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November 26, 2015 to November 29, 2015


Fisk Classic Tire Review & Rating

Finding an all-season touring tire that not only performs well, but doesn't break the bank can be difficult at times, but the Fisk Classic is designed to do just that and a bit more. Made for drivers of coupes, sedans, minivans and other vehicles, this tire is designed to provide good value to budget minded drivers.

With a M+S rating, the all-season tread design is built to provide year round traction and handling in all types of weather conditions. Grip in the corners is more than adequate for a daily driving tire, although with a softer sidewall you get added ride comfort at the expense of more spirited cornering performance.

Fisk Tires

Fisk has definitely created the Classic tire with an eye on riding comfort. The use of different sized shoulder and tread blocks give the tire more comfort on the road, while also reducing outside road noise.

Tread life is extended through shoulder element tie bars. These bars provide more even wear and a longer lifespan. Fisk backs this up with a 60,000 mile tread warranty, which gives this model excellent overall quality and value.


  • One of the lowest cost all-season touring tires on the market 
  • Dry and wet surface traction and handling is very good 
  • Tire rides surprisingly comfortable and smooth 
  • Excellent value for the money 


  • Softer sidewall reduces cornering performance 
  • Would like to see added tire sizes made available 

Overall Thoughts

The Fisk Classic is ideal for any driver who is looking for dependable all-season performance and good riding comfort in a new tire. No, it's not an ultra-high performance tire by any means, but it has a nice place in the tire market for those who need new tires and want to save a LOT of money in the process.

What Vehicles Will The Fisk Classic Fit?

Fits these vehicles and many others:

  • Buick Century 
  • Chevrolet Cavalier 
  • Chrysler Sebring 
  • Dodge Intrepid 
  • Ford Contour, Crown Victoria 
  • Hyundai Accent 
  • Saturn Ion 
  • Toyota Corolla 

Tire Sizes


P175/70R-13 82S BSW


P185/70R-14 87S WSW
P195/70R-14 90S WSW


P205/65R-15 92S BSW

Price Range

Fisk Classic prices range from approximately $76 and up. You may also find occasional rebates, discounts, coupons and special offers on this tire.


Fisk provides a 60,000 mile treadlife warranty on the Classic.

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Fisk Classic Reviewed by Tire Reviews And More Rating: 3.5 

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