Falken FK 452 Tire Review & Rating

Falken’s latest summer high-performance tire, the FK 452, is designed for drivers of performance luxury coupes and sedans who are seeking uncompromising performance and the latest in cutting edge technology. This Falken tire is built to deliver maximum traction and cornering grip.

The FK 452 sports a silica tread compound to go with a directional tread pattern for enhanced traction and handling on both dry or wet road surfaces. Dry traction and cornering grip are increased due to the five linear responsive ribs around the tire, as well as the 3-D rounded tread blocks. They also combine to create quicker steering response and control, making driving more enjoyable for those who have more “spirited” driving in mind.

Falken FK 452 Tire Review

Wet handling and traction are enhanced through high angled grooves and a wide circumferential groove that works to evacuate more water away from the tire and reduce the risk of hydroplaning.

Another area that this tire excels in is with the smooth quiet ride it provides. Phase-shifted random pitch variation of the tread blocks work to make road noise nearly non-existent. You’ll find many drivers commenting on how quiet this tire drives compared to other models in its class.

Inside the tire you will find twin steel belts with spirally wrapped nylon that adds strength and stability at higher speeds. It also provides more even tread wear and better ride comfort.


  • Dry traction is above average compared to others in this class 
  • Outstanding steering response and control 
  • Grip is like glue in the corners 
  • Ride quality is excellent 


  • Treadlife may be an issue to some 
  • Would like to see a bit more wet traction 

Overall Thoughts

Driving on the FK452 is both enjoyable and somewhat exhilarating. The traction and grip in the corners is on par with some of the best summer tires available today. Even better is that this tire is more quiet and comfortable than many in this class. You can often mistake it for a touring tire.

The downside is that wet traction could be a little better, especially as the tire begins wearing down. Another area that may be a concern to some is tread life. It’s been shorter than expected for a few drivers, while for others it is not a problem. We would not let it stop us from running this tire though. For the lower price among other models in this class, Falken has put out a winner.

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What Vehicles Will The FK 452 Fit?

(This is not a complete list of ALL vehicles this tire will fit)

  • Acura RSX, TSX, CSX 
  • Audi A3 
  • Bentley Continental 
  • BMW 3, 5 Series 
  • Chevy Camaro 
  • Chrysler PT Cruiser 
  • Ferrari 599 
  • Ford Mustang 
  • Lexus IS 250, 350 
  • Nissan 370Z 
  • Scion tC 
  • Subaru Impreza 
  • Volkswagen Beetle 

Tire Sizes


205/50R-16 87W BSW
205/55R-16 91W BSW
215/40R-16XL 86Y BSW
215/55R-16 93W BSW
225/45R-16 89Y BSW
225/50R-16 92W BSW
225/55R-16 95W BSW
225/60R-16 98W BSW
235/60R-16 100W BSW


205/40R17XL 84Z BSW
205/50R-17XL 93Y BSW
215/35R-17XL 83Z BSW
215/40R-17XL 87Z BSW
215/45R-17 87Y BSW
225/35R-17XL 86Y BSW
225/45R-17XL 94Y BSW
235/40R-17 90Y BSW
235/45R-17 94Y BSW
245/35R-17 87Y BSW
245/40R-17XL 95Y BSW
245/45R-17 95Y BSW
255/40R-17 94Y BSW
255/45R-17 98Y BSW
265/40R-17 96Y BSW
275/40R-17 98Y BSW


215/35R-18XL 84Z BSW
215/40R-18XL 89Y BSW
225/35R-18XL 87Y BSW
225/40R-18XL 92Y BSW
225/45R-18 95Y BSW
235/40R-18XL 95Y BSW
245/35R-18 88Y BSW
245/40R-18XL 97Y BSW
245/45R18XL 100Y BSW
255/35R-18XL 94Y BSW
255/40R-18XL 99Y BSW
255/45R18XL 103Y BSW
265/35R-18XL 97Y BSW
275/35R-18 95Y BSW
275/40R-18 99Y BSW
285/35R-18 97Y BSW
295/30R-18 94Y BSW


215/35R-19XL 86Z BSW
225/35R19 XL 88Y BSW
225/40R-19XL 93Y BSW
235/35R-19XL 91Y BSW
245/35R-19XL 93Y BSW
245/40R-19XL 98Y BSW
245/45R-19 98Y BSW
255/35R-19XL 96Y BSW
255/40R19XL 100Y BSW
265/30R-19XL 93Y BSW
275/30R-19XL 96Y BSW
275/35R-19XL 96Y BSW
275/40R-19 101Y BSW
285/35R-19 99Y BSW
315/25R-19 94Y BSW


225/30R-20XL 85Y BSW
225/35R-20XL 90Y BSW
235/30R-20XL 88Y BSW
245/30R-20XL 90Y BSW
245/35R-20XL 95Y BSW
245/40R-20XL 99Y BSW
245/45R-20 99W BSW
255/30R-20XL 92Y BSW
255/35R-20XL 97Y BSW
255/45R-20XL 105Y BW
275/30R-20XL 97Y BSW
275/35R-20XL 102Y BW
285/25R-20XL 93Y BSW
285/30R-20XL 99Y BSW
305/25R-20XL 97Y BSW


255/30R-21XL 93Y BSW
255/35R-21XL 98Y BSW
295/25R-21XL 96Y BSW


235/30R-22XL 90Y BLT
245/30ZR22 XL 92Y BW
255/30ZR-22 95Y BSW
265/30R-22XL 97Y BSW
285/25ZR-22 95Y XL B
285/35R-22XL 106W BW
295/25ZR-22 97Y XL B

Price Range

Prices on the FK 452 range from around $111 and up. You may also find occasional rebates, discounts, coupons and special offers on this tire.

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There is no tread mileage warranty on this tire. You will find a first 2/32 inch of wear guarantee on the tire’s uniformity.

Materials and workmanship are warranted for the life of the tire or down to the final 2/32 inch of tread depth.

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