Nitto NT 450 Review

Finding a good starting point for ultra-high-performance, or UHP, all season tires is made easy by one of the leaders in the Industry. Boasting all around weather performance and high-performance characteristics, Nitto NT 450 tires are a good starting point into the high-performance market. Nitto tires are known as being specialists in competition tires, and these tires make their performance standards more accessible. 

Considered an UHP tire, NT 450 uses a combination of tread design and compounds to provide predictable handing in wet and dry weather. Engineered to last much longer than most UHP tires do, and backed up by a 45,000 mile warranty.  High speed turning and traction is boosted with a double center rib, which runs the full circumference of the tire. Specialized water channels evacuate water to around the tire, helping to maintain road contact in the most wet weather. 

UHP tires like the NT 450 can sacrifice a quiet ride in exchange for improved grip in performance conditions. However, tread design is used to improve ride comfort. A mud and snow rating mean these tires maintain traction in less than ideal conditions, like light snow. With great dry road handling, acceleration and braking grip, these tires are ideal for the budged aware performance enthusiast. 


  • High performance wet and dry traction 
  • Long lasting tread compound 
  • Price tag which doesn’t bust the budget 


  • Noisier ride 
  • Not as high performing as summer only tires. 

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UHP tires are often expensive, making them difficult to purchase for many performance enthusiasts. Many tires don’t have any ability to maintain traction in cooler temperatures, mud and snow. Nitto, a name many will recognize as the leader in ultra-high performance and competition tires, has created a tire with all season grip and affordable cost of entry. NT 450 UHP tires are designed with a double central rib. This technology design helps drivers maintain handling stability even at higher speeds. Aggressive patterns reduce stopping distances. By selecting construction from a durable tread material, these tires offer excellent traction in hard turns. 

Nitto uses unique treat compounds to provide dual traction benefits. As an all-season tire, the NT 450 is rated for mud and snow traction. Not likely to be conditions enthusiasts encounter on track days, it can allows drivers to maintain a single set of tires for everyday driving. High speed rating tires often wear faster than touring or standard all-season tires, but Nitto designed the NT 450 tires to last. Wear reducing tread compound maintains an even tread surface. With a treadware rating of 300, owners should expect a longer life, which Nitto has backed up with in a treadware warranty. This same compound construction provides good traction in light snow conditions. 

Directional grooving is designed to resist the affects of hydroplaning. There are additional slits and drainage channels built into the tire design, evacuating water out from under the tire. Solid contact with the road is maintained in wet weather, reducing the distance it takes to stop. Handling characteristics aren’t changed by wet weather, giving them an edge. Not just a functional tire, tread sizes have been made larger, giving the tire an attractive, aggressive look.  

Internal construction further helps maintain stability in strait line performance. Hardened internal rubber provided added confidence while improving the overall ride smoothness. Advanced internal construction uses high modulous carcass helps prevent uneven wear. Tread compound should also keep tires smooth and balanced at high speeds. Keeping the wheels smooth and balanced at highway speeds is a key element of the NT 450 design characteristics. Drivers at speed can have their confidence boosted by the smooth grip and ride provided by this tire tread design. Not just a tire for track day enthusiasts, thanks to its mud and snow capabilities. Additional soft compounds maintain road grip in light snow. 

As an entry level performance tire, much of the elements needed from an ultra-high performance tire are definitely here. Hard stopping, aggressive acceleration and strait line speed should be handled confidently. Given the quality of product and performance dynamics provided, NT 450 tires could provide great value. 

Tire sizes available 

Nitto NT 450 tires are available in multiple sizes for rims ranging in size from 15 to 17 inches. Take a look at some of the sizes available.

P195/50R15 81V 183400 9.7 22.76 7.72 5.5-(6.0)-7.0 1019 @ 35 16.61 
195/55R15 85V 183210 9.6 23.31 7.83 5.5-(6.0)-7.0 1135 @ 44 17.29 
P205/55R15 87V 183200 9.7 23.86 8.50 5.5-(6.5)-7.5 1201 @ 35 19.33 
P205/55R16 89V 183230 9.7 24.88 8.46 5.5-(6.5)-7.5 1279 @ 35 20.35 
P225/50R16 91V 183520 9.7 24.84 9.06 6.0-(7.0)-8.0 1367 @ 35 21.43 
P225/55R16 94V 183260 10.0 25.67 9.09 6.0-(7.0)-8.0 1477 @ 35 23.49 
225/50R17 94V 183540 9.7 25.94 8.98 6.0-(7.0)-8.0 1477 @ 44 24.29 
255/50R17 105V XL 183900 10.1 27.05 10.16 7.0-(8.0)-9.0 2039 @ 50 29.18 
275/50R17 110V XL 183910 10.7 27.83 11.06 7.5-(8.5)-9.5 2337 @ 50 32.45 


With much of the design and compound technology, treadware life is expected to be long lasting. With that, Nitto has provided NT 450 with a 45,000 mile treadware warranty.  This warranty is limited to tires fitted to 15 and 16 inch rims. Nitto will replace the tire for free up to the first 1/32″ treadware of the tire. Replacement is prorated based on wear up until the end of the 45,000 mile period, to a maximum of five years from date of purchase. 

Customer reviews 

People who have purchased these tires for their vehicles have praised the tire for its wet and dry performance. Some reported that there were concerns with hard acceleration in wet conditions. Many buyers use the tire through all four seasons, reporting fair winter traction. Long life tread design has rewarded many customers with good traction well past the 45,000 warranty. Many customers have owned the tires multiple times and highly recommend the them. 


Nitto has targeted customers who are budget conscious, but in need of an UHP tire. Constructed from durable tread compounds which improve wet and dry traction. Nitto NT 450 tires are designed to provide exceptional performance in all seasons, with fair traction in light snow. High performance enthusiasts looking for an entry level UHP tire may get much of the aggressive traction they need. With long treadware, a smooth ride and excellent hydroplaning resistance, you should find they offer great value. Take a look at some of the options for your car here. 

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