Uniroyal Laredo AWT 3: Rating & Review

The Laredo AWT 3 is Uniroyal Tire’s new all-season and all terrain 4X4 tire. Uniroyal Tire Company (United States Rubber Company). The company produces different synthetic rubber products including tires and military items. The company is currently a subsidiary of Michelin tires.

The Laredo series by Uniroyal was introduced in 2003. This is an SUV and pickup truck tire designed to overcome everyday on road and off road challenges comfortably. The Laredo AWT 3 is Uniroyal’s latest product for the SUV/Truck segment. This is an affordable all-purpose tire with a solid construction and long service life. This tire offers outstanding performance on road and off road.

Key features of the Laredo AWT 3 include an extended warranty, a longer tread wear life, tough construction and affordable price. The Laredo AWT 3 features open tread grooves, Dura-Shield construction, and Tri-Last technology. The open grooves on the tread ensure wet grip and all season traction while Dura-Shield design provides durability and reliability on the road

Offered in 6 different sizes with the maximum tire size being the 17”, these tires are a perfect match for older SUVs and pick-ups. An added bonus is if you take your vehicle off road, these provide excellent grip and durability on rough terrain. These tires come with a speed rating of T and are safe for up to 120 mph of speeds, with the correct tire pressure and load capacity.  

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These tires feature Uniroyal’s Tru-Last technology, which manages stress within the tire footprint enabling it to outlast other similar tires and providing long even tread wear. The tire has a strong cover with strengthened ribs, multiple ply construction and thick sidewall constructions for off road durability.

The Laredo AWT 3 also uses a new tread technology called computer phasing, which makes all tires with an exact matching tread pattern. The design matches to micro millimeters of each other. This provides even tread wear between (a) all four tires, and (b) within the tread of a single tire. Because of the identical tread design, road noise is also cancelled and dispersed making this tire very quiet and comfortable.

The grooves employed in the tread are wide circumferential grooves to provide a wider contact patch. This helps make the vehicle stable at all allowed speeds and lets the driver have full control of the vehicle in all situations. The tire also features large aggressive independent tread blocks with a high sipe density. This makes this tire work in all season all weather conditions and allows it to work just as good on off-road terrain.

Off-road durability is further enhanced by Uniroyal’s Dura Shield technology which adds extra padding to the side walls to prevent cuts and punctures from rocks and sharp edges. The construction of this tire helps to keep long, even tread wear by balancing stress on the contact patch. The stress-optimized square contact surface helps improve tire wear and improve tread block stability and minimizes surface temperature. This tire implies a full tread depth, which also promotes to a long tread life and a better grabbing force in the mud.


The Laredo AWT 3 is available in six different sizes from 17” to 19” for light duty SUV and pickup trucks. All of these have a speed rating of T. Details and technical specifications for the tires are below:

215/75R15 100T560AB68.527.675112.512.21763
235/75R15/XL 109T560AB6.59.228.872112.514.52270
235/70R16 106T560AB79.428.971812.513.52094
255/70R16 111T560AB7.510.23069112.516.52403
265/70R16 112T560AB810.730.667912.516.82469
265/70R17 115T560AB810.731.665712.519.22678


  • Affordable price considering an off road tire
  • Great 50,000 mile warranty
  • Strong Construction with latest technologies
  • Good traction on-road as well as off road
  • Great performance in both dry and wet conditions
  • Quiet and comfortable for an off road tire
  • Longer service life thanks to Tru-Last technology
  • Aggressive tread



  • Styling is pretty common
  • Snow performance is average



All Uniroyal tires come with a limited time warranty, which covers defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the original usable tread or for six years from the date of purchase. Any tire found to be un-serviceable within the first 1.6mm of tread life will be replaced by the company free of cost. Along with the general Uniroyal warranty that is common throughout its lineup of tires, the Lerado AWT 3 comes with an additional 50,000 mile manufacturer’s warranty.


If you’re looking for a good quality, 4X4 tire for a new or older SUV/Pick up, the Laredo AWT 3 is a pretty solid option. With technologies shared with the tire giant Michelin, these are well built and solid tires that offer excellent performance on both paved tarmac and unpaved off road trails.

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