Nankang NS-25 All-Season UHP Tire Review & Rating

Set for release in 2017, the Nankang NS-25 All Season UHP tire is designed to deliver ultra-high performance traction, handling and steering control on both dry or wet road surfaces.

Nankang utilizes an optimized silica tread compound, open shoulders and a symmetric tread pattern that adds to dry and wet performance as well as confident handling and cornering grip.

The NS-25 All Season UHP will be available in 74 different sizes that range from 16-24 inches. All sizes will sport speed ratings of either H, V, W or Y.

We will have a complete review of this new model as soon as it becomes available. You can read reviews on all Nankang tires in our Nankang Tire Reviews section.

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19 thoughts on “Nankang NS-25 All-Season UHP Tire Review & Rating

  1. Any review on these yet. I am debating on these tires as I need a good budget tire for a 2012 Hyundai Elantra 215/45 R17. I do live in the Chicago area so I do need some snow traction and wanted to know how these preform or am I just wasting money since this vehicle is my daily commuter.

  2. Had these installed on my ES350, 225/40/19. Below 45mph they are awesome. However, at high speed they make loud noise. The kind of noise you would hear from big truck tires. Other than that, good tires. Yet to tested them out in the snow.

  3. I’ve had a set on my VW CC (235/45-17) for the past 10,000 miles. This are a HIGH bang for your buck tire. They are super quiet, great feel, plush but not soft, with surprisingly good traction…especially when it’s hot out. They do tend to break traction when pushed in the rain, and I ran wide (actually just this morning) on a wet off camber corner. But they come to a complete stop quickly and without incident rain or shine. So, not a great rain tire, but serviceable if not pushed. Like others mentioned here, they are a capable touring tire, and I maintain my 33+mpg on the highway. I had the NS20’s before the NS-25. In comparison, the NS20’s feel like the sport tire, 25’s are like a sport tourer. (the NS20’s performed much better in the rain also).
    I’d buy them again and recommend them (again), but would urge caution in the rain.

  4. I bought a set of 4 NS-25 tires (245/45/18) and am quite pleased overall. They are very smooth riding, quiet and grip well in wet or dry conditions on my Nissan coupe. They do not have really stiff sidewalls so expect them to handle similar to sticky touring tires instead of handling like the $180 a piece Goodyear Eagle Sport tires which they replaced on my car. I paid only $66 each for mine through Wally World by ordering online. Well worth the purchase and they have a 50,000 mile treadwear warranty.

      1. This link takes us right back to here. If clicked from the Nankang Tire Review section is also brings us right back to here. 🙁

  5. OK, I’ve been waiting on a review of these since early-2017. I haven;t been able to locate any reviews on it. Are you guys any closer? I’m actually considering them for my daughter’s car but want to be sure. I ask because, and I quote: “We will have a complete review of this new model as soon as it becomes available.”

    1. Hi Tim
      Im sorry its taken us so long to review the Nankang NS-25, ill speak to the team and try to quickly review this particular tire.

    1. Check the inside driver’s door post on your car. It will list what the front and rear tire pressures should be set at. (Doesn’t matter what tire you’re running, the car manufacturer will specify the correct tire pressure.)

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