Milestar MS932XP Tire Review & Rating

As the company’s ultra-high performance model, the Milestar MS932XP features reliable traction and handling in addition to higher levels of grip and stability in the corners. Built for all types of sport coupes and performance sedans, the MS932XP sports a value-price compared to bigger name models.

Milestar takes an all-season tread compound and matches it up with an asymmetric tread pattern, angled and longitudinal sipes and larger outside shoulder blocks that combine to give this model solid dry and wet traction, as well as increased steering response and maximum cornering performance.

Milestar MS932XP Tire Review

The tires’ wide circumferential grooves and optimized tread pattern aid in evacuating water and reducing the risk of hydroplaning on wet road surfaces. This is a plus for this tire as we’ve heard many other drivers mention this in reviews as well. The added sipes not only help with wet traction, but they also provide some extra grip in light snow and slush.

The Milestar MS932XP is available in a range of 18-20 inch sizes, and all sizes feature a W-speed rating. Somewhat surprising for a lower priced tire in this category is the addition of a 30K mile tread warranty.


  • Very good dry and wet traction
  • Cornering stability is among the better tires in this class
  • Smooth and very quiet ride
  • Value for the money


  • Traction in anything more than light snow

Overall Thoughts

This ultra-high performance MS932XP may surprise you with its solid overall performance. Expect to find more than capable dry and wet traction, quicker steering response and better than average cornering grip.

One area that really stands out is how quiet and smooth the ride is. We’ve heard this from other drivers time after time. Treadlife has shown to be in the 30-40K mile range, which is evidenced by its 380 UTQG rating and 30K mile warranty.

Traction in winter weather conditions is where you’ll likely encounter issues. Not surprising is the poor grip in deeper snow, hard pack and on the ice. It’s an area that plagues most every high-performance tire, so it’s pretty much expected.

Overall, Milestar has a winner in the MS932XP. It’s similar to their MS932 Sport, which is a big seller as well, in that it simply does its job well and stays under the radar so to speak. For a lower-priced UHP AS tire, the MS932XP is one of the better options available today.

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What Vehicles Will The Milestar MS932XP Fit?

(This is not a complete list of ALL vehicles this tire will fit)

  • Audi A4, A5, A6
  • BMW 535i, 740i, 650i, 530i, M5
  • Buick Regal, Lacrosse
  • Cadillac CTS, XTS
  • Chevy Impala, Malibu
  • Ford Mustang
  • Hyundai Equus, Azera, Genesis
  • Infiniti G37, M45
  • Lexus LS460, IS350, GS460, SC430
  • Lincoln MKC, MKZ
  • Nissan 370Z
  • Subaru Imprezza, WRX

Tire Sizes


245/40ZR18 97W BSW


245/45ZR19 102W BSW
275/45ZR19 108W BSW
245/40ZR19 98W BSW
275/40ZR19 105W BSW


245/45ZR20 103W BSW
255/45ZR20 105W BSW
275/45ZR20 110W BSW
275/40ZR20 106W BSW

Price Range

Milestar MS932XP prices range from approximately $68 and up. You may also find occasional rebates, discount prices, coupons and special offers on this tire.

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Milestar provides a 30,000 mile tread warranty on the MS932XP.

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5 thoughts on “Milestar MS932XP Tire Review & Rating

  1. I have them on a 15 chylser 200 AWD. 10k on them now. Just rotated keep 40 psi in them. Grip is great in the dry. Brakes feel amazing after fitting them. I think they feel very good in the rain. Haven’t really pushed them in the rain yet. But they don’t get any different than the dry in normal traffic so that’s why I say very good in the rain. I have a great alignment and always get them every 10k or if I got a big pot hole. They are kind noisy still. I’ve been very easy with them just started to drive cause it’s getting nice out do the wear head been exceptional.

    Grip 8
    Wet 7.5
    Noise 5 10 being quiet
    Wear 8 looking like expected wear

    I’d buy them again especially for the price/performance

  2. these tire are garbage,but super cheap,you get what you pay for. very bad tread life, wont last 2 years,and is not quiet at all, noiser than a runflat tire. traction is okay in the beginning, after it become worse.

  3. This review understates just how terrible these tires are on snow and ice. It’s a true stretch to call these “all-season” tires. A light coating of snow is enough for them to lose almost all traction. They’re easily the worst “all-season” tires for snow that I’ve ever driven on. They’re summer tires with a silica compound.

    It’s not an “expected” loss of grip. Compared to other W-rated all-season tires I’ve driven on from Continental, General, Kumho, Firestone, and Michelin, these tires are atrocious in the snow. No all-season tire is great in an inch or more of snow, but the Milestars are the first “mud and snow rated all-season” tires I’ve driven that almost completely lose their grip with less than a quarter inch of accumulation on flat pavement. With 245/45R-19s fitted to an all-wheel-drive Kia Sportage, it was impossible to accelerate at all, no matter how carefully, without wheelspin and lateral movement. Any braking pressure resulted in full ABS engagement.

    They’re quite good for the price on dry pavement in the summer. They’re not great in the wet, but they’re acceptable. But on snow and ice, they’re suicidal. They’re simply not practical all-season tires, and it’s misleading that they’re marketed as such.

    1. your awd is only parttime awd, i do have real fulltime awd, i can still drive in winter storm no problem, but yes the traction performmance is below average

  4. I have had the 245/40R19 XP on my MKZ for just over a year. went to get rotated and found that the inside edge of the two back tires have a 1/2 inch wide grove on the edge of the tire. the front right side tire has the beginnings of the same thing. tires have a good amount of tread left on them, and it does not have the obvious signs of alignment issues.
    has anyone seen this issue with this tire?

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