Bridgestone DriveGuard Run Flat Tire Review & Rating

In the past, driving on a run-flat tire used to be about as enjoyable as having to go to the dentist for a root canal. Which is why many drivers have opted to replace their worn RF tires with non-run flat models instead. Well, Bridgestone has attempted to change all that with their new DriveGuard Run Flat tire. Featuring new RF tire technology, the DriveGuard is built to ride just as comfortably as non RF tires.

Without getting into the technical aspects too much the DriveGuard allows you to continue driving up to 50 miles at speeds of up to 50 mph even if the tire has suffered a complete loss of air pressure. The benefits are obvious; no having to change a tire on a busy urban interstate, out in the country on a rural back road, or having to be late to work due to a flat, etc.

Bridgestone DriveGuard Run Flat Review

A silica-enhanced all-season tread compound is molded into an asymmetric tread design. The result is better handling and traction on dry or wet pavement, increased cornering stability and a longer treadlife.

Nano Pro-Tech sidewall adds durability and sturdiness to the tires, while Bridgestone’s Cooling Fin Design reduces tire weight and enhances ride comfort. Inside the tire are two steel belts which are reinforced with spirally wrapped nylon on top of a rayon cord casing.

The DriveGuard Run Flat is available in a range of 15 to 19 inch sizes, and comes with an exceptional treadwear warranty that is not often found on a run-flat tire.


  • Ability to keep driving even with a flat tire   
  • Good performance under normal driving conditions   
  • Ride is excellent for a run-flat tire   
  • Excellent warranty not usually found on run-flats   


  • Softer cornering/handling at higher speeds   

Overall Thoughts

This new Birdgestone DriveGuard Run Flat is truly a game changer in the run flat tire market. We don’t say that lightly. Only the most serious of driving enthusiasts will be able to notice any difference in ride comfort from this tire and a similar non-RF tire. That’s how far advanced Bridgestone has taken their latest technology. This tire simply rides comfortably on the highway.

Tire performance is very good in dry or wet conditions. While traction in light winter conditions is very good, expect to find winter braking/acceleration performance dropping off when the snow piles up or on icy pavement surfaces. While traction is not terrible, it could be better. The only other concern worth mentioning is the softer handling performance at higher speeds on the highway. If you’re a hard-core driving enthusiast this may be a concern for you, but for the vast majority of drivers it is not a major issue in the least.   

Bridgestone backs this model with a solid guarantee as well. In fact they stand behind it with a 30-day try or refund it pledge, and beyond that Bridgestone will completely replace the tire if it isn’t repairable due to a flat within the first year or 12,000 miles.

Overall, if you’re looking to replace your old worn out run-flat tires, or want the added safety that only this type of tire provides in the event of a flat, then the DriveGuard is a solid choice.

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What Vehicles Will The Bridgestone DriveGuard Run Flat Fit?

(This is not a complete list of ALL vehicles this tire will fit)

  • Acura TL, CL   
  • BMW 135i, 330i, 530i   
  • Chevrolet Cobalt, Malibu, Cruze, Impala, Sonic LTZ   
  • Dodge Neon, Grand Caravan, Nitro   
  • Ford Focus, Mustang GT, Taurus, Fusion   
  • Honda Civic, CR-V, Insight, Accord   
  • Hyundai Genesis, Sonata   
  • Infiniti G35x   
  • Kia Optima, Rondo   
  • Lincoln MKZ   
  • Mazda6, 929, Mazda3   
  • Mercedes-Benz E320   
  • Nissan Altima, Maxima, Versa, Leaf, Cube   
  • Pontiac Vibe, Grand Am, Grand Prix, G5   
  • Subaru Legacy, Impreza Outback   
  • Toyota Camry, Prius, RAV4, Avalon, Solara, Sienna   
  • Volkswagen Jetta, Passat, Touareg   

Tire Sizes


195/60RF15 88H BW
195/65RF15 91H BW


195/55RF16 87V BW
205/55RF16 91V BW
205/60RF16 92V BW
205/65RF16 95H BW
215/55RF16 93V BW
215/60RF16 95V BW
225/60RF16 98V BW
225/65RF16 100H BW
235/65RF16 103T BW


205/45RF17 88W XL BW
205/50RF17 93W XL BW
215/45RF17 91W XL BW
215/50RF17 95V XL BW
215/55RF17 94V BW
225/45RF17 91W BW
225/50RF17 94W BW
225/55RF17 97V BW
225/60RF17 99H BW
225/65RF17 102H BW
235/45RF17 94W BW
235/50RF17 96W BW
235/60RF17 102H BW
235/65RF17 104H BW
245/40RF17 91W BW
245/45RF17 99W XL BW
255/40RF17 94W BW


215/45RF18 93W XL BW
215/55RF18 95H BW
225/40RF18 92W XL BW
225/45RF18 95W XL BW
225/50RF18 95W BW
235/40RF18 95W XL BW
235/45RF18 98W XL BW
235/50RF18 97W BW
235/55RF18 100V BW
245/40RF18 97W XL BW
245/45RF18 96W BW
255/35RF18 94W XL BW
255/40RF18 99W XL BW
255/45RF18 99W BW


245/40RF19 98W XL BW

Price Range

16 thoughts on “Bridgestone DriveGuard Run Flat Tire Review & Rating

  1. If you want a tire that is NOT SECURE, that it will only last 6,000 miles, then buy a Bridgestone DriveGuard tire. Its innovation and technology are so good that despite the fact that neither the tire nor the rim have any visible signs of damage, the tire is unusable a year after it was purchased. It’s a real shame to spend money on expensive tires that turn out to perform so poorly.

  2. Could you let me know how good are this tires in the snow –light snow condition?
    Bridgestone DriveGuard Run Flat Tire

    Let me know thanks

  3. I’m wondering if these folks who have had sidewalk blowouts have low profile tires with oversize wheels. Today’s cars come with oversize 18 and 19 inch wheels. They just don’t work well with potholes like we have in the Detroit area.

  4. I have the Bridgestone run flat tires on a 2016 Cadillac. I am not impressed with them. They are very noisy on some surface roads, quiet on smooth roads , Seem to very stiff going over bumps. Road noise from them sometimes is beyond the scope of reasoning for a expensive luxury car. I am unhappy with them. I WOULD NEVER PURCHASE THEM .

  5. 3 tires blown in less than a year. the first 2 within a month from purchasing the tires. Stay away from these tires!

    1. I am so sorry to hear about this. This is first time I’m getting such a review. Please share more details!

  6. Just replaced the Goodyear OEM Run flats on my 2016 X3 M Sport 32,000 miles with Bridgestone Driveguard Run Flats. What a HUGE difference! The Goodyear’s offered noisy awareness of every crack and tar strip in the road, terrible handling in snow,rain and cold weather conditions. Driveguard’s smooth , quiet, great handling and excellent traction in snow conditions. Plus 50,000 mile guarantee.
    I highly recommend the Driveguards!
    2016 X3 M Sport 2.8

  7. This is my 1st time in dealing with these so called run flat tires . I drove my car off the Nissan lot and less that 20,000 started seeing worn tread . Took it back to Nissan to complain and all Nissan did was referr me to Bridgestone Firestone customer service number on drivers car Manuel . Tires are supposed to be guaranteed for 60,000 to 65,000 miles . So after alot of complaining to customer service at Bridgestone Firestone they did give me credit towards purchase of new tires . So I got half off new set of run flat tires but , but , but , the only clause is you have to go through Bridgestone firestone sevice tire service center for the warranty and the hole transaction to take place. So now I had to pay myself for everything that comes along with the new tires . Had to come out of my pocket for installation fees , balancing fees , new stem fees and new air sensor . They also make you buy third lifetime rotation fees per tire if not then there is no warranty on your new tires . So they added on almost as much as the tire cost in fees in order for me to get my tires warranted . So now I’m in that same situation . I’ve had these new tires for about 25,000 miles and again they are completely bald . I was shocked . Stay away for these run flats . I did some research and found out in order to make to the run flats the use a heavy duty rubber on the inside of the tire so in order to make up for the hard rubber on the inside they put a softer rubber on the outside to try to make it a smoother ride but in turn the soft rubber on the outside causes the tire to wear prematurely . If you want to keep on buying tires every 20,000 to 25,000 miles and have money to waste . Telling you stay away from so called run flats .

    1. Hey Frank, so sorry to hear that you had to go through so much! Thank you for sharing such an extensive account of your experience and such useful information with us. I will also research about this issue.

    1. M. Jacobsen – same exact story for me – two blown actually in less than 3 months for me. I suspect the stiffer sidewall on these tires that allows them to “run flat” for 50 miles has less “give” on the potholes, and instead simply blows out. In both my cases, the tires were blown out along the rim and irreparable.

    2. M. Jacobsen – same exact story for me – two blown actually in less than 3 months for me. I suspect the stiffer sidewall on these tires that allows them to “run flat” for 50 miles has less “give” on the potholes, and instead simply blows out. In both my cases, the tires were blown out along the rim and irreparable.

  8. Best Tires Ive ever bought, smooth ride, sporty handling, and comfort knowing if that light pops up you have 50 miles to get your warrenty work going! worth the price

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