Bridgestone Insignia SE200 Tire Review & Rating

The Insignia SE200 is Bridgestone’s popular standard all-season tire that is designed to bring year round traction and handling to owners of all types of coupes, sedans and minivans.

Engineered with an all-season tread compound that includes L.L. Carbon for improving treadwear and enhancing wet surface performance, the symmetrical siped tread design is engineered to give the tire enhanced performance when driving in the rain. The tire also gets a boost in this area due to the UNI-T technology and added silica in the compound.

Bridgestone Insignia SE200 Tire Review

Notched tread blocks around the tire provide additional dry surface handling and cornering traction. Bridgestone uses its innovative roundness technology to create a tread design that is overall more rounded for better balance and handling on dry pavement.

Inside the tire you will find two steel belts that go with a polyester cord body to provide added strength and stability to the tire at higher speeds. They also help increase comfort by cushioning the ride. There is a 65,000 mile tread warranty included with the tire.


  • Good dry traction   
  • Tire rides smooth on most road surfaces   
  • Good treadlife   


  • Outside road noise could be a little better
  • Wet and winter traction
  • Cornering stability 

Overall Thoughts

The SE200 is a below-average performer in the all-season tire class. That said, it does provide good, not great, traction and handling on dry pavement. The ride is smooth for the most part until you start driving on rougher road surfaces. Treadlife has shown to be about average as well.

Unfortunately, traction on wet pavement is far below average compared to other tires in this class. You have to slow down, especially when cornering in the rain. Winter performance is poor as well. Anything more than a dusting of snow could quickly cause you issues. Finally, we feel the tires are a bit to mushy when cornering at higher speeds or taking on/off ramps on the highway. It just doesn’t give you the stability you look for in your tires.

The lower price may help offset some of the negatives if budget is a major concern, but even then we feel there are much better models available in lower costing tires. Overall, we can’t recommend this model. You’d be far better off moving up the Turanza Serenity Plus.

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What Vehicles Will The SE200 Fit?

(This is not a complete list of ALL vehicles this tire will fit)

  • Buick Century, Lesabre, Regal, Lacrosse, Lucerne   
  • Chevrolet Malibu, Impala, S-10, Cavalier, Monte Carlo   
  • Dodge Intrepid, Grand Caravan, Neon   
  • Ford Escape, Five Hundred, Taurus, Escort   
  • Honda Civic, Accord, CR-V, Odyssey   
  • Kia Rio, Spectra   
  • Nissan Altima   
  • Pontiac Booneville, G6, Vibe, Sunfire   
  • Saturn LS200, SL1, SL2   
  • Scion xB, xA   
  • Subaru Forester, Outback   
  • Toyota Corolla, Sienna, Camry   
  • Volkswagen Passat   
  • Volvo V70   

Tire Sizes


P175/70R13 82S B


P175/65R14 81T B
P175/70R14 84S B
P185/65R14 85T B
P185/70R14 87S B
P195/65R14 88T B
P195/70R14 90S B


P185/60R15 84T B
P185/65R15 86T B
P195/60R15 87H B
P195/65R15 89S B
P195/65R15 89S B
P195/65R15 89T B
P205/65R15 92T B
P205/70R15 95S B
P215/65R15 95T B
P215/70R15 97S B
P235/75R15 108S XL B


195/55R16 87H B
215/65R16 98T B
225/65R16 100T B
235/65R16 103T B
P205/50R16 86H B
P205/55R16 89T B
P205/60R16 91H B
P215/60R16 94S B
P225/60R16 97T B
P235/60R16 99T B


235/60R17 102T B
P215/55R17 93T B
P215/60R17 95T B
P215/65R17 98T B
P225/50R17 93T B
P225/65R17 100T B

Price Range

Bridgestone Insignia SE200 prices range from approximately $55 and up. You may also find occasional rebates, discounts, coupons and special offers on this tire.

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A 5-year or 65,000 mile treadlife warranty is provided on this model. Tire uniformity is guaranteed for the first 1/32 inch of wear.

Materials and workmanship are warranted for 5-years and include free replacement during the first 3 years. Bridgestone prorates the amount after that down to the final 2/32 inch of tread depth.

A 30-day buy and try guarantee is also included. If you are not 100% satisfied you can refund or exchange the tires for another Bridgestone model.

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One thought on “Bridgestone Insignia SE200 Tire Review & Rating

  1. This tire was on my used 01 Lesabre and looked new when purchased. They supposedly were only a few months old. I have to say I’ve never driven on a worse tire in all my years of driving. Tires are downright dangerous when the roads are wet. They hydroplane and slide all over. Snow and ice? Don’t even think about trying to drive on it or you will go off the road. They are also noisy and ride like bricks. Only good thing about them I can find is they wear well. Doesn’t matter as I am replacing this spring. Wouldn’t recommend this tire to anyone!

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