Everything You Need To Know About Painting Tire Letters

For many people, their car is an extension of their personality. That is why we have seen a rise in car customizing techniques that allow enthusiasts to personalize their vehicles.

From changing your vehicle’s color, powder coating rims, to adding high-performance parts – you can modify almost anything. The only thing we weren’t able to customize was the tire’s black sidewalls, till now.

Much like what getting a fresh haircut does for you, decorating and remodeling tires has become an inexpensive way to spruceup a car’s exterior.

Not just car enthusiasts but regular car owners have also begun highlighting their tire letters to give the car a more fresh and accented look. If you’re looking to get your tires painted as well, you are in the right place!

This article will highlight the best practices for preparing your painting area and how to prepare your tire for a satisfying DIY paint job.

The best thing about it is that you don’t need tobreak the bank to do this; in fact, all you need is $20, and that’s it.

Read on to find out all about painting your car’s tire letters:

Which Paint Should You Use On Your Car’s Tire?

The good thing is you can use your favorite color and paint on a car’s tire – the rubber won’t mind at all. However, you need to have the right kind of paintto meld onto the rubber.

The kind of paint that you should use on your tire entirely depends upon the complexity of the paint job you are undertaking.

Here are a few options you can go for:

Removable Or Temporary Rubber Coating

Use removable or temporary rubber coatingif you are uncertain about a look or want a design that you can remove with ease afterward.

This rubber coating paint is readily available online or at any hardware solutions store. It is easy to apply and ensures an elegant finish to the tire.

However, just because it is temporary does not mean that it will peel off without deliberate effort; the paint is highly durable.

Marine Paint

If you prefer longevity and durability, choose marine paint for your tire letters.Famous forits commercial quality, marine paint is mainly used for swimming pools of all sizes and boats, especially yachts.

This commercial-grade paint is famous for its strong resistance to any color decay, cracks, and peels – as it is primarily manufactured to withstand erosion.

Acrylic Paint   

If you’re looking for a durable and elegant look, you can opt for acrylic paint.

If you go for an enamel version of acrylic paint, you invest in something that will last long while maintaining the same appearance. Enamel acrylic paint has a certain sheen to it that other types don’t have.

To get the best results, use two deep coatings and a pause between each layer to ensureit has dried.

Exterior Color Paint

This is a type of nontoxicpaint that is recommended for objects that are exposed to the weather. Therefore, it isvery reliable and long-lasting.

Before you begin your paint job with high-quality exterior paint, make sure to rubber coat your tires first so that it sticks, and don’t forget to dry before applying the second coat. 

Equipment Needed For Painting Tire Letters

Before beginning your tire painting session, make sure to tape off the parts of the tire you don’t want paint getting on. This allows you to be precise and minimizes any chance for errors.

One thing you need to take into account is that when you consider painting tire letters, use oil paints. And the simplest way to paint tire letters using oil paints is through paint markers.

Following is a check-list to bring together everything we need to begin painting:

  • One medium-point oil paint marker
  • One fine-point oil paint marker
  • One bottle of a tire and rubber cleaner (you can also use Windex)
  • A couple of rags for cleaning tires
  • A healthy amount of paper towels, paper scraps, or cardboard

How To Paint Tire Letters

Since you’re now ready and equipped with the essential gear, here are five simple steps that you can follow to paint tire letters:

Pull Out The Tire

The primary step involves pulling out the tire. Just jack your vehicle up and remove thetire that you want to paint letters on.

Clean Up The Dirt

This step is important as it sets the base for painting.

Grab your tire and cleaning liquid –and get to work on loose dirt particles as well as oil (if any) from the surface of the tire.

You can scrub the entire tire if you want or just the area you’ll paint letters on.

If you’ve been applying a tire shine on your car’s tires in the past, you may have to use some additional elbow grease or some other lubricant you see fit to remove any mark of that.

When you see the tire or the scrubbed area appear dull or worn out, only then can you stop cleaning it. Now, grab a piece of rag and wipe the tire until it becomes dry.

Pump Paint Marker’s Tip 

Take the medium-point marker from the supplies. Before starting next, make sure to shake well.

After that, pump its tip hard towards a paper towel, scrap paper, or even a piece of cardboard repeatedly – until the paint starts coming out.

Pro tip: Push the tip hard until it’s completely wet with paint.   

Use Marker To Color Letters

Use your paint marker to color letters you’ve just made. For best results, fill the center first. Use the fine-point marker from your equipment and carefully outline them.

Doing it the other way around will also do the trick; the key is to have some strategy and not wing it.

Finishing Touch

Look for any left spots, and if you see any, color them right away. Once you’ve done it, let it dry.

Like we’ve said earlier in this post: if you want long-lasting and bright paint tire letters, then always apply multiple layers.

That’s all! Now you know the basics of painting tire letters – the next time you feel like modifying your tire’s sidewalls, do it the right way using our guide. Happy tire painting!

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