Continental CrossContact LX Sport Tire Review & Rating

The Continental CrossContact LX Sport touring all-season tire is specially designed for drivers of light duty pickups, SUV’s and crossovers. Used as original equipment on a variety of vehicles, the LX Sport is also available as a replacement model with a wide variety of different sizes being available.

Tri-net silica in the tread compound increases the tire’s ability to gain and maintain traction in dry and wet conditions. In the snow, the silica, along with siping throughout the tread design, further shows its strength as drivers will be able to maintain a smooth ride without traction loss. Responsiveness and better handling are a consequence of the asymmetric tread design.

Continental CrossContact LX Sport Tire Review

Four circumferential grooves are used to traverse through snow and water without losing traction or hydroplaning in the process. Wet weather performance is enhanced through jointless cap piles that allow for a much smoother ride and better vehicle response. Making quick turns on wet surfaces is not an issue with this tire, and brake performance is also very good on dry or wet pavement.

Acoustic Alterra Technology is the epicenter of noise reduction and ensures a more quiet and comfortable ride with minimal noise, which the tire does a pretty good job at.

Inside the tire you will find two steel belts with a polyester cord body that increase strength and deliver added durability and comfort. The tire’s 680 UTQG rating should provide for a longer lasting life from the tread, and this model comes with an H, V, W or Y-speed rating.


  • Dry traction   
  • Handling and stability   
  • Ride comfort   


  • Little more wet traction   

Overall Thoughts

The Continental CrossContact LX Sport is a middle of the class performer in our opinion. It delivers excellent dry traction and handling, with very good cornering grip and stability from its more sporty tread design.

The ride is comfortable for the most part and road noise is low. Tread life has shown to be pretty good unless you a more spirited driver who enjoys pushing the tire to its limits most of the time.

While wet handling is more than adequate for most drivers, we would like to see a little bit of improvement at higher speeds. Other than that, there are no other glaring weaknesses for this tire. It also provides some competent winter traction for an all-season tire, which is a welcome addition for drivers in cold weather climates.

Overall, a pretty good tire that is just a step behind the top tires in its class.

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What Vehicles Will The Continental LX Sport Fit?

(This is not a complete list of ALL vehicles this tire will fit)

  • Audi Q5   
  • BMW X5   
  • Chrysler Pacifica   
  • Ford Flex, Edge   
  • Honda Element   
  • Hyundai Santa Fe   
  • Land Rover Range Rover   

Tire Sizes


215/70R16 100H BSW


235/65R17 104H BSW
235/65R17 104V BSW


235/60R18 103H BSW
255/55R18 105H BSW
255/55R18 109V BSW
255/55R18 109H BSW


235/55R19 101H BSW
235/55R19 101H BSW
245/55R19 103H BSW
255/50R19 107H BSW


265/45R20 108H BSW
275/45R20 110H BSW
275/45R20 110V BSW


275/45R21 111W BSW


275/40R22 108Y BSW

Price Range

ContiCrossContact LX Sport prices range from approximately $130 and up. You may also find occasional rebates, discount prices, coupons and special offers on this tire.

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Continental provides a limited tread warranty on the CrossContact LX Sport. Tire uniformity is guaranteed for the first one-year or first 2/32 inch of wear. Materials and workmanship are warranted for 6-years and include free replacement during the first year or first 2/32 inch of wear. A prorated amount is given for the remaining time period or down to the final 2/32 inch of wear.

You also receive a one-year or first 2/32 inch of wear road hazard warranty, and Continental has a 30-day customer satisfaction trial that allows you to exchange the tire if you are not completely satisfied.

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10 thoughts on “Continental CrossContact LX Sport Tire Review & Rating

  1. Same problem on my 2018 Audi Q5. 2 sets of tires only lasted 35000 mi. Each, 255-45R20. Dealer still recommends same but I’m going try extreme contacts now.

  2. I have a 2020 Acura MDX with these tires and the hum is absolutely annoying! I have about 2,000 miles on the tires and can’t believe I would need to already swap them out for a different pair of tires. Any recourse?

  3. Angry Customer. I have continental criss LX sport. 215/63 R16. I have rotated at least 3 times.I went check tire pressure on Thursday and I was told I have 3/32 on all tires My mileage is 38,450. They should go to 60k. Almost 22k below rating. Not okay

  4. I have a volvo cx70. It has 49,239 on mileage. I am getting 4 new tires because of seen splitting and drying in 2 tires and a bulge found in front drive side with splits seen. I commute but on last vehicle had tires over 65,000 before replacing them all. These have become dangerous and thanks I found these faults before having a blow out on a major highway

    1. On December of 207, I bought a 2017 Honda Pilot Touring that came with these tires. They have 30K miles and I have had them rotated on 3 occassions in the last 30 months (average 10K miles per rotation). During the last oil change, the same dealership I purchased them from now tells me I’m down to 4/32nds and I need new tires!

      1. Hi Angry Owner,
        We’ve had the same thing happen to us with our 2017 Honda Pilot Elite. We’re now shopping for new tires. Do you mind sharing what you ended up getting for replacement & are you happy with them so far?

        1. We bought our 2017 Honda Pilot Elite and it came with Continental Cross Contact LX Sport 245/50R20 102H tires. All scheduled maintenance service were all done at Honda which includes the recommended tire rotation schedule. On January 30, 2021 we took the Pilot for 5000 mi Service A (oil change and tire rotation) at Honda. Our odometer is at 37k which averages about 12k mi/ year. Honda would not rotate tires but recommended replacing tires due to tread wear and mentioned that tires won’t pass inspection when due this May. I would not recommend these tires due to premature tread wear at normal use. Ride comfort is pretty bad—feel every little bump, can be noisy on some highway asphalt.

          We are replacing our tires this week with the highly rated Michelin CrossClimate2 which has a 60k mileage warranty and are said to be good on wet, dry and snow handling and quiet.

  5. I have a 2018 Audi SQ5 with Continental Cross Contact LX Sport 255/45R20 101H tires (OEM) and at around 21k miles the tires started producing humming sounds on concrete, sometimes very loud but not asphalt. Had tires rotated. No change. At 26k miles the hum has greatly reduced but still present and becoming more consistent on concrete roadways. Will be replacing these tires soon with different type such as the Extreme Contact DWS06 or possibly a different brand.

  6. I have a simmilar issue. I have an Audie Q5 and on cement roads there is a loud humming noise but on tar it goes away , strange.

  7. I have a 2014 Santa Fe Sport 2.0T with Continental Cross Contact LX Sport 235/55R19 101H tires on it and on dry pavement they sound like winter tires with a fairly loud hum..I have driven a Chev Trailblazer with Michelins and a previous older Santa Fe with Bridgestones and with much less highway noise than the Continentals on both. Some of the reviews I read mention low noise for the Continentals…Is it my vehicle or just a bad set of tires that are causing this annoying hum..Any thoughts out there ??

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