Hankook Kinergy ST Review

Drivers looking for a smooth riding tire which is comfortable, quiet and long lasting are looking for a touring style tire. All-season standard touring tires provide generally good all-around traction in most weather conditions and light snow. Hankook ST H735 tires offer several different innovations to improve tread life, provide good traction for braking and handling, all while reducing road noise and uneven wear. 

An understated tire which is designed to deliver long lasting performance. Modern construction materials and silica-based compounds provide increased rubber traction in a variety of temperatures and wet or dry weather. Tread blocks are uniform and have been stiffened across the whole pattern. More rubber on the road provides improved grip in handling. Tread keeps it shape under high stress situations, like hard braking, bringing your vehicle to a stop faster. Pitch, or angle, of the tread has been specifically designed to reduce the noise tires create. These also create aggressive edges for the tread blocks to keep traction in the wet or light snow. With a standard rubber compound, these tires may harden below safe grip in weather below freezing. 


  • Long lasting 70,000 mile warranty on tread. 
  • Low rolling resistance to improve fuel mileage. 
  • Comfortable ride. 


  • Not ideal for all four seasons in climates with cold winters. 

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Released in early 2018 and made in their Tennessee based factory, the Hankook Kinergy ST is a standard touring all season tire for passenger cars. To meet the demands many drivers have for touring all-season tires, Hankook used a variety of design features to get the most life from the tire tread. A dual filler rubber compound is molded into an asymmetrical tread pattern. Long lasting compounds may resist uneven wear, allowing the tire surface keep a flat, uniform surface. Blocks have been stiffened across the tire surface, allowing the tire to roll easier and burn less gas. Drivers may see improved fuel mileage. 

As an all-season tire, traction in both wet and dry conditions is important. The dual filler Hankook uses in the Kinergy ST tire can improve how the rubber grips on wet and dry roads. It keeps the tire rubber flexible and responsive to the driver. A solid center tread rib along the entire tire can provide the stability drivers need when turning. It creates a patch of constant rubber contact with the road while the tire flexes and changes under the stress of cornering or braking. This can help to improve steering responsiveness and grip hard to stop fast. 

Wide grooves which run between each block of tread help gather and channel water away from under the tire. Lateral grooves work to direct water out the sides of the tire in wet and grip snow in winter conditions. By keeping water from getting between the tire and the road, Kinergy ST can resist hydroplaning. Notches are added to the center rib tread. These edges can give the tire more bite into light snow for better acceleration and traction. Tread sipes, small grooves in the block, bite down on bare road or snow during braking, which might help to reduce stop distance. Locking tread block along the shoulder give extra strength to the edges. 

A stronger tire surface can help it keep shape under stress. When a tire maintains its footprint on the road, it gives the drive the most available grip. Keeping the tire quiet on the road is an important feature of touring tires like the Kingery ST. Hankook designed treads using audio engineering. The result is a tire which could produce much less road noise for passengers inside the vehicle. Sipes cut through the center and shoulder tread blocks are tuned to reduce audio, too. These may help to make the tires quieter as the car passes by. 

Tire sizes available 

Hankook provides the Kinergy ST standard touring all-season tire for a variety of sizes on 14″ to 17″ rims. Here are some of the sizes which may be available. 

175/65R14 185/60R14
04 82 T 680 A A 
175/70R13 185/65R13
04 82 T 680 A A 
175/70R14 185/65R14
04 84 T 680 A A 
185/60R14 195/55R14
04 82 T 680 A A 
185/60R15 195/55R15
04 84 T 680 A A 
185/65R14 195/60R14
04 86 T 680 A A 
185/65R15 195/60R15
04 88 T 680 A A 
185/70R14 195/65R14
04 88 T 680 A A 
185/75R14 195/70R14
04 89 T 680 A A 
195/60R14 205/55R14
04 86 T 680 A A 
195/60R15 205/55R15
04 88 T 680 A A 
195/65R15 205/60R15
04 91 T 680 A A 
195/70R14 205/65R14
04 91 T 680 A A 
195/75R14 205/70R14
04 92 T 680 A A 
205/55R16 215/50R16
04 91 H 680 A A 
205/60R15 215/55R15
04 91 T 680 A A 
205/60R16 215/55R16
04 92 T 680 A A 
205/65R15 215/60R15
04 94 T 680 A A 
205/65R16 215/60R16
04 95 H 680 A A 
205/70R14 215/65R14
04 95 T 680 A A 
205/70R15 215/65R15
04 96 T 680 A A 
205/75R14 215/70R14
04 95 T 680 A A 
205/75R15 215/70R15
04 97 T 680 A A 
215/50R17 225/45R17
04 91 H 680 A A 
215/55R17 225/50R17
04 94 H 680 A A 
215/60R16 225/55R16
04 95 H 680 A A 
215/60R17 225/55R17
04 96 T 680 A A 
215/65R15 225/60R15
04 96 T 680 A A 
215/65R16 225/60R16
04 98 T 680 A A 
215/65R17 225/60R17
04 99 T 680 A A 
215/70R14 225/65R14
04 96 T 680 A A 
215/70R15 225/65R15
04 98 T 680 A A 
215/70R16 225/65R16
04 100 T 680 A A 
215/75R14 225/70R14
04 100 T 680 A A 
215/75R15 225/70R15
04 100 T 680 A A 
225/50R17 235/45R17
04 94 T 680 A A 
225/60R16 235/55R16
04 98 T 680 A A 
225/60R17 235/55R17
04 99 T 680 A A 
225/65R17 235/60R17
04 102 T 680 A A 
225/70R14 235/65R14
04 99 T 680 A A 
225/70R15 235/65R15
04 100 T 680 A A 
225/70R16 235/65R16
04 103 T 680 A A 
225/75R15 235/70R15
04 102 T 680 A A 
235/60R16 245/55R16
04 100 T 680 A A 
235/65R16 245/60R16
04 103 T 680 A A 
235/65R17 245/60R17
04 104 H 680 A A 
235/70R15 245/65R15
04 103 T 680 A A 
235/75R15 245/70R15
04 105 T 680 A A 


Kinergy ST tires are covered by a 70,000 mile treadwear warranty, a 30 day free trial period plus a road hazard warranty. Hankook provides a workmanship warrantee covering any defect which could occur before the wear limits are reached at 2/32″ tread remaining. For the first year or 2/32″ of wear, tires are replaced free of charge. Remining tread replacement is prorated based on tire price, limited to six years from the purchase of the tires. Treadware replacement is replaced using a similar prorated scale. 

Customer reviews 

Because this tire is fairly new on the market at the time of review, there are few customers who have used Kingergy ST tires for any considerable mileage and left reviews. There is no real customer feedback on these tires, but the reception does appear generally positive. 


Getting a comfortable ride, good traction in a variety of conditions and confident handling are features passenger car drivers are after. With a modern, dual filler compound providing improved grip in wet and dry conditions, Kinergy ST tires could be an ideal touring tire. Long lasting tread compounds are grooved with deep lateral and horizontal water channels, which should also grip well in the snow. Center rib, with a notched tread design, has dual roles. It should keep a patch of constant rubber in contact with the road to aid steering response and braking, while it could improve traction in light snow. Kinergy ST tires may be the ideal choice for you if you need something to last, ride quiet and grip well. 

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15 thoughts on “Hankook Kinergy ST Review

  1. I have purchased Hankook tires before was not satisfied, said that I would not buy another set, But here I am again trying HT 735 will are Report on these near Future

  2. these are good tires; i put 2 on a ford fusion hybrid. after exactly 40k miles today they still have some thread left to go another 5k to 10k easily. since i dont like to drive on baldy tires i will probably change them sooner. i did have a flat on one of them about a year ago. now one of them has a very slow leak that i have to put some air in it every two weeks.
    i would not say they are fantastic tires, neither they are cheap; I’ll score them at 7.5 out of 10. i used them in cafifornia strictly in dry weather.

  3. Well, we put 4 of these on my wife’s Chrysler Town and Country a couple of years ago. We’ve gotten about 50,000 miles out of them – but we only rotated them once I believe, so I have wear on the sides from keeping one pair on the front too long. I should probably throw out that my wife never, ever gets rated mileage out of any tire. Even so, they still perform well and if we had rotated them properly would probably have another 10K miles left.

    In any case, we’re about to replace the set with 4 new Kinergy ST tires, so that should speak for itself. Also notable, while Hankook is a South Korean company these tires are made in the USA.

  4. I put a set of 4 on my 2016 Equinox in mid 2019. The minimal -cheap 4 ply construction is I suppose fine for pure city driving, but I have to from time to time get on a gravel rural road. Within 6 months of new, I had one puncture from a rock according to the shop, and they provided a used tire of equal tread out of their goodwill. Now after one year, I just had a second one get flat, cut by a rock I suppose right in the middle of the tire, in the space between the tread pattern ! I consider these tires quite “cheap”, tread is worn way beyond what would be expected from a “70,000” mile rated tire. I’m suspecting that the “Milage” rating of these tires is a Marketing ploy, providing a prorated discount on the replacement tires they expect to sell. NO MORE HANOOK tires for me , never will I buy any of these again. They are not a reliable tire in my opinion. Since I;m not confident having my wife drive a car with these tires, I’m replacing all 4 this week, not even a year on my car !

  5. Live in Delaware after leaving Alaska. DE does get some snow, on occasion, so I am worried about the con comment stating, “with standard rubber compound, tires may harden below safe grip in weather below freezing. Not ideal for all four season with cold weather.” Anyone having issues during winter driving?

  6. I have like 4 months and 2000km (1333 miles) and I’m very happy with the tires, I’m from Mexico and as everybody knows, the roads are in a bad conditions, I have a 2007 altima 2.5 sl and the fuel consumption have decreased in a remarkable way and I observed that there is a low rolling resistance, I use two of the tires in front of my car.

    1. If only one corner wore out it’s your suspension/Alignment…… How does one have an alignment checked prior to installing new tires? An alignment is always done with new tires. This sounds like more of a personal issue and no product issue

  7. 7,300 MILES AND THE FRONT TIRES ARE BALD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I put 4 on last year 8/6/18. Now have 7,300 miles on the tires on a Buick Lesabre in 10 months. Alignment was checked before the tires were installed as I was getting vibration out of the prior set. They rode better than the prior set and the vibration was eliminated. Fast forward to this weekend, I was looking at my Tahoe tires & planning on replacing them. I happened to look at the Buick tires. WOW, passenger side is completely bald, no tread whatsoever. Driver side is worn down to below the wear bars.. Rear tires both look like tires should with 7300 miles.

    Dissapointed is no where near my attitude. If it wasn’t a Sunday I’d already be down at my repair shop that put them on.
    There will be some phone lines burning in the morning.

    1. As someone who has worked in a tire shop in the past, I hate to say it but that really sounds like an alignment problem. I have personally seen it where workers will fudge the results of an alignment or even a free alignment check simply because they dont want to go through the hassle of doing the work. I highly recommend after having an alignment done at one shop, get it checked at another.

      If it was a poor tire quality issue, the rears would be worn excessively as well. That being said, wear should have been noticed prior given that at 7300 miles, they were well due for a rotation.

    2. If only one corner wore out it’s your suspension/Alignment…… How does one have an alignment checked prior to installing new tires? An alignment is always done with new tires. This sounds like more of a personal issue and no product issue

  8. I now have 4 of these on my 2005 Magnum SXT. For the winter I had 2 in front and two Firestone Winterforce in the back (RWD). I am very happy with the performance of these tires. Road noise is at a minimum, Magnums seem to roll well, and I know this car coasts a lot easier and longer than our 2016 Chevy Impala (Limited).

    1. Hi Bill
      The Hankok Kinergy ST are manufactured with low rolling resistance properties which means you can expect to get better mileage on your vehicle.

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