Continental ContiSportContact Tire Review & Rating

With a focus on cornering grip and precise steering response, the ContiSportContact from Continental is engineered to provide ultra-high performance for all types of sports cars and sedans. This model has also been used as original equipment on some of the world’s most prestigious cars such as the Porsche 911 and several models from BMW.

A high-performance tread compound and a symmetric pattern combine with larger shoulder blocks to provide increased cornering grip on dry or wet pavement. The tire’s continuous center ribs enhance steering response and feel, which is a strong point for this tire. The response is precise and immediate.

Continental Conti Sport Contact Tire Review

Circumferential grooves around the tire channel away water from under the tread and reduce the risk of hydroplaning. The tread design on this model provides a smooth and more quiet ride as well. Something that is immediately noticeable.

Inside the tire you will find two steel belts that are nylon reinforced for added strength and durability at higher speeds. A polyester cord body enhances ride comfort while providing for more even treadwear. Sizes are available from 17-19 inches. Continental provides a limited tread warranty as well.


  • Excellent dry traction  
  • Cornering grip is outstanding and hard to break loose  
  • Precise steering  
  • Ride is comfortable   


  • Tires wear quickly  
  • Road noise increases with age   

Overall Thoughts

There’s a lot to like about these ContiSportContact tires, but there are also a few concerns. Dry traction and cornering grip is outstanding, while wet handling is good as well. If you’re a more spirited driver, you’re going to like how this tire handles the corners. Steering is precise and provides excellent feel.

Ride comfort is pretty good for a low profile tire, but road noise tends to increase as the tire wears down, which is something that has been noted by a few other drivers on reviews of this tire. Tread life is a problem area for this model. We’ve heard drivers getting 15-25K miles out of them without pushing them to their limits everyday.

Overall, despite the potential shorter tread life we like this tire. It delivers solid performance and excellent cornering grip. We give it a ranking in the middle of the high-performance summer tire class.

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What Vehicles Will The ContiSportContact Fit?

(This is not a complete list of ALL vehicles this tire will fit)

  • Acura TL  
  • Audi A4  
  • BMW 330i, Z4, 530i, M3, 325i, 740i  
  • Chevrolet Impala  
  • Chrysler Crossfire  
  • Ford Focus SVT, Mustang, Fiesta  
  • Jaguar S Type  
  • Land Rover Range Rover  
  • Mazda RX-8  
  • Mercedes-Benz SL550, C300, CL55, GL450  
  • Nissan Sentra  
  • Porsche 911  
  • Saturn Astra  
  • Subaru Outback  
  • Toyota Matrix  
  • Volvo S60  

Tire Sizes


245/40ZR-17 91 BSW


225/45ZR-18 91 BSW
255/40ZR-18 95 BSW


225/40ZR19 89Z BSW
255/35ZR-19 92Z BSW

Price Range

Continental ContiSportContact prices range from approximately $225 and up. You may also find occasional rebates, discount prices, coupons and special offers on this tire.

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Continental provides a limited tread warranty on the Conti Sport Contact. Tire uniformity is guaranteed for the first year or first 2/32 inch of wear. Materials and workmanship are warranted for 6-years and includes free replacement during the first year or first 2/32 inch of wear. A prorated amount is given for the remaining time period or down to the final 2/32 inch of tread depth.

A one-year or first 2/32 inch of wear road hazard warranty is also included, and you will also receive a 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee that allows you to exchange the tires in the event you are not completely satisfied.

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