Nexen CP661 Tire Review & Rating

Engineered for suburban and city driving, the Nexen CP661 is a budget tire that doesn’t forfeit any quality in performance. Created to be used all year round, the four straight wide circumferential groves that can be found on the tire provide solid traction and a consistent grip on dry road surfaces. They also help in dispelling water for enhanced wet traction as well.

An upgraded shoulder block design and center rib offer increased cornering and more reliable and responsive steering. With lateral grooves to help combat road noise and keep the decibel count a minimum, the CP661 is more than suited to urban journeys.

Nexen CP661 Tire Review

With good tread life and reasonable tread wear for their price it is hard to beat these tires for overall driving and consistent performance.

While they don’t come with a warranty they will provide a surprising lifespan for what they cost and can be found in 13 – 16 inches.


  • Smooth and comfortable drive
  • Good traction in dry and wet conditions
  • Can handle some snow


  • No tread life warranty

Overall Thoughts

For passenger cars that need a decent around town or shorter highway trips, the CP661 is a nice budget-minded option.

The traction, handling and dry and wet weather grip are all above what you would expect to get for the price, and if your driving habits have you commuting and sitting in traffic then these offer a comfortable way to make it a little more bearable.

While they are missing a tread life warranty they should last the better part of 50k miles with reasonable driving habits. Overall, while not a top level tire by any stretch, the CP661 does fill a need for those looking to save good money on a set of new tires.

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What Vehicles Will The CP661 Fit?

(This is not a complete list of ALL vehicles this tire will fit)

  • Acura Integra
  • Chevrolet Cavalier, Impala, Malibu, Cobalt
  • Dodge Charger, Avenger, Caravan
  • Ford Edge, Mustang, Fusion
  • Honda Accord, Civic, CRV
  • Mazda 3, 6, CX-7
  • Nissan Altima, Sentra
  • Toyota Camry, Corolla

Tire Sizes


175/70R13 82T BSW


185/70R14 82T BSW
195/70R14 91T BSW


205/70R15 95T BSW
215/70R15 98T BSW


225/70R16 103 T BSW

Price Range

Nexen CP661 prices range from approximately $51 and up. You may also find occasional rebates, discount prices, coupons and special offers on this tire.

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Nexen provides a limited tread warranty on the CP661. Tire uniformity is guaranteed for the first 2/32 inch of tread wear. Materials and workmanship are warranted for 6-years and include free replacement during the first 2/32 inch of wear. A prorated amount is given for the remaining time period or down to the final 2/32 inch of tread depth.

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  1. Seen all the details.i am now convince.i will purchase it now here in the philippines accredited distributor which is NEXEN DISTRIBUTION PHILIPPINES INC.just how your tread warranty will be good with this distributor.

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