Tips and Hacks To Prepare Your Car For Winter

Just as you take extra measures for warding off the cold, your car shouldn’t fall short of similar winter care to avoid road accidents. 

What do you have to confront in winters while driving along long stretches? Of course, wet and slippery conditions such as snow, ice, and slush. 

And, what does it all add up to? Difficult driving conditions with poor handling and control behind the steering experienced by novice and well-trained motorists alike. 

Handy Tips For Gearing Up Your Car For Winter Season

Winter is fast approaching and so is the fear of a prospective automobile breakdown in the middle of an ice-laden road. A daunting scenario, you might say. 

But with these tips, you can avoid all these problems:

Check The Battery Condition

Your car battery needs to be at optimal power level at all times. Prior to climbing into the driver’s seat, do check its charge level. It might drop substantially owing to cold weather and increased usage. 

And, do follow your battery’s effective life of around 5 years and replace it on time. 

Get Your Car Pre-Winter Serviced

Automobile servicing is an essential part of maintenance; it needs to be done on a regular basis, especially before the winter sets in. 

Remember, timely maintenance can keep your car performing at top-notch level even during the coldest weather.

Look Out For The Tires

Tires are perhaps one of the most important components of your car – this fact alone mandates their thorough inspection for a safe, relaxing drive. 

All four tires need to be checked for optimal air pressure and tread depth. The worn-out tread can be replaced, although replacing the entire set with dedicated winter tires is always preferable. 

Specialized snow tires are capable of providing much better ground-contact for additional grip and enhanced handling. 

Clean The Windscreen

Prior to the onset of the extreme snowy conditions, your car windshield needs a thorough cleaning exercise inside and out. The cleaning solution can be reinforced with an antifreeze additive for a perfect wash. 

Also, carry out checks for any minor cracks or chipping in the windscreen to avoid future problems.

Clean And Check The Wipers

The windshield wipers play an essential role in imparting better visibility while you are driving through inclement cold weather. 

Feel along the length of the wiper blades for any tears or chip. Alternately, you may replace your normal wiper blades with specially constructed winter blades that help cut through heavy snow and ice.

Clear Away The Windshield Water Nozzle

The nozzle pair of your windshield washer system may get clogged with wax or other forms of debris that impede its spraying capability. 

These blocked holes need to be cleared with some sharp, pointed tool to ensure proper functioning during the winter season so you can see the road clearly.

Fortify Your Car Engine Coolant With Antifreeze Agent

A proportionate mixture of coolant and antifreeze solution is vital for your car to run at an optimum level. 

A 50-50 ratio of both is what car repair experts advise; and, don’t let the antifreeze become diluted over time with the coolant as this may lead to an overheated engine, incurring huge repair bills during winters.

Inspect All Front And Rear Lights

Be mindful of checking the full beam headlights, indicators, fog lights and rear reflectors for cleanliness and proper functioning. 

Also keep an eye on fused out bulbs or cracked glass lenses and replace them immediately.

Do Not Leave Without An Emergency Toolkit

An emergency car repair kit comprises of the most essential of tools and instruments that would come in handy in case of a breakdown. 

This traditionally includes a torch, shovel, blanket, screenwash, hi-visibility vest, scraper and de-icer, and food and drink supplies. You would also require snow grips for your shoes in case you need to walk to a shelter for safety. 

Prevent Your Car Exterior From Corrosion

The salt usually applied to snowy roads and pathways can cause damage to your car’s paint. 

Thorough, periodic washing, rinsing – and a layer of wax – would help maintain the body and overall look of your car. 

Check Your Car Insurance Coverage

This time of the year calls for purchasing or renewing your automobile coverage policy with your insurance firm. This acts as a crucial document in compensating for your breakdown losses to a large extent. 


Automobile inspection is vital for coping with severe winters in some regions. Even if you’re unsure about checking your car, spending a few bucks on hiring the services of a professional mechanic is a worthwhile investment.

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