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You could be the winner of a $1,500 scholarship to the accredited automotive technician training program of your choice!
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New Winner Every Year!
Every year, we award $1,500 to the winning participant!

The Details

Tire Reviews and More is pleased to announce our first annual On the Road Scholarship. Although the manner in which we use our vehicles is changing a little more every day, one thing has remained the same… vehicles require maintenance.

We need people like you who understand what goes on under the hood, and we want to help get you to school to enhance your skills. Aside from gaining valuable knowledge that can help you gain necessary certifications, automotive school can also:

  • Make you stand apart from other job applicants
  • Teach you the latest and most efficient techniques and methods
  • Jump start an exciting career you’ll love

The New York Times reports that there is a shortage of qualified auto mechanics. Considering the advancements in technology, we need more people who understand how to take action when things go wrong. In fact, Seminole State College automotive programs manager Mark Davis estimates technician shortfalls to be over 25,000 in the next five years.

The winner of the annual On the Road Scholarship will be awarded $1,500 toward their university or college fees. The scholarship is available to all students in North America who meet the eligibility criteria. Canadian winners will be awarded $2,000 CAD (which is the rough equivalent of $1,500 USD).


  • U.S. and Canadian seniors, public or home schooled OR students currently enrolled in an accredited automotive technician training program
  • U.S. or Canadian citizens
  • Students preparing for high school graduation at time of application or who already have a high school diploma / GED
  • Students planning or actively pursuing a degree at an accredited U.S. or Canadian college
  • Students demonstrating a minimum 3.00 GPA or equivalent grade average

**If you don’t see the Tire Reviews and More’s On the Road Scholarship listed on your university’s or college’s website, please ask the financial aid office to list it.**


Scholarship applications are accepted April 30th every year and awarded on May 31st. We will notify winners using the email address they provide.

How to Apply

You may submit your scholarship application using the form at the bottom of this page.

Insurance.com conducted a survey that revealed, of the women polled, 33 percent admitted they didn’t know how to change a tire compared with just six percent of men. This puts them at an increased danger should they ever break down on the side of the road.

Women can change tires, too, and we want you to show a woman in your life how!

To apply, please create a video that:

  • Introduces yourself and your student. She can be a friend, family member, or complete stranger if you’re feeling generous.
  • Demonstrates to her how to change the tire. Make sure your recording device is close enough to hear your instruction.
  • Shows us her demonstrating her ability to follow your instructions. This can be a time lapse to make the video shorter and easier for upload. We just need to see she can do it by herself.

The total video length will likely be long. We suggest using a video editing program to piece the different components together to make it shorter as well as do a time lapse of your student demonstrating her newfound ability. This will improve presentation and save time on your upload to YouTube.

Submissions will be evaluated on:

  • Teaching technique
  • Creativity
  • Presentation
  • Successful demonstration of your student’s ability to change her tire

Upload your video to YouTube and include the link in your application below. We will post them to our FaceBook page. Submission with the most Likes by April 30th 2019 wins.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the application deadline?

Applications are accepted through April 30th every year. Winner is selected on May 31st annually.

Is this scholarship renewable?

This scholarship is for a single semester. Past winners are ineligible for future submissions.

How many scholarships are available? How much are they?

One scholarship is available worth $1,500 USD.

Are Canadians eligible?

Yes. We accept applications from U.S. and Canadian citizens. Canadian scholarship is worth $2,000 CAD!

How is a winner determined?

Winners will be determined by number of likes on our FaceBook page.

When will the winner be selected? How will they be notified?

We will determine the winner on May 31st of every year and notify them through the email provided in their submission. If we don’t hear back within three days, the scholarship will be considered forfeited, and we’ll contact the next eligible winner.

What about eligibility verification?

Application requires no proof of eligibility. If you win, we will need you to prove your qualifications.

Can I mail in a paper application?


How can the scholarship be used?

The funds may be use for tuition or other educational expenses at an accredited automotive technician training program.

Does it cost anything to apply?

Applying is absolutely free.

Tire Reviews and More Scholarship Application Form

**We will only accept applications submitted through this form.**

(Note: by submitting this form you agree to allow Tire Reviews and More to use your video for promotional purposes (it will be posted to Tire Reviews and More blog and potentially other locations).)


Tire Reviews and More will not sell or share email addresses with third party advertisers or marketers. Emails gathered from the scholarship are only used to notify the winners of the scholarship. More information on privacy here.