Hartland ST Radial Tire Review & Rating

The Hartland ST Radial trailer tire is designed exclusively for trailers that carry heavy loads and need to be able to perform under pressure. These trailer tires are built to be durable and to deliver a much smoother ride, which makes them useful on variety of RV’s, toy haulers and other special duty trailers.

Hartland ST Radial trailer tires come in 13-16 inch sizes and are available in C, D, E and G load ranges, which means they will satisfy the requirements of a wide range of trailer owners. This tire’s advanced rib design not only gives you a much smoother ride, but it also leads to a quieter, safer ride which is extremely important for modern trailer owners.

Hartland ST Radial Tire Review

Performance and longevity are two other concerns that these Hartland trailer tires address. They don’t overheat when they are carrying a load, when they are being frequently used or when they are travelling long distances. An N-speed rating allows them to travel up to 87 mph, which is rare for any ST tire on the market today.

Hartland has constructed this tire in a way that makes them wear evenly, which should help them deliver a longer treadlife than many other similar trailer tires. All of these factors result in a more reliable, high performance tire that is able to deal with different and difficult conditions.


  • Longer treadlife
  • N-speed rating is rare on an ST tire


  • Hard to find

Overall Thoughts

The Hartland ST Radial trailer tire has proven to be one of the most sturdy and durable tires in this category. Trailer owners of these tires have noticed that as well as being durable and sturdy, they are quieter and smoother than most similar types of trailer tires. Overall, unless you’re going with an LT tire, this is not a bad choice in trailer tires.

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Tire Sizes


ST175/80R13 91N C BSW


ST205/75R14 100N C BSW
ST215/75R14 102N C BSW


ST205/75R15 107N D BSW
ST225/75R15 117N E BSW


ST235/80R16 123N E BSW

Price Range

Hartland ST Radial prices range from approximately $55 and up. You may also find occasional rebates, discount prices, coupons and special offers on this tire.

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13 thoughts on “Hartland ST Radial Tire Review & Rating

  1. 3 out of 4 Hartland tires went bad quickly on my living quarters horse trailer. Odd tread wear, and bad cupping. Discount tire is giving me the run-around. About 8,000 miles. Discount tried to get me to buy 3, get 1 free for replacement. What a joke. I’m going with the G614 for replacements.

  2. Tires are a scary thing to worry about. They can be a ticking time bomb with little notice they need to be replaced. Other than just checking air pressure and looking for obvious bubbles or separation is there anything else we can do? My Hartland tires have very few miles ( less than 2000 miles) but they are going on 4 years. We don’t travel far or often but at 70 years old , I don’t want the worry or the hassle of trying to change a tire on the road. Is 5 years on tires the norm??

  3. I bought 4 in May 2018 in New Mexico and have around 15,000 miles pulling a 16000 lbs 5th wheel and no problems. I war in a bind when I had a blow out going into Roswell NM, I wanted GY Endurance but couldn’t wait for them to ship in so I told them to install the Hartland 235 85 16 so I could get back on the road and that was 15,000 miles ago and they still look new. I inspect them all the time to make sure they are still good as I was leary of them when I bought them but i’m very happy with them. Maybe I’m an exception and got some good tires.

  4. I was in Discount Tire just yesterday, 9/26/20, replacing tires on my truck and asked them if they had a “best” 16″ G rated tire for my 5th wheel replacements. They recommended the Hartland and admitted that it was foreign made. They also recommended the Goodyear G614RST which is a $300+ tire. Anyone have any feedback on the Goodyear G614? I’ve seen a lot of bad experiences with Goodyear tires over the years. The newer Endurance for lighter trailers appears to be holding up ok. Thanks

  5. I wish I had read these before purchasing. We’ve had the tires for about a year and a half, less than 2K miles on them. They’re already worn down and must be replaced. Thankfully we checked ours and noticed it. I won’t be purchasing from Discount tire again. I can’t find any customer support from Hartland Tire which is what Discount Tire told me to do. Come to find out Hartland tires are manufactured specifically for Discount Tire according to a few other forums.

  6. Well this story sounds very familiar. We had a blow out of a brand new Hartland 235/85 16R tire within 200 miles traveling from Tulsa and not reaching Amarillo. The tire wiped out the side of my 5th wheel and we lost the wheel, the drum and had a bare shaft left at the end of our axle by the time we got flagged down. Had to drag my rig off the freeway to an abandoned service station parking in McLean Tx and spend a night and a day waiting for repairs. Thank you so much Discount Tire, Tulsa for the ‘best trailer tire in the store’…your words not mine. Another sterling example of the insidious infiltration of inferior Chinese products into our economy. It is a shame and shame on those who sell this stuff and lie about how GOOD it is. The facts speak for themselves folks.

    1. So you were towing your 5er down the road, didn’t notice a blow out and then AFTER someone tells you that you have a problem THEN suddenly you’re DRAGGING your 5er off the road? But until that point you were probably hauling azz down the Interstate. So another Sterling example of an operator not checking his equipment before getting on the road, going to fast and looking for someone else to blame!

  7. I had all 4 hartland tires go bad in the last 2 months. 3 of them were within 1 hour of each other. For the first one, I noticed tread separation as I was preparing for a trip. Discount tire replaced that tire and inspected the others. Then, last week, I was on the highway and one blew out unexpectedly. Our TPMS gave no indication of trouble. Cold tire pressure was 80 PSI when I started. Drove for an hour, stopped for lunch, then had the blow out an hour after that (in case you’re thinking speed, I go 65 when pulling the trailer). The nearest tire repair was a Goodyear so we went there and had the tire replaced. Also asked them to inspect the others – even told them that we would be willing to get rid of all the hartlands. They said the other tires looked good and there was no need to replace them. An hour later we stopped for supper and before getting on the road again we inspected the tires. The two remaining older hartlands were both showing signs of tread separation and sidewall bubbles. We stopped right there and had the tires replaced in the morning. With our TPMS we monitor pressure and temperature so the one other outside influence on the tires would be the load. I stopped at a truck stop and had the rig weighed. 11,400 pounds on the trailer axles, much less than what it is rated for. My conclusion is that these tires are simply no good. After 2 years and 2000 miles, all 4 went bad. I need a different solution.

      1. Last month I had one of these tires go flat. I took it to Discount and they gave me a new one. Yesterday I had a blowout which took out my wheel well on the right side. I put on the spare and was on my way. 30 minutes later a blow out on left side which took out left wheel well. I borrowed a spare to get home. Today I went to Discount to get new tires and when they inspected the one remaining original tire it was separated also. All 4 tires bad within 1 month with less than 1000 miles total. Discount said they don’t know who manufactured the tires. I found out they are made for them. Don’t buy these tires.

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