Dunlop Signature II Tire Review & Rating

The Signature II from Dunlop is designed to provide all-season touring performance with a more comfortable ride quality and sporty handling. Built for drivers of coupes, sedans, minivans, and crossovers, the Signature II has become one of Dunlop’s more popular models in their tire lineup.

An all-season tread compound and symmetric tread pattern are optimized to provide more even treadwear and a longer overall tread life. Larger outside shoulder blocks enhance dry traction and add increased cornering grip, which is an area this tire does very well in, especially on V-speed rated sizes.

Dunlop Signature II Tire Review

Handling on wet road surfaces is made safer through Dunlop’s circumferential and unique Evaqua Grooves. These grooves are specially designed to pump water from under the tire, which makes for safer driving and a reduced risk of hydroplaning. Multi-directional sipes around the tread further enhance wet traction and provides added grip on snow covered roads, which other driver reviews have mentioned as doing a decent job in for an all-season tire.

Inside the tire you will find two steel belts and VersaLoad Technology that adds strength and durability, as well as improved handling. A polyester cord body adds to ride comfort and a smoother overall ride. Sizes are available from 14-18 inches, and it comes with a T, H or V-speed rating. Dunlop also provides a 65,000 mile tread guarantee.


  • Very good dry and wet traction   
  • Tires provides solid cornering grip and overall stability   
  • Comfortable ride   
  • Long lasting tread life   


  • Road noise as tire ages   

Overall Thoughts

Many times a second generation tire fails to live up to its billing, but this isn’t the case with the Signature II. We feel the performance, especially with dry traction and cornering grip, is a big step above the first Signature model.

Expect a smooth and more comfortable ride with responsive steering and excellent stability at higher speeds. Road noise is minimal for the most part until the tire reaches its later stages of wear, which at that point can become more noticeable. Winter handling is good overall, but we would like to see improvement on icy road surfaces, although this is not a winter tire.

Tread life is very good on Signature II, something that has been mentioned by many drivers. Overall, this Dunlop model is a good choice in touring tires. We give it a rank in the upper half of its class.

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What Vehicles Will The Signature II Fit?

(This is not a complete list of ALL vehicles this tire will fit)

  • Chevrolet Aveo, Equinox, Monte Carlo   
  • Chrysler PT Cruiser, Town and Country   
  • Dodge Grand Caravan, Neon   
  • Ford Freestyle, Focus   
  • Honda Accord, Civic, Odyssey, CR-V   
  • Hyundai Elantra, Sonata, Tiburon   
  • Mitsubishi Outlander   
  • Nissan Altima, Versa, Rogue   
  • Saturn Vue, L200   
  • Toyota Camry, RAV4, Corolla, Sienna, Prius   

Tire Sizes


185/65R14 86T BSW


185/60R15 84T BSW
195/60R15 88H BSW
205/60R15 91H BSW
185/65R15 88T BSW
195/65R15 91H BSW
205/65R15 94T BSW
205/70R15 96T BSW
215/70R15 98T BSW


205/55R16 91H BSW
215/55R16 93H BSW
205/60R16 92H BSW
215/60R16 95H BSW
225/60R16 98T BSW
235/60R16 100T BSW
215/65R16 98T BSW
225/65R16 100H BSW
235/65R16 103T BSW


215/50R17 95V XL BSW
225/50R17 94V BSW
215/55R17 94V BSW
225/55R17 97V BSW
235/55R17 99H BSW
215/60R17 96T BSW
225/60R17 99T BSW
215/65R17 99T BSW
225/65R17 102T BSW


225/55R18 98H BSW

Price Range

Dunlop Signature II prices range from approximately $67 and up. You may also find occasional rebates, discount prices, coupons and special offers on this tire.

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Dunlop provides a 6-year or 65,000 mile tread warranty on the Signature II. Tire uniformity is guaranteed for first year or first 2/32 inch of wear.

Materials and workmanship are warranted for 6-years and include free replacement during the first year or first 2/32 inch of wear. A prorated amount is given for the remaining time period or down to the final 2/32 inch of tread depth. A 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee is also provided.

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3 thoughts on “Dunlop Signature II Tire Review & Rating

  1. I purchased these tires October 2016, I put just about 50K miles a few weeks ago, and this Saturday I had a blow out on our highway with my grandson in the car it was scary, come to find out all my tire walls are dry rotting??? Was I given bad tires with subpar rubber? I don’t drive much but mostly highway when I do, this is unacceptable, now I’ll be pro rated for the remainder of the 6 yr 65K workmanship warranty and I still gave over half tread left! I sincerely hope that the warranty doesn’t apply only if you buy same tires because I do not ever want to purchase thus brand again. Wish I could post pictures here to show how bad these look!

  2. The worst tires I’ve ever owned. One tire started droning noise before it touch 15000 miles. Since I drive mostly on highway, I had to buy new tires.

    1. Hi Harry
      Hearing about our readers have bad experiences with a set is not something we look forward to. However, we understand that such is the reality of life, you will eventually own a pair that does not meet expectations. Please tell us about the tire model you’ve replaced the Dunlop’s with? How they’re running, and if we can help you choose another pair?

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