Gladiator X Comp M/T Tire Review & Rating

Widely known for their line of commercial truck, ATV and trailer tires, the Gladiator X Comp M/T is the company’s newest addition in their light truck off-road tire lineup. Designed for use on all types of light trucks, SUV’s and other 4×4 vehicles, the X Comp MT features one of the most aggressive tread patterns you’ll come across today.

A tougher cut and chip resistant tread compound, 3-ply construction and a tread pattern that is as aggressive as they come, combine to deliver serious off-road performance in the harshest of conditions. The body plies turn up along the sidewall to further prevent damage from jagged rocks and other debris, which is a plus for this tire.

Gladiator X Comp M/T Tire Review

Gladiator has built the X Comp MT with reinforced shoulders to aid in providing the highest levels of traction. High void areas allow this tire to self-clean itself of mud, rock, snow and other debris in an efficient manner to eliminate buildup and increase performance.

Gladiator offers a range of 15-26 inch sizes, and all models carry an E load rating, with the exception of 15 inch sizes which have a C load rating. You’ll also find a limited tread warranty on all models.


  • Aggressive tread design
  • Off-road traction in all types of terrain
  • Competent on-road drivability
  • Treadlife has been a positive


  • Several have had difficulty in getting the tires balanced

Overall Thoughts

If you like aggressive MT tires, the Gladiator X Comp M/T is likely to please. You can’t help but be impressed with the rugged looks of this tire. Beyond looks though, this tire does a solid overall job in the roughest of terrain.

The tread clears out very well, and aired down it performs well on rocks and in deeper mud. Naturally, it’s a given that with this tread design you can expect some added road noise on the highway. However, the most serious issue we keep hearing about is how difficult these tires are to balance out. It’s too many to simply overlook.

Overall, we feel the X Comp M/T would rate highly if it were not for the balancing issues.

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What Vehicles Will The Gladiator X Comp M/T Fit?

(This is not a complete list of ALL vehicles this tire will fit)

  • Chevrolet Silverado, Avalanche, Tahoe, Colorado, Suburban, Blazer
  • Dodge Ram, Durango, Dakota
  • Ford F-150, F-250, F-350, Expedition, Explorer, Ranger, Bronco
  • GMC Canyon, Yukon, Sierra, Jimmy
  • Honda Ridgeline, Pilot
  • Hummer H3
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee, Wrangler
  • Land Rover Range Rover
  • Nissan Frontier, Titan
  • Toyota Sequoia, 4Runner, FJ Cruiser, Tundra, Land Cruiser, Tacoma

Tire Sizes


31/10.50R15 109Q C BSW
35/12.50R15 113Q C BSW


33/12.50R17 126Q E BSW
35/12.50R17 126Q E BSW
37/13.50R17 131Q E BSW
40/13.50R17 131Q E BSW


33/12.50R18 118Q E BSW
35/12.50R18 123Q E BSW


33/12.50R20 114Q E BSW
35/12.50R20 121Q E BSW
37/13.50R20 127Q E BSW


33/12.50R22 109Q E BSW
35/12.50R22 117Q E BSW
37/13.50R22 123Q E BSW


37/13.50R26 117Q E BSW

Price Range

Gladiator X Comp M/T prices range from approximately $255 and up. You may also find occasional rebates, discount prices, coupons and special offers on this tire.

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Gladiator provides a limited tread warranty on the X Comp MT.

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46 thoughts on “Gladiator X Comp M/T Tire Review & Rating

  1. Try the Atturo Trail Blade M/T tires. I have them (35×12.50R22LT) on my Ford F150. No vibration at high speeds, not too loud and they look tough on my Helo rims. Highly recommend them as an alternative to the Gladiators.

    1. I’ve run these tires as low as 18psi in snow mud and on rocks, I daily drive them at 26psi because I have leaf springs front and rear, no issues.

    2. Any problem with your vehicle swaying agter you put them on. I got them on my 09 suburban and it sways so bad.

  2. I have 33/12.5/22 Less than 1k miles and they’re becoming unbearable at hwy speed. Vibration and road noise be combined at 75 are louder than my exhaust. Tried rebalancing and the tire shop pulled me in to show me that the tires are actually out of round so no balancing will help. Riding around town isn’t bad and I love the look but these scared me because of how loud they are starting to get and now I keep thinking theyll fall apart on me. Pulling a trailer helped them roll smoother but now it’s not making a difference anymore. Wish I had checked the reviews before purchasing these…

  3. Have 20k on my tires, have rotated them ever 5k, and the tires are chopping already. Not sure how much longer they will last. Have had them balanced 4 times to try and get rid of the shack, got them ridable.

    1. I’ve got the 35×12.50r20’s on my f350 . Had em on for prob 15k mi or so . Not wearing too bad , but a lot of balance issues . Cannot get rid of a shake at 45mph . They look great , but I will not buy again . Spend the money and get toyo’s !

  4. My husband wants to put these on his Jeep Rubicon. This is his everyday driver. He has 40’s on it now and wants to keep that size on. He has a 5 1/2″ lift on it also. He doesn’t do much off roading but likes the look of an aggressive tire. I’m worried about how well are these tires going to hold up.

    1. Don’t do it have 35s on my ram like all other post the vibrate bad most are out of round from factory and don’t last for miles at all

  5. Got a set of 33/12.50/r17’s on my 04 dodge durango. Great set of tires. Had alittle problem with some rubing because of the small wheels but nothing spacers couldn’t handle. See how long these last.

  6. Sorry, now they ride perfect. Not overly loud on the highway either, only slightly louder than my old Nitto Trail Grapplers.

  7. I just bought a set of gladiator x comp mts 37/13.50/17 about 2 months ago and since day one have had nothing but problems out of this set all 4 are out of round and can not balance them the shaking is horriable. Since then I’ve replaced two wheel bearings all new universals had them balanced at 4 diffrent tire shops nothing helps and where i bought them from could care less what can I do about this i drive this truck a lot and I can’t take this no more my end is good tires are the problem is there some form of warranty

    1. My son is having same problem. They ordered new tire and still bouncing n shaking. Gonna tare something up soon. Im so frustrated. Just bought these tires three weeks ago n nothing but problems

    2. Did they use the the balancing bags that break open and always keep the balance of the tire when rolling? Or did they just try putting wheel weights on the rims? Balancing bags is what semi drivers use cus no matter how your tire wears it always stays in balance. I have them and they are awesome.

    3. I have these tires probably 20k miles in and do mostly highway driving and Ive got death wobble sensations with my truck. Tire tread seems to have a year and a half left but I can’t take the shakes anymore. Definitely won’t recommend these to anyone…

  8. I’m lookin at purchasing some for my 09 dodge 2500 what’s that the load rating on 37/13.50/20 and are they ten ply

    1. It’s hard to say at this point since it’s a relatively new tire, but I’d say 40-50K miles would be the sweet spot. Some may get less and some may get more based on driving habits, terrain, etc.

      1. I don’t have a bad thing to say about mine. I’m running 33×12.5R17 on my FJ Cruiser. I’ve definitely noticed how soft the lug compound is compared to something like a Simex, but the sidewalls are incredibly strong and have handled a mishap on deflation accidentally dropping one to 6psi and then driving a night trip through some challenging rock and mud terrain. No bead locks either. Sitting straight on 8″ wide steels. The only downside is that with such a strong sidewall I often have to run slightly lower pressures than I’d prefer to increase the footprint.

        Soft sand meant running at 10psi after trialling 12psi. They didn’t float that well but let’s face it – they’re a MT.

        I have to say I doubt I will see half your expected life span whilst still having decent tread for offroad use. However I’m really not that fussed. They were cheap compared to any semblance of a rival and I will buy them again when these hit about 60%. The soft compound does mean that under aggressive driving on rocky tracks you will lose chunks here and there and as a result be regularly needing balancing. Again, small price to pay.

        I’ve switched 3 drivers across to Gladiators from Mickeys, BFG and Coopers because of how strongly they’ve seen mine perform.

  9. Are these tires obnoxious loud? How would you compare the road noise to Toyo M/T’s? Also, what kind of mileage one could expect on road out of curiosity?- thank you very much for any/all info

    1. Road noise on the highway is not obnoxious, but you’ll hear them. That said, what’s loud to me may not be loud to you, so it’s tough to quantify. I’d say noise levels are about the same as the Toyo’s over 50 mph.

    2. Have these on a Ford F150 lariat fx4 and they’re really loud on pavement. From what I’ve understand in between 30-40k miles out of them. Next tire will either be bfg ko2 or toyo rt. Hope this helps and good luck

  10. I have a 2014 Ram 1500 with Gladiator x-comp MT 35’s. These tires are sweet I was thinking about putting some on my girlfriends suv but they didn’t make them in 16’s

    1. Are you still having good luck with these tires… I have the same truck and am looking for new tires but have heard mixed reviews

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