1. Hi Mike, I am really sorry to know you faced so much trouble with these tires. I hope you can find a
      better replacement for your car.

  5. These are some of the worst tires I’ve ever had. To start with they are sized TOO BIG. They measure 1/2″ bigger than they should. First drive after I put them on, noticed diminished power immediately. ( huge amount of power loss) They rub the plastic inner fender when I turn sharp. I’ve had 5 set of tires on this car, never had that issue. They don’t handle well, they feel like they’re folding under when I push them hard. I have them at 36 psi which is max. for them. My car weighs only 2500 pounds. One thing is great with them, the wet traction. Everything else is negative about them. I hate them so much, I bought a new set of Ohtsu performance tires and will give these back to my Daughter for her new Neon, although it has much better tires on it now. I took them from the Neon she wrecked 5 months ago, they were two weeks old at the time. Glad I didn’t pay full bore for these horrible tires.

    1. Hey Kelly, so sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience with these tires. Did you choose the right size for your car? If you don’t mind me asking, what tires did you switch to?

  6. I just had these installed on my car, the edge tread faces different directions on each side of the car, is this normal? They all say this side out for dry use but I swear my car is pulling to the right considerably now

    1. Hey Dustin, this does’t sound right. There can be a problem with the installation, if it is not the tire. In my opinion, you should get it checked by a professional.

    1. Hi, I am not very sure about the side but just to let you know, these tires do fall short when it comes to winter traction.

    1. Veento is a tire brand under the parent company, Vee Rubber America Inc. From my understanding, they are made at Vee Rubber Co. in Thailand and sold in the U.S through major national tire dealers like Discount Tire. Veento tires are also sold in South America, Europe and Asia.

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