8 Father’s Day Gifts for Dads Who Love Cars

Has it become increasingly difficult to get your dad something meaningful for Fathers’ Day as every year goes by?

I mean we’ve all gone down the conventional route with ties and watches, or maybe even a nice dress shirt – but you’re bound to run out of options eventually if you take this road.

Speaking of roads, if there is one thing men love, it’s their cars! So why not deviate from the norm this year, and get your car enthusiast dad something that he actually loves – no shade on that bright purple tie you got him last year, I’m sure he appreciates the gift even if you’ve never seen him wear it.

To get you to the top of his favorite child list, we’ve compiled a list of 8 gifts that he’s sure to love.

1. Tire/Wheel Cleaners
If your father is always super worried about keeping his car spotless, then there’s nothing better than to get him a Chemical Guys Best Wheel, Rim, And Tire Kit.

Tires are undoubtedly the dirtiest part of the car, in constant contact with dirt and mud, and the hardest to clean.

This is a dream-come-true cleaner kit for every car enthusiast as it allows you to clean your tires, rims, alloys etc. as thoroughly as a pro.

Also, this kit is the best of combination of wheel cleaners, tools and protectants as it includes:

  • Two wheel cleaners for tough or gentle cleaning powers
  • A Wheel Guard Max Coat
  • Flagged-Tip Body & Wheel Brush
  • Premium Gray Workhorse Towels and Applicator Pad

2. Rim Protector
Has your dad ever complained about getting tire shine protectant spray residue on his wheels or rims? Well, if he has, then you’re in luck because we have found the best gift for him this year.

RimBrim is a product designed just to do that – protect wheels, calipers, and discs from tire shine overspray.

With its unique design and guaranteed mess-free application, it can save up to 50%-75% of your tire- care time, by reducing the need for re-cleaning your wheels.

The product is made of durable polymer, which is resistant to any tire shine protectant spray. With this gift, your dad can shine his tires without any fuss.

3. Portable Air Compressor Pump
If you own a car, then there is a good chance that you’ve experienced flat tires at annoyingly bad times. That is why this is perhaps the most handy tool to give to anyone with a car.

With this device, your dad won’t have to go to the gas station to pump up his tires; he can do it anywhere and at anytime!

The Yome Portable Dual Cylinder Air Compressor Pump has the following benefits:

  • It comes with a dual cylinder which is faster and safer than single cylinder
  • It has an LED digital display
  • It contains a heat insulation shell, which leads to less heat production
  • It is portable, and convenient to carry
  • It has a 30-day free Return & Replacement policy and a 2-year Product Warranty

4. Tire Repair Kit
The Tooluxe 50002L Universal Tire Repair Kit is perhaps the ideal solution for all punctures and plug flats.

This 35 piece tire repair kit includes everything your dad will ever need for quick and easy repairing of punctured tires.

The benefits of this kit include

  • T Handle Designed for Comfort

The T handle of this kit is designed to minimize hand fatigue, and maximize efficiency.

  • Durable Construction

The tools are made from sand blasted steel to increase product strength and durability. They are also super easy to clean, and last a long period of time.

  • Storage

The kit comes in a robust molded case to organize and carry all the accessories.

5. Slime Tubeless Tire Sealant
Sometimes, you just don’t have the time to fix a puncture with a tool kit. This handy tool will be your dad’s best friend in situations where time is of the essence!

Not only is it lightweight, handy and easy to carry, but it is also guaranteed to perform for up to two years.

Once the sealant is applied, the spinning action of the tire ensures that the slime coasts all surfaces, sealing any and all leaks. Any new puncture that occurs is also automatically sealed by this without the need to stop your car.And the best part? The formula is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable, non-aerosol, and water soluble, so your dad has no health setbacks to worry about!

6. Portable Hubs Wheel Balancer
Does your dad need a tire balancer? Well, if you want to save him the time of running to a mechanic every time he feels a vibration due to tire imbalance, this is the gift for him!

This product will help him:

  • Easily balance wheels.
  • Have a rust free tool that lasts a long period of time.
  • Have a handy tire balancing tool.

7. Tire Changer Base
The PowerLift Manual Tire Changer Base might just be the new best friend your dad is looking for!

Tire replacement at major tire centers is a lengthy, and often costly, process.

This tire changer base is a DIY solution to all the hassle – now your dad can change and mount a tire anywhere and anytime without having to pay extra.

8.Lug Wrench
While this might seem like an inconsequential thing to you, lug wrenches are an important car tool – just ask your dad.

This 4 way lug wrench is just the ergonomic tool your dad needs to minimize the effort it takes to rotate lugs, every time he changes a tire. Even better, this lug wrench comes in 4 sizes:

  • 17mm (11/16″),
  • 19mm (3/4″),
  • 21mm (13/16″),
  • 22mm (7/8″)

This wrench is chrome plated, with extra protection to lend the tool added strength, and durability. An anti-slip design ensures that your father can easily open even the tightest nuts, without losing his grip again and again.

So this is it! The ultimate list of Father’s Day gifts for your dad, guaranteed to put a smile on his face.

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