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Best Tires For The Toyota Sienna

Since it debuted in 1998, the Toyota Sienna has been a widely popular choice in minivans for families everywhere. Its versatility, safety, reliability and wide list of options make it one of the better minivans on the market. The Sienna also has a wide range of tire fitments, and if you're finding it's now time to replace your old tires we've listed our top choices.

Here's our list (updated for 2015) of the best tires for the Toyota Sienna that are designed to fit one or all of the following tire sizes:

  • P215/65R16
  • P225/60R17
  • P235/60R17
  • P235/55R18
  • P235/50R19

All tires listed are designed to fit the base Sienna, CE, LE, Limited, SE, XLE and XLE Limited models.

Touring All-Season

For traction on dry, wet and snow covered road surfaces, it's hard to beat the Defender from Michelin. Not only does Michelin's IntelliSipe Technology provide added bite in rougher weather conditions, but it reduces rolling resistance for added fuel efficiency and lengthens tread wear. The ride is comfortable and quiet, and Michelin backs this tire with a 90,000 mile warranty.

Pirelli's new P7 All Season Plus combines an environmentally-friendly tread design with lower rolling resistance and dependable year-round traction and handling, even on snow and ice. Road noise is minimal and ride comfort is excellent on this model. It's easy to see why the P7 has quickly become one of the best tires in its class.

As a value-based tire, the General AltiMax RT43 delivers strong dry and wet performance to go along with a longer lasting tread wear. General has utilized their Anti-Slip Sipe design technology in the tread for added grip on wet and snow covered surfaces, while sound wave suppression technology quietens the ride.

The Primacy MXV4 from Michelin has consistently been among the top tires in its class since its release several years ago. You can expect confident all-season performance, a comfortable and very quiet ride, as well as a long lasting treadlife with this tire. Simply put, this is a well-rounded tire that doesn't disappoint.

Other very good choices that fit the Sienna include the Cooper CS3 Touring, GT Radial Champiro VP1 and the Toyo Versado LX.

Winter Tires

When winter weather rolls around and the going gets tough you can depend on the Michelin X-Ice Xi3 to get you where you need to be. Performance on this tire is nothing short of amazing. Michelin uses their unique FleX-Ice silica-based tread compound that gives this tire outstanding traction and handling in even the coldest of temperatures.

Bridgestone has used the latest in winter tire technology like a Tube Multicell tread compound to add cold weather flexibility, as well as a host of other features to make the Bridgestone Blizzak WS70 one of the top performing winter tires sold today.

Other models such as the Cooper Weather-Master S/T 2, Dunlop SP Winter Sport 3D and Hankook I*Cept Evo W310 make excellent options for the Toyota Sienna.

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