Step-By-Step Guide: How To Repair A Tubeless Tire Puncture

As technology advances, modern cars are designed with built-in tubeless tires. As the title suggests, they do not include an internal tube –instead, they are mounted on your car’s alloy wheels or rims directly.

Tubeless tires have one crucial advantage over those with an inner tube: they don’t leak air right away in the event of a puncture. However, they are still susceptible to being punctured like any other tire.

The question is, how are you going to repair it? What are you going to do when faced with a punctured tubeless tire?

Though repairing a tire can be a problem for many, tubeless tires make it a fairly easy job! All you need is a specific puncture repair kit.

We’ll show you how:

Tubeless Tire Puncture Repair Kit

Usually, a tubeless tire puncture repair kit includes but is not limited to the following gear and equipment:

  • One Spiral Probe to spread and wipe the punctured area
  • A Complete split-eye insertion needle tool used to place the repair strip
  • One small tube or a bottle of rubber cement – choose either one
  • One pack of tubeless tire repair strips is more than enough

Also,you mayneed a set of pliers to remove the nail from the tire and a knife to shorten the strip. And if you have a small or light car, then you can always use a bike pump to fill the air into your flat tubeless tire, once it is repaired fully.

Whether you’re sitting at home or cruising on the highway, having a repair kit is highly necessary in the unfortunate event that you may face a punctured tire. If you don’t have one, you can purchase it easily at your nearby hardware store.

Now that we are done discussing the basic gear needed for the job let’s jump right into seeing how it’s done!

How To Repair A Tubeless Tire Puncture

You’re driving down the expressway, and suddenly hear a thump as the car begins to wobble. You step out of the vehicle and look for the cause, andupon inspecting, you find a deflated tire.

If that is the case, there’s no need to worry!

Here is a step by step guide to repairing a punctured tubeless tire:

Step 1: Find A Secure Spot

If you get a puncture while driving the car, don’t stop the vehicle where it got punctured.

Instead, find a safe spot for your car and park it there. This way, you can easily start working on repairing the punctured tire, and not obstruct the traffic either.

Step 2: Inspect The Tire That Got Punctured

It’s important to check which of your tires got punctured; repairing a puncture on the front tires is simple and much easier than the rear ones.

Front tires do not need not be removed to be repaired. In fact, all you need to do is find whatever object(s) punctured the wheel and usethe steering to turn the wheel inside or outside to get a better view of it.

However, in rear tires, you need to remove the tire first from the car using a car jack.

Step 3: Organize The Repair Kit

Grab your puncture repair kit and organize it first before you begin operating on the tire. Managing your equipment will reduce clutter, improve focus, and make the process more efficient.

Follow the steps below to organize your repair kit:

  1. Grab a repair strip and place it in the split eye insertion needle.
  2. Push your repair strip from one end so that both of its sides become equal in the insertion tool.

Step 4: Use Organized Repair Kit To Repair The Punctured Tire

The kit usage for repairing a punctured tire will remain the same for both rear and front tires, so pay good attention to this step.

  1. Pull the object outof the punctured area using a plier and carefully dispose of itso that it can’t cause any more damage.  
  2. Grab your spiral probe tool and insert it in the punctured hole to smooth it. You will need to insert, spin, and take out the spiral probe several times to ensure that the surface is clean and the punctured hole is expanded.
  3. Take the rubber cement tube and apply a small amount of it over the spiral probe tool; carefully positionthe probe into the hole to cover it.
  4. Gently eject the spiral probe and place a small fraction of the repair strip through your eye insertion tool into the punctured hole.  Twist it liberally in all directions and then remove it.

As the insertion tool comes out, you should be able to see a thoroughly-plugged hole.

Step 5: Cut Extra Length Of Strip  

If applied properly, the strip remains in the punctured hole and blocks the air leakage.

It is considered good practice to cut the extra length of the rubber strip that sticks out of the tire, or you can leave it as it is, and it will go flat.

Precautionary note: Never use a kit that’s three years old; otherwise, the rubber strip becomes hard, and you’ll not be able to insert it in the punctured hole.

Step 6: Quick-Check 

Submerge the repaired end of the tire into the water; if you do not see air bubbles, you have managed to fix your tubeless tire puncture with perfection!

In case you do not have a trough of water to submerge the tire into, throwing water on the area of interest may also work as a test.

Grab a bike pump and start filling an adequate amount of air in the tire that you might have lost.


Although this guide is specifically furnished for people having troubles with tubeless tires, some parts of the process may also be helpful when working on other types of tires.

You may feel the need to revisit this article the next time you have a flat; however, if you follow these steps thoroughly and diligently, you will become an expert in no time.

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