Goodyear Marathon Radial Trailer Tire Review & Rating

The Goodyear Marathon Radial trailer tire has been around for a number of years now. As an ST, or “special trailer” tire, it is built for use on fifth wheel trailers, travel trailers, boat trailers, horse trailers, car haulers and more. It has also been used extensively as original equipment on a number of RV’s.

A more durable tread compound that features a symmetric tread design and lower rolling resistance is used on the Marathon. The tire sports a continuous center rib that enhances stability and allows the tire to maintain increased contact with the road surface.

Goodyear Marathon Radial Trailer Tire Review

The tread is further designed to deliver optimum traction and a longer lasting tread life.

Inside the tire you will find two steel belts to go with nylon cap plies on selected models that provide added strength and durability. The tire’s polyester cord body and radial construction adds smoother running performance at highway speeds. Sizes are available from 13-16 inches.

Overall Thoughts

While the Marathon trailer tire has been on the market for a number of years, it has a sort of love/hate relationship with its owners. Some speak highly of its dependable performance and longer lasting tread life, while others complain of tread separation issues and poor all-around performance.

We feel the tire could perform much better than it does. It is impossible to ignore the number of owners who have had tread separation problems over the years. To be fair, this is clearly not the case with the majority of owners, but it is an issue nonetheless.

We give this trailer tire a rank in the middle of its class. If Goodyear would come out with a redesign that addresses treadwear then this would be one of the better tires on the market. At the moment, we would recommend going with the Maxxis trailer tire. We feel its performance is a big step ahead of the Marathon.

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Tire Sizes


ST175/80R13 C BLK
ST185/80R13 C BLK


ST205/75R14 C BLK
ST215/75R14 C BLK


ST205/75R15 C BLK
ST225/75R15 C BLK
ST225/75R15 D BLK


ST235/80R16 D BLK
ST235/80R16 E BLK

Price Range

Goodyear Marathon prices range from approximately $90 and up. You may also find occasional rebates, discount prices, coupons and special offers on this tire.

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Goodyear provides a limited tread warranty on the Marathon. Tire uniformity is guaranteed for the first year or first 2/32 inch of wear. Materials and workmanship are warranted for 6-years and include free replacement during the first year or first 2/32 inch of wear. A prorated amount is given for the remaining time period or down to the final 2/32 inch of tread depth.

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14 thoughts on “Goodyear Marathon Radial Trailer Tire Review & Rating

  1. I have owned a number of campers and trailers with Goodyear Marathon ST tires and every single one of them, without exception, has had deep cracks and tread separation where the tread joins with the sidewall. I’ve probably replaced close to 10 of these now.
    1 is nothing, 2 is a coincidence, 3 or more is a pattern. In my experience the pattern has been FIRMLY set and I will NEVER buy one of these tires. They are a disaster waiting to happen!

  2. I installed 4 new Goodyear Marthons on my car hauler and they lasted about a year. Everyone of them had belts separating.STAY AWAY FOR THEM THEY ARE JUNK!!! Went back with a set of Carlise Tires last set lasted over 10 years.

  3. Do not buy this tire. It is known to be a failure. Discount Tire even confirmed that detail. Came with my 2016 horse trailer and bubbled up on the side. 1/2 the tire bubbled. Lucky it didn’t do more and is known to be a bad tire so do not buy.

  4. Standard equipment on my 2016 Northwood desert Fox, trees separation, after 2500 miles, I install air pressure sensors so we notice the tire losing pressure so no damage to the Toby Hauler, not happy whit this tire at all

    1. Was mine on my 2016 horse trailer as well. Same issue as was noted by the tech at Discount tire that it has known issues. DO NOT BUY this tire.

  5. I have 2 Marathons on my single axle boat trailer – about gross weight of 2500 lb. They were purchased new by previous owner, along with a spare. Have put about 2000 miles on them in 3 years. I think I had tread separation or a blow out – so badly damaged – I can’t tell, on I-35 at 75 mph, got off safely, fortunately we were through KC. I will probably try Maxxis if they are made other than China and are heavy enough.

    1. These tires are only rated for 65mph, if you are going 70 with a trailer. That’s way to fast. Your lucky it didn’t sway causing you to loose control. I had mine for 14 year, still have one after 15 years. Only difference mine were made in the USA, these ones are made in China. Same issues with bubbles and bands breaking. Was a great tire at one time

  6. Goodyear Marathons were OEM on my 2008 Jayco TT. 10 years service with no issues not even a flat. Replaced tires with exactly same brand and size. The first one blew out at 600 miles, Goodyear paid half of the replacement tire cost. At Approximately 1500 to 2000 miles two more Marathons blew out within 10 miles of each other, That 3 out or 4 new tires within 2000 miles, with $1200.00 dollars damage to my travel trailer. The trailer only weighs 6100 lbs. fully loaded. Goodyear Marathons are living on past reputation and the replacements I bought are pure junk. No more Goodyears until Quality vastly improves.

    1. Bought a 28″ Dutchman 5th wheel last year with new Goodyear Marathon ST225/15. Checked pressure (44psi) before leaving on trip this past week. On the way home one cap peeled clean off, changed and while finishing trip a second cap peeled off but held for 75 miles as we didn’t know it peeled off until home. Closer inspection shows heavy cracking at the outer lugs thus causing the bond that holds the cap on to peel. Really bad tires! Anyone have success with other brands other than Carlisle as I had poor history on my pop up with these.

  7. I have a Redwood fifth wheel. I have pulled it around 20,000 miles since purchasing the trailer in 2013. I have not had any trouble with the Goodyear Marathon ST tires. I had one cup bad and replaced it last year. I found that I was just low in my front end of the trailer and causing the cupping.

  8. Agree, Me Too! Went through two blow-outs, a third one sat in drive way and opened up. I purchased this set of four Marathons brand new, all were made in China. When I purchased my 1996 Terry 24’ fiver it had automobile tires on it. Looked at another like Terry and it also had the same tires on it! The load limit on the tires did meet the requirements for the little camper. I was new to towing and pulled the camper to Florida and back from Ohio with the original 10 year old car tires and had no problems. Then I thought I should get new tires. The Marathon odyssey started!!
    In defense of the Marathon, I had purchased a Marathon to be used as a spare for the original tires. It was made in New Zealand and I had that tire (as a spare) till I traded the Terry in for a little bigger fiver.
    Goodyear has not been good to me. Put four on a Pontiac Grand-Pri and put up with the noise and thumps till I got rid of car.
    Had had good luck with a set of Dunlops on a pick-up so I thought I would be happy with a set on a Ford Fusion. Goodyear owns Dunlop! I am looking for another set of tires now because the road noise and thumping in the Dunlop Signatures is literally unbearable.
    I will not buy another Goodyear.

  9. had four brand new Goodyear marathons put on my Open range 5th Wheel .. less than 1000 miles later one separated so bad that it has done 12K worth of damage … Goodyears only advice after trying to get them to cover some of the damage was that they recommended getting rid of the Marathons for their newer crap tires… GOODYEAR NEVER AGAIN

  10. I bought a. 2013 Forest River Cardinal 5th wheel, which came with Goodyear Marathon tires. First 14 months, less than 8K miles, 3 tires blew out on highway (2 at one time!), and the 4th tire was pulled with a knot on it. I am waiting to hear from Goodyear.
    Will never own another Goodyear product!! Ever!!

    1. Agree! I have had the same problem.. 2 tires blew out within 50 miles. I have less than 10K on mine as well. The sidewalls seem to blow. My 5th wheel was severely damaged underneath.
      Agree! I have had the same problem.. 2 tires blew out within 50 miles. I have less than 10K on mine as well. The sidewalls seem to blow. My 5th wheel was severely damaged underneath.

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