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  1. I am personally very disappointed that I need new tires after 1.5 yr of wear. I bought a Mazda CX3 GT and this is and the Yokohama are the only options…setting me back over $1k! Ridiculous and upsetting to say the least.

    1. I’m very sad and disappointed of pirrelli eco tire, very nasty no even 30.000 miles need to be replace for new ones, because tire was gone, Land Rover will need different brand Vendor that embrace the brand seriously and not default clients and negatively impact the Luxury car brand.

  2. My 2017 Jaguar F Pace S Model came with 22″ Pirelli tires. After 18 months of wear (I have snow tires on 6 months out of the year), I was told I have .43 tread left and will need new tires next spring. I can’t even believe that after 24,000 miles, I will need new tires. The dealer told me it is because they offer a softer ride, they wear out faster. My snow tires are also Pirelli at $1500. I’m not sure I should replace with Pirelli. Can anyone answer if Pirelli’s ride softer due to the large 22″ size?

    1. Generally speaking, the tires from the manufacturer are going to wear a bit quicker than others. I can’t speak for all manufacturers but the Michelin’s I had on my Chevrolet SUV wore differently than the Michelin’s I purchased afterward. They’ll tend to use the lower grade versions of the tires to save money. I would do some research on the type of Pirelli used vs the higher grade ones. I would almost be shocked if they used a high grade from the factory.

      1. Hey Brittney, well this is one theory and who knows it might be true? Although I’ll still do a little more
        research before I can say this is the case. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, stay tuned for
        more reviews!

    2. Donna,

      I’m seeing this too late to be of any help and I’m no expert, but here is what a tire expert told me when I asked about my 19″ Michelin’s on my 2014 Ford Escape. He told me that the smaller tires (17″ or 18″) would ride better because the larger your tire size, the lower profile your tires are, meaning you get a softer ride due to the increased rubber in the profile. I hope that isn’t too repetitive, but it did make sense tome as I’ve always heard low profile tires ride rougher or stiffer than regular tires. For the record, I opted to stay with my 19″ wheels just because of the cost of purchasing 4 new wheels of 17″ or 18″. I put Pirelli Strava AS (all season) and thus far, absolutely love the ride. They are rated for 70K miles, so I expect to get 50K before even considering swapping them out again. The $120 in rebates made the deal even sweeter. I’m sorry I didn’t see your post earlier as I’m sure your purchase has already taken place. However, if you replaced them with Pirelli’s, I’m confident you have quality tires.

      Gerald S.

      1. Hey Gerald. Your detailed response is surely helpful for many. Thank you for providing this information for our valuable audience. Good day!

      2. Yes the higher profile will give you a softer ride but there is a trade off. The lower profile will provide better cornering and stopping. Also by going to a smaller diameter you will also affect acceleration. It amounts to what is important to the driver.

    1. Hi Hassan
      We’ve reviewed several Pirelli tires and the general consensus has been that the manufacturer makes fantastic tires which offer excellent performance enhancement. Please navigate to our Pirelli tires page using the “Tire Brand” drop down menu, and read through the reviews to ascertain which Pirerlli tire would be right for you.

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