Nokian zLine A/S Tire Set For 2017 Release

Nokian Tyres has announced the upcoming release of the Nokian zLine A/S ultra-high performance all-season tire. Set to roll out in Jan, 2017, this new model is designed for drivers of sports cars, coupes, sedans, crossovers and SUV’s.


Although widely known for making some of the highest performing winter tires, Nokian’s zLine is specially designed to target the high performance marketplace. The new zLine A/S will be available in 31 different sizes ranging from 16-20 diameters and will carry speed ratings up to W.

According to Olli Seppala, product development manager at Nokian, “The new Nokian zLine A/S immediately responds to steering, which is an essential requirement for safe operation at the extreme limits. In addition to the precise handling, these advances in technology also manifest themselves in the commendable driving comfort and durability of the tire.”

From what we’ve been able to learn from Nokian is that this new model will feature the latest in new tire technology in several key areas.

  • A Dynamic Traction Boost Tread Compound which is silica based, is specially designed to boost traction and handling performance at higher speeds.
  • Stiffer outer shoulders and contoured groove corners are designed to support and enhance cornering grip and add stability on wet or slush covered road surfaces.
  • 3D sipes around the tread increase traction and handling in all weather conditions.
  • Unique cooling edge technology helps in better cooling the hottest parts of the tire that will aid in better handling and overall durability.
  • Polished grooves that improve water and slush evacuation for safer driving in wet or winter conditions.
  • A Comfort Base Compound sits below the tread surface and is built to add increased ride comfort by softening those harder impacts due to potholes, bumps and other road imperfections.
  • Silent Groove Technology reduces road noise.

All models built specifically for SUV’s will feature the same compound, but will be further stiffened than what will be found on the zLine A/S for cars. This will lead to more balanced handling. In addition, Nokian has added Aramid Sidewall Technology to the SUV models that should result in lower risks of damaging the sidewalls, something that is pretty common on SUV’s.

We are looking forward to the Nokian zLine A/S being released and will have a full review as soon as it rolls out. You can find reviews on all Nokian tires by going to our Nokian Tire Reviews section.

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